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Found 3 results

  1. well, the title says it all. it's been over a month since the last update post on steam (actually, last one was 11-22-21, so almost 2.5 months ago), with a lot of bugs that have been reported, not to mention gameplay broken, with the new gameplay "forced upon" the player, which removed a lot of the amazing gameplay mechanisms from version 1.x - what gives? the issues is that the devs think they should rework game mechanics that worked before (although with bugs and still lacking) without consulting their community first - aka "we know better" mentality, which has rarely worked in favor of a game's reputation and the people / company behind it. maybe this "radio silence" is for the reason of a rework of those issues? but a bit of feedback would still be much appreciated...
  2. Is there a location to inform us what is included in any updates? I couldn't find anything on Steam or this forum about the 600K update Steam installed for Avorion today. Any information would be helpful.
  3. With the new great update of the game a lot of players are having the returning problem of not being able to connect to servers that haven't been updated yet. It may take a while for the mods to be updated as well so it occasionally happens that the playerbase is leaving the server for one that you actually can play on. Adding recent/older versions for users to select may help during the "transition phase". I can see the problem of not giving the admins/modders a hard enough insentive to update which in return will hurt the gameplay experience long term but I also think this is outweighted by basically abandoning your game you spent the last weeks on. Because lets be honest, once you started somewhere else it's hard to return to an old galaxy. I imagine this has been on the table in the past but haven't seen anything on the first couple of pages here. Any thoughts?
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