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Found 2 results

  1. I found hidden in the little left menu a powerful tool that allows you to view different blocks by material type, combining this with the replace tool in the blocks menu allows very quick modification of craft. Within this system you have the capability to add in a 3D rendering of common landmarks, the Statue of Liberty stood out most to me. My suggestion to get to the point, could you add the capability to pull 3D renderings of our own designs to give us a sense of scale, or to view a previous design to duplicate an aspect of? Thank you very much for your consideration.
  2. Here are a few ideas for Hyperspace that I'm sure Koonschi would like to implement 😛 Currently the hyperspace jump is rather boring and could use some visual and acoustical improvements. Through the ideas, I imagine that the immersion and gameplay will be improved. Here are the details of the idea: -After dialing up, I hear a clear charging of the hyperspace generators and an energy bubble charges around the ship (or something like that). So you have a visual detection of ships trying to enter hyperspace. -After launching into hyperspace, one visually and audibly exits the sector and enters the hyperspace loading screen. This is done by a positive exponential acceleration, so that you quickly escape the planets behind you, for example. -The loading screen is decorated with a hyperspace "bubble", the camera rotates around your ship and you can see it moving through hyperspace. -After loading, you can jump out of the bubble into the next sector by pressing any key, and you can see the sector approaching from a great distance. With an exponential negative acceleration. Other small ideas for hyperspace: -Upgrades for hyperspace change the visual, acoustic events when charging and in the bubble. (Colours, speed of the particles and pitch of the sound). -The hyperspace can no longer be activated if there is an obstacle in the way. This can be done by an experimental/illegal upgrade, creating a violent explosion on collision or tearing a piece of the object. Other ideas for hyperspace and personnel: -Admirals commanding a fleet of ships with captains flying together through the hyperspace bubble of the fleet admiral's commanded ship. This would be a good addition to creating an alliance, also for solo players. --Leaders of a group could also create themselves in this way. More finer ideas can be formed for this and I hope for lively discussions around hyperspace! If you like the idea make sure you upvote. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Example:
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