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Found 19 results

  1. A group upload system that lets you select a number of blueprints at once, and upload them as a group to a collection. The Posts would be unlisted by default but the collection itself could be toggled between Public, Friends, Unlisted and Private. This would allow collections of many individual small parts to be uploaded without making a mess of "Newest".
  2. The Avorion Workshop can sometimes be Chaotic and a lot of issues come down to how some builds are categorized. Paricularly I want to address 3 "new" Categories moving forward based on completion status. These would have no effext other than categorization moving forward The categories. Complete- a design marked as complete by the author. (does not disallow updates) WIP- unfinished Work in progress designs Abandoned/free use- not going to be completed by the author, free for use -_-_-_-_-_-_- These would make browsing new workshop items easier for everyone.
  3. Hi! Is it possible to implement a tool in the building mode that allows to hide individual blocks? You can unhide all of them with a click of a button afterwards. The reason I ask is because sometimes I need to dig into my flawed ship entrails and I don't wanna flip through separate block types and just remove everything in the way without deleting it. Coming from digital LEGO building scene, I got used to LEGO CAD programs having the "hide" feature and I sorely miss it in Avorion.
  4. It would be a huge help to building if the build mode editor could keep track of blocks that were meant to be a logical group of some sort (A brush, basically), so that if you say, paste in a template, you could have the editor remember that is meant to be a solid "brush" and could therefore select the whole group again later with some key combination (Like if you say, shift and middle click on a block in that group, it would auto-select the whole group for you). Would make modular building better if you could easily delete whole pasted templates if you decide it was the wrong thing to put there, but have made a hundred changes since then, and don't want to undo all of that.
  5. Could we please get some capacity to set constraints on our turrets' fields of rotation? It's already sub-optimal to build nice looking, tiered turret emplacements due to the way the game lets turrets shoot through each other making a flat plane the optimal design for ship sides. The fact that you can't set rotational constraints just makes it a further kick in the groin that if you do go to the trouble of building tiered turret emplacements, half the time your turrets will turn all the way around and stick their barrels straight through the walls of the upper gun deck. So not only can they not fire in that direction, they insist on trying to aim in that direction anyway and it looks ridiculous as their barrel clips through ship geometry, and they keep trying to attack the target over in that direction instead of turning to fire on something that's actually in their potential field of fire. I built this today, and it's frustrating to me that I can't set the turrets' rotational constraints and resting point of aim, like you can in From the Depths. It would be great if I could set all the little turrets' resting points of aim, so that I could have them all face outward properly, and it would be great if I could set them to not try to turn so far that they would be hitting each other (Even if they can't, really) or be facing into the central tower. It would look nicer and function better.
  6. Suggestion: An orientable block that emits a stream of smoke particles of size proportional to that of the block's surface. Could be stacked to create denser smoke.
  7. Suggestion: Light blocks, engines, shields and so forth give off effects coloured according to the block's paint (if unpainted, same colour as default for the material).
  8. Simply put, a "Construction" mode we can switch ships over to while we build them. In this mode, the ship will be completely, 100% disabled, but will not suffer HP degradation from lack of mechanics. In this way, we can work on various ship designs a little at a time and not have to constantly run out for more mechanics as we build it bigger, or stick with it continuously from start to end (risking burnout). A newly founded ship should perhaps automatically go into this mode. Oh, and this should apply to stations/mines, too. I know there's the option of building them in a separate galaxy, but who wants to switch back and forth between a galaxy specifically for building/editing designs and the one they're actually playing on, resulting in their main play galaxy having to be put on hold?
  9. I feel ship designs would really benefit from all blocks being angled. Cause theres some times u just want to fill a small angled corner space with a generator or a integrity field. Or tiny angled engine.
  10. Separating this suggestion out from my fleet/alliance colours one: An option for block visibility that lets you hide/show blocks by colour.
  11. Hi devs, I have two suggestions (hopefully small) in relation to ship building. This is related to my experience while building. Split blocks - since we can merge blocks already, it would be extremely helpful to be able to split blocks. Especially for blocks in the inner part of our ship. Perhaps the tool to split blocks can give us a scale, into how many parts the blocks we want to split, or perhaps we can have a cutting/slicing tool to slice the block into several blocks we want (like a "Select Area" tool). See through blocks - this is related to my first suggestion. This usually happens after I laid out my energy generator, cargo bay, etc, and add some stuff outside. After adding some other stuff, I realize I need more energy, so I'd like to modify what's on the inner part of my ship. Maybe split the cargo bay and make it into energy generator. This would be much easier if I can see-through the outer parts of the block, and add more blocks inside. So I can delete some unnecessary blocks inside, and add new ones/rearrange the shape. Thanks for the consideration!
