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  1. Frequently found near military posts and habitats, the Communications Hub facilitates data exchange and acts as a listening post at interstellar distances. Unique services and single-use equipment can be purchased here. The Communications Hub is a new consumer station that consumes: Coolant Crystal Energy Cell Energy Container Energy Inverter High Capacity Lens Laser Modulator Computation Mainframe Satellites Equipment Docks and traveling equipment salesmen no longer sell utilities related to the galaxy map or faction interaction ("Summoning"). These items can now be found at the Communications Hub. This includes Quadrant maps, Reinforcement Transmitters, Trade Guild Beacons, and Energy Suppression Satellites. The Exodus questline now begins by directing the player to the nearest friendly Communications Hub when they discover the first beacon. After traveling to and talking with the Communications Hub, the player receives coordinates to immediately begin the journey outwards. The Communications Hub offers a unique service at Excellent or higher reputation. Once every few (configurable, five?) minutes, a fee can be paid to receive the coordinates of the faction's nearest station of a specific type. You can locate a nearby Shipyard, Casino, Ice mine, etc.. Communications Hubs occasionally generate a variety of quests: Quest to deliver books to a nearby Habitat. (Big fax?) Quest to repair a nearby communications relay damaged by an asteroid collision (generated upon acceptance). The player must deploy one or more Energy Suppression Satellites at a certain sector or sectors within a given span of time to prepare a temporary transport route. Requires credits equal to the value of the satellites to accept. Pirates sometimes spawn in these sectors. (The player is preparing a subspace route for the quest, after placing the satellites several Trade Guild cargo ships warp in, quest fails if there are pirates still there?) Quest that results in a Fidget Hyperdrive Interruptor (Since Equipment Docks/Traveling Merchants no longer sell Utilities). Rare quest that results in a Spectral Separator? Player-owned Communications Hubs have the ability to scan a sector within a fixed radius (10-15?). Scanning a sector with resources or wreckages gives a spectral reading of the total resource distribution at the time of the scan (i.e. Trinium: Dense, Xanion: Sparse, or.... Instead of text. this could be shown as a cool spectrograph with higher intensity around the relevant color bands!). Scanning a sector also reveals any stations on the galaxy map (May also reveal ships but I don't know how cleanly that could be implemented). In summary: Serves as a consumer station for Energy Inverters and Laser Modulators (Which aren't consumed by any stations currently) Equipment Docks/Traveling Equipment Merchants no longer sell Utilities, sold here instead. Nerfs Fidget legendary farming since Trade Guild beacons need to refresh every 15 minutes, but still possible to farm interruptors later on with multiple hubs discovered. From my experience, starting the Exodus questline can be confusing for players not following a walkthrough. This seems like an opportunity to expand the quest a bit and make the progression clearer -"This Beacon's signal is being interfered with by a nearby communications hub's activity. If we could get them to stop broadcasting for a moment we could scan for similar Beacons nearby.", or even simpler "We can use this Communication Hub's systems to scan for similar signals." The ability to locate stations rewards player knowledge and gives a powerful tool that is currently missing from the game. You find a great quest, 'Military Post needs 100 Body Armor!', so you go to the Communications Hub and it tells you where a Body Armor factory is. It's in a direction you likely would have never otherwise explored, but now you have a reason to go there. Offers new quests that create interesting scenarios and introduce the player to some game features like suppression satellite and repairing. Potentially offers a more integrated process for summoning Fidget, and maybe also a way to farming a specific type of legendary weapon. (The Tech Level of which is based on the Hub's distance to center, of course) In the late game, allows you to check resource density in nearby sectors, a way to mitigate 'Jump -> Cannot find any asteroids!!!' in your planned mining routes. Thank you for reading, I'd love to hear any feedback!
  2. Kustus

    Mod Request

    Hi, I'd really like it if there was a mod that let you buy other factions stations/mines etc. Ofc the price whould be above the prize of building one on ur own but it whould let you get those sweet 6 mine systems under ur control to setup a station system. Going to war with a faction to buy stations seems to be the only way atm but I'd really like it if there was a diplomatic way.
