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  1. This is my first post of my first sets of ships acting as a faction that I'm about to show you. I'm planning to make a combination of story that relative to the Avorion settings and a sort of "SCP-ish" format per each ship I wanted to share with you. My English isn't that great and doesn't know about much of formatting style but I find it exciting to make a story that were Xsotans are more dangerous in story than the game and trying to give off some spooky atmosphere. And also I created a moving shipyard (though not a mod, I wish there's a mod for that) that is able to creating more ships as they go since I inspired from Homeworld and make my gameplay a more of a RTS rather than being a solo RPG approach. My ships' designs are somewhat small and rectangular because they are compact and their hulls are mainly armor and I'm not yet creative enough to make a complex shapes like any builder, I wanted to scaled them up but it'll ruin for my taste and I like the small but deadly vibes to it but I'm satisfied enough that I built various and different ships. So here is my very long writing and I'll post more along with the ships for some time later. OFF-WORLD Also known as Off-World Anomalous Research and Combat organization is not only an organization but as a race as well, they are a race of faceless humanoid clones made up of granite having their progenitor's look similar to human's, they are virtually immortal and slightly durable due to stone physiology. They are intelligent and space-faring race who constantly seeking "anomalous object" then pended them depending the severity or lethality of said objects and retrieve them back to their base, they do this so that they could find a way to neutralize or contain for research and if possible, use it for their own benefit to gain advantage whenever they needed, in truth, there's no leader or any form of leadership despite they have the original on their side, their no-nonsense and gritty attitude combined with selflessness and strong sense of duty and morality, a trait coming from their progenitor, effectively their chain of command are very flexible and adaptive though they are act as if were obedient machines often complied by other races no matter what ranks, they are somewhat socially inept often they took the words literally and took it to the heart because of the result of isolation for so long before they met the alien races in the first place, so it may result some awkward moments of reasoning and diplomacies. Their technologies are advanced and tactical came from the researched objects they kept it from their many facilities, but one thing what makes them unique is their FTL technology called "Quantum Slip Drives" able to traverse at a incomprehensible distance just as far as to entire Universe which is 46 billion light years (their unit of measurement is Aleph), making that the space is much more infinite than it initially thought, making them able to expand their influence rapidly though they are not interested in conquering worlds, only anomalies, and they spread thin and far but what makes up for it is able to produce fresh clones while travelling within their fleet resulting creating an armada as they go on. ///// AV1-22-AA1 Debriefing (03/17/4049): Fleet Group ABN-40N C8 has been missing and has not been return upon entering within the Red Zone of AV1-22 Universe Sector, Marcella Mega-Cluster, you are assigned to locate the lost fleet and provide support ABN-40N C8, and if possible, continue the investigation along with their objective. Be advised, use Counter-Interference Emission in high capacity to prevent the same disappearance of ABN-40N C8 and contact to the main Channel to update the situation if possible. See Incident Report AV1-22-AA1 for further details. ///// Fleet assignment and Equipment : Fleet group: A1/FER-35 D1 (Ship Retrieval and Rescue Vessel) Flagship: HPR-56E FER-35 Fleet composition: One (1) Utility Medium Class Vessel Three (3) Escort Medium Class Frigates One (1) Light Carrier One (1) Light Assault Class Frigate Anomaly Location: X: 120 Y: -131 AV1-22 Universal Sector (23.3 Alephs) System Diagnostic: Logistics Module: Online Inter-spatial Storage Module: Online, 100% Optimal Fabrication Systems: Online Quantum Communication Unit: Online O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Optimal Zero-Point Engine Drives: Optimal CIE Unit: Maximum Capacity Deployment Location: ME68 Neumann Sectoral Cluster Destination: Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe Sector (19.3 Alephs) ///// Incident Report AV1-22-AA1 document: During the disappearance of Fleet Group ABN-40N C8, some speculates that the Red Zone doesn't follow the spatial geometry within that sector prior of deployment that may result the fleet to disperse randomly. Division B2 have been develop to counteract the faulty and stay remain in groups for the next preparations. See previous debriefing document and its latest incidents for furthermore details. ///// AV1-22-AA1 Debriefing (07/21/4048): C-Class Red-type Spatial Anomaly has been detected in AV1-22 Universe sector not far from Marcella Sectoral Mega-Cluster experiencing energy fluctuations causing an abnormal disturbance to Off-World assets and civilians electronics that last ten to twenty seconds and increases it's intensity and range ever since. Investigate that anomaly and assess the situation, expect to encounter hostiles and it's natives within the sector, should you encounter from them, return to the main base if the situation is critical. ///// Fleet assignment and Equipment: Fleet group: A1/ABN-40 C8 (Anomaly Investigation Response Vessel) Flagship: HPR-66N ABN-40A Fleet composition: Two (2) Battle Cruisers Four (4) Artillery Cruisers Two (2) Utility Capital Class Vessel Eight (8) Heavy Frigates Four (4) Capital Carriers Anomaly Location: X: 120 Y: -131 AV1-22 Universal Sector (4 Alephs) System Diagnostic: Logistics Module: Online Inter-spatial Storage Module: Online, 100% Optimal Fabrication Systems: Online Quantum Communication Unit: Online O-Tech Quantum Slip Drives: Optimal Zero-Point Engine Drives: Optimal CIE Unit: Optimal Deployment Location: Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe Destination: AV1-22 Universe (main objective) Alert: A1/ABN-40 C8 has been missing in action for three months, repeating message is advice to contact the lost fleet, do not approach the assigned sector and hereby designated "Red Zone," and await for further instructions. Update: One of ABN-40 C8 ships have been send a distress beacon after the successful deployment and relay a brief audio message in repeating interval albeit distorted but it is able to clear up some static and decode some missing audio. Audio message to text transcript is now playing. ///// Audio message to text transcript A1 GH-131-AB: This is [static]131 of ABN-40 fle-..., we have been... [static] an anomalous- [explosion] extremely hostile [static] they're too many- [explosion] ... they keep coming from the - (portal?) ... -d asteroids. Our... (referring to the main fleet group) -lit up and got ambu-[static]... ... -uesting [static then audio ends]. Note: This audio message are coming from a utility class vessel, from this interference emits this aberrant frequencies that cause similar disruption to all electronics and had to isolated and study for better understanding of the frequencies and create a countermeasure for CIE Unit, be advised, the aforementioned unknown assailants assumes to be a Foreign-Variant Outer-Terrestrial Anomalies regarding to the inhabitants Red Zone is extremely hostile and the possible main source of the Spatial Anomaly. No further messages has been updated. Await for further instructions. Status: Fleet group A1/FER-35 D1 has now been stationed in Sanford A-10 Dwarf Universe and they are now currently deploying to the main objective (1.3 Alephs, ETA 13 minutes) Update: Fleet group A1/FER-35 D1 has now successfully deployed with no catastrophic failures, and is now en route to search A1/ABN-40 C8's disappearance. The communication is nominal but manageable, recommended to deploy Q14-Comms relays for constant updates.
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