  12. Idea : The progression of technology upgrading when going from one tier of resource to another is one of the most compelling gameplay loops present in Avorion. Going from Iron to Titanium and getting a generator, then to Naonite and getting shielding, then Tritium with the hanger and academy, and Xanion with the Cloning pods. It's a shame that there is no extra technological unlocks when you get to the late game resources, it feels cheap that you just end up with raw number boosts. I think that the late game resources should still unlock new modules that your ship can enhance and toy around with. Give Ogonite blocks the ability to become Shield Projector blocks that create stronger shields that only work in a certain direction based on the blocks orientation, multiple types of shield blocks, like shield enhancer, reflector, electrifier, etc. making shields have effects beyond just blocking incoming damage Give Avorion the ability to become Weapon blocks. Essentially transforming an entire sector of your ship into a singular massive weapon based on three types of avorion weapon blocks; - Dedicated weapon energy generators - Weapon ammo containers - and the Turret barrel block itself. Give the Avorion weapon system multiple choices for ammo configuration, things like anti-capital railguns, homing energy torpedoes, massive spooling machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Give Turrets and weapons unique modifiers and make Turret Factories able to modify a turrets properties up to and beyond the material that's used to create it. Things like elemental effects and damage, corrosion, fire, charge shot, spooling weapon, homing lock-on, slowing, etc. Also, boarding a ship should never make its omicron decrease, it's such a slap in the players face when you put so much effort in to not put a ship into fatal damage to take it over only for it to become devalued the moment you actually take it over. Like, imagine buying a ferrari and the moment you step into the ferrari it turns into a chevy impala. That's basically what happens when you do ship boarding in Avorion
  13. I think it would be nice for there to be more options for filters such as block count. That filter would be decided by the game when uploading, not by the creator. If the ship has 1000 blocks, that tag would be automatically added to the ship. The workshop is (no offence) cluttered with too many low quality ships that many arent and wont be popular and used. Many people go looking for cool ships but get caught up in the worse and undesirable ships. Adding a block count filter could help people find higher quality ships and ships that better fit their desire.
  14. I rather enjoy playing Avorion and love the amazing creativity, effort, support, and love that can be, and is poured into the game, it's content and ship. What I think might be interesting, if it is doable, is the ability to attach smaller vessels to larger ones. Ships can dock at stations, sure... But, Let's say though your ship is in the middle of nowhere, and not near a docking station, or at least not a friendly and/or player built one, and unable to jump to a station as it is out of his jump range, or lacking in power or the capability due to combat... In such a scenario, you could in theory attach/link/dock the smaller vessel to the larger one, making it into a sort of Transport ship for those smaller Craft. Other uses for this could be for jumping larger collections of forces without relying on individual ship jump systems and wormholes. It could also give me incentive for designing ships for specific purposes and classes. For Example, a transport ship for ferrying those smaller vessels would not be a capable frontliner and could perhaps serve as a bit of a mobile refueling and repair station or something like that, with limited resource depending on it's cargo capabilities and such. Additionally a ship designed specifically for ship ferrying, could potentially free up upgrade slots in frontliners and allow for more capable frontline vessels with greater weaponry and firepower, and/or more defensive capability. Depending on your choice of design. I have a whole slew of ideas centered around this that could add a great possibilities and benefits. Thought I might throw this out there and see what others think. I came to realize recently that I need further clarification on what I mean. Thank you to AvorionCraft, for bringing me around to that realization. When a ship is docked to another ship, all but the most basic systems needed to run that ship are shut down in a manner of speaking. It is, in some way attached or held in place by docking clamps on the exterior of the carrier ship, and all functions and controls are essentially handled by the transport ship. The carrier ship would only change in mass, and thereby the required energy needed to produce thrust and/or to make a jump, which could be supplied by the docked ship(s). It would have the capability to transfer crew, fighters, and any cargo (including torpedoes) and both ships would still be separate entities, but so long as the smaller ship is docked to that carrier transport, it's incapable of moving or acting on it's own. Shields are powered down or minimal (less than 25%) and all turrets are inactive. If the transport ship is attacked and destroyed while the ship(s) are still docked, all ships docked are also destroyed. In the case of needing an emergency undock due the carrier transport being nearly destroyed and under heavy fire, An emergency undocking procedure could be performed that undocks all attached ships by destroying/severing the carrier's docking clamps and it will be