  3. 1- Mercenary Outpost (these are a new type of station "similar to smuggler outpost" that are guarded by a new faction type "mercenarys" which can be discovered in sectors alone with a few guards (or player built) and allow for players to pick up contracts serving a faction's military taking apart of missions assigned by the faction) 2- Xsotan King and Queen (there's funny how there's a guardian but who is the true breeder and leader of them all) 3- Sandbox Mode Update (add a battle sandbox menu/mode where we can spawn ships (custom or preset) and configure them to custom factions (or just do classic red and blue) to watch them battle it out in space which also brings on another idea.... 4- Galaxy at War Update (Diplomacy Overhaul) Now with my 2nd to final suggestion (hint: bonus at the end) The diplomacy in game is currently great but can be even better by.... -Allowing multi-faction alliances -Allowing aggression and defensive pacts -Allowing multi-faction wars (what I mean by this is if you are in a muti-faction alliance with 3 different factions and declare war on a faction or they declare war on you, there could me a automatic message sent that states "Faction ______ declared war against ______ do you wish to support your ally?" they could either select "yes" or "no" in the mail -Allowing factions to place trade tariffs and quotas against each other (makes trading a bit more interesting) PS- Not only would this update benefit the mid-endgame players gameplay but also would make more usage out of spies because they could spy to see what alliances are against and friendly towards each other Extra - SPECTATOR MODE (goes along with Sandbox Update) Spectator mode can work similar to a utility beacon and allow us to watch the sectors without being in a ship with a range of 200.00-300.00km (maybe 100-150km if needed) to watch those sandbox mode battles unfold right in front of our eyes Well these are all of my suggestions, even if you just look through it, I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my suggestions!
  4. We have stations that can solve almost any problem, what about stations that specialize in offering multiple captains at any given time. Good captains can be rather time consuming to find, and for much of the game that is fine, but by late game the player tends to solve most problems with cash, industry and scale rather than flying across the galaxy to find a captain. Instead of flying to buy the goods to build their mass produced weapons they make their own factories, is it that outrageous for a player to build a university and recruit new graduates?
  5. First thing I'd like to say that this wouldn't be automatic. It would be annoying if you left your ship, and it got stored somewhere without you knowing. I posted this idea on the official discord, and a person told me I should put it here.Since servers tend to have a limit on the amount of ships you could own, I thought it would be cool if for Avorion Servers that there was a built-in feature that allowed you to store your ships (that way you don't have to apply a design, allocate crew, then systems etc..) You also wouldn't have to pay for staff while it's stored because their off duty. Sort of like military deployment. I mean, you could even dedicate a station service like this for players to use.It would help save server resources and save players from having to remove ships when they either reach the server cap for the ship amount, and if it were implemented for single player possibly save performance.As for how players could go about doing this, like I said, it could be a station service or possibly a command.Examples(Command Wise)!store <shipname> (store ship)!request ship <shipname> (Request the ship to be delivered, there is probably a much better command name)!stored list (see your options of ships you have stored)(Station Service)-What would the service cost?Probably, you'd be charged for every 2hours your ships are stored.-Can they deliver anywhere?I think to not make it too op, the stations have a certain range of delivery-does ship size matter?Maybe different stations can have different size limits, but it wouldn't make sense if you had a capital ship larger than the station stored inside (who knows they could take advantage of the wormhole tech and have a hidden system dedicated for ship parking lots [that wasn't serious])Seeing how the ships would be stored at these stations, these stations would probably have to be much, much larger.^^That was my original discord post.I also wanted to bring up that a player named Trent on the discord said that this should be included in the shipyard. That way they'd double as dry docks. Those dry docks if player owned could be leveled up/upgraded to hold more capacity (ship sizes/number of ships). Then I guess if they were NPC owned they would have a set size, maybe it could vary depending on the size of the faction. They said the maintenance should be Cost x Ship Tieralso I said jokingly that ships could be stored via wormhole. Probably not by wormhole because that kinda messes with the lore since regular NPCs can control them. But if the ships aren't stored in a station they could be stored in hidden sectors because we do have those. Of course, these won't be accessible to the player. Although I think it would be cool if there was an animation of your ship warping in via wormhole when you request it (Only in the avorion region/endgame since it would make more sense if those NPC's can control wormholes)I wonder what you think of this Idea, I look forward to seeing if anyone has some good suggestions that would make this idea better. The entire reason I thought of this was because of ship limits on servers. Thanks for reading and I hope we could get this implemented!