incapable of having any ships redock, or new ships dock until the ship has been fully restored and repaired at a repair dock. Additionally, in order to make a carrier transport/ferry for ships, maybe this could be something designated through specific equipment modules that must be permanently installed or even a new Artifact module, and any ship with the module(s) suffers a percentage reduction in current total Shield points, Hull Points, and Turret Slots and gains a number of docking hardpoints to determine how many ships it can ferry, and an increase in jump range, and an increase in cargo capacity. I believe doing it through an equipment in this manner would also reinforce the idea that the carrier transport is not meant to be on the frontlines and that this would be a support ship that can resupply and transport other space craft. My reasoning for all this is a combination of thinking more realistically and strategically. This would allow one to dedicate a ship specifically to transporting other ships across the sectors but would provide a reason not to always have a ship docked to another, and it would give incentive not to just jump into a combat sector and deploy a massive fleet of ships. Instead, you would jump your carrier ship a few sectors out, ideally in a safe sector controlled by you or an ally, undock your ships, and then jump into combat. In this way there would be a combination of balance and utility. P.S. Thanks again to AvorionCraft for the realization of how vaguely I described my idea, I hope this is more clarified, and possibly a greater understanding of my idea for Carrier Transports and ferrying vessels. Edits: Feb 22 2021: Spelling and grammatical errors. April 07, 2021: Clarification and more detailed break down
  15. I think it would be nice if there was a way so you could make it so that the name of the ship would always be horizontal, and not rely on the blocks rotation so that people can make edge name blocks and not have it look odd because the name is vertical.
  16. So I've played Avorion for awhile. I ended up taking a long break after many frustrations when it came to faction relations which made the game very frustrating. One thing I found the most frustrating was actually boarding stations. It takes an extremely long time to do and offers very few rewards. I personally boarded them to repurpose them. Due to the fact that there is no option to actually reconstruct the facility it takes away the fun in it. What I mean is when you blast down their hull HP to actually board them, you obviously break off sections / parts of the station. I think it would be amazing if there was an option actually entirely reconstuct the station, having it restored to its previous glory before you blew it apart.
  17. Hi ! "Transform all selected Blocks" (TASB) and "Only show specifig blocks" (OSSB) together are incredible powerfull and usefull building functions. Change our ships fitting is much easier now, we haven't to be "digging" in our ships removing and placing blocks only to change their block type. BUT there is a little problem: Gyro Arrays, Hangar, Directional Thrusters... Orientation dependent blocks (ODBs) can't be transformed easily. For those, we still need the traditional: 1) "Dig" in the ship to reach the block to be replaced. 2) Replace the block with the same dimensions but rotated in the desired position in order to perform its new functionality. The tediousness of this step is the biggest problem right now. Even change a superficial ODB is a little pain, and even more if the dimensions are a bit odd, like x=2.53 y=5.67 z=3.84. 3) "Bury" the transformed block again. So I propose a new building function: "Change block orientation" (CBO): It would allow to change the orientation of already placed blocks. In technical words, it would change the "look" and "up" attributes (xml ship desing) of the block without changing its dimensions. This way, we would be able to transform ODBs with the function OSSB in the same way we use it now with TASB. It would be a blessing. And it seems easy to implement. A function to CBO in hand (CBOIH) would be nice too. It seems even easier to implement, but this way we still would be unable to transform blocks inside the ship. And if CBO is implemented, we can just place blocks and orientate them later. Thanks for reading !
  18. I was replacing blocks with Avorion for potentially increased stats but then I started to notice that my ship seems to be "losing" max HP when it was actually increasing it. Can you please check if the stats parameters are correctly displaying differences?
  19. Hi guys, i just wanted advise about a Fatal error: after i´ve bought and installed the Black Market DLC, i found out that suddenly nomore Weapons were available in the Game. Like, not a single weapon was accesible anymore. I´ve tried every single method that came into my mind, even un- and reinstalling the game, but it´s changed nothing. Also, if i trie to get Weapons via the cheat menu, i can´t squeeze a single one outta my game. even if try to Build ´em at the weapon Manufacturer, but that doesn´t work either. if i want to select ´weapon type´ it just shows an empty Bar without any information, not even an error Window occures. i have some mods (sth about 20) installed, but ivé also tried it with all of them Disabled an nothing chaged. i also searched in the Game Files, but i have no clue which File does configure which thing. I NEED HELP ASAP `CAUSE I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME BUT NOW I CAN`T PLAY IT PROPERLY!!! And sorry for my bad Eglish i am from Germany 🙂
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