  6. Enable the player to build Mega Structures, be it Dyson Spheres, Gates, Neuron Forges or Matter Decompressors. These are not intended to be easy to build and would require immense amounts of resources.
  7. (Edited suggestion with better understanding of the mechanism involved - 7/21/21) From the 1.1 patch notes: With this, you have to build your station founder from a faction's shipyard in order to gain access to their station designs with that station founder only. Because mines don't use station founders, this means they can't get it. As such, I'm requesting a slight change to this. Please allow any station founder and mine founding to access NPC designs from any faction that you have high enough relations with (possibly require being allied). Seeing this steam thread reminded me I had made this suggestion and that obviously the way I had made the original suggestion would not work.
  8. Despite the fact medical supplies exist, hospitals do not. In space, I imagine it would be incredibly bothersome and difficult to handle childbirths or surgeries on ship, so you'd need a place where medical professionals could work in order to handle such situations. A small thing that could appear are AI shuttles (ambulances) that could travel from these stations to places where battles have been fought, warping in and out of sectors in a bid to find survivors or get on board damaged ships and search for injured people. possible mechanics could involve: passive repairs of AI ships missions involving rescuing stranded vessels (more usage for docking blocks) more variety in merchandise that could be sold destruction of hospital stations could result in a rep loss from neighboring factions.
  9. Mod or game feature idea: New crew named scientists which work in Academy modules which now produce research points (if training crew it produces less). Scientists have to be trained in the academy they will work (can't be trained elsewhere and be transported). Research tree: combat: ‌ fleet size scaling ‌ weapon quality scaling ‌ fighter specs industrial: ‌ factory/craft module unlocks ‌ resource processing ‌(For example by default you can process iron and titanium. Everything else needs to be researched.) module upgrades agriculture: ‌ station/craft agricultural module unlocks ‌ food processing ‌ agricultural module upgrades economy: ‌ passive credit income locked under this tree Scientists also speed up the training if there is no ongoing research. Distinct type of research data can be acquired from combat/exploration which speeds up distinct type of research. Stations no longer built for only one job. There are station modules that require TW(1000GW) to run and fixed minimal size and therefore not recommended to put on regular ships. Ships/stations with such modules can jump but after each jump there is a certain % of disintegration and it could destroy modules and all of it's content. For example a resource processing module with 5000 built in cargo space full of ore will lose 5000 of ores if destroyed. Much more modular weapons. Weapons can be crafted with functionality that is calculated by scripts. This started out as a mod idea. For now it is only a plan. If anybody thinks it is a good idea and wants to help me please do not hesitate to reach me out on discord (tret#8541) or on my e-mail address: tret2100@gmail.com. I am in need of graphical designers (for all the icons and ui) and 1 or 2 developers. The main source of this idea was the rush of progress at the mid-game. You get to a point where you can farm everything just from salvaging. This mod is designed to stop that and give more focus to stations.
  10. When you dock stations to each other you have to use a single station as the primary and dock all stations to it. this is slightly frustrating but the real problem is it also seems to prevent NPC ships from docking to buy or sell goods. at the non primary factory. Edit: if this gets fixed it would also be really cool if you could initiate docks from already docked stations. It would also be really cool to dock stations to each side and make a ring world type station chain. Edit 2: I moved this to Bug reports it can be deleted here if a Dev sees it.
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