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Found 3 results

  1. Coming back to Avorion after having stopped for a while, I noticed an issue while I was applying some turret blueprints to turret blocks. Once a blueprint has been applied to a turret block - even if there is no turret attached - it will continue to display a hologram of the turret blueprint... and it seems there is no way to remove that attached turret blueprint or the associated turret hologram. About the only thing players can do is replace the current turret blueprint with a different turret blueprint. Even then, from henceforth, there will always be a turret blueprint and turret hologram affixed to that turret block. I asked on the official Discord and the answer I got confirms this. Except, it was explained to me that there was a janky workaround to remove the attached turret blueprint and hologram: But doing so requires DELETING the turret block and then REBUILDING it. Personally, I think relying on such a workaround is less than desirable. Wouldn't it be better to have a button in the turret blueprint screen to simply "remove", "delete" or "detach" the current blueprint from the turret block?
  2. This is exactly what the title says. If I can spend literally infinite money and resources that I don't have, and also literally duplicate turrets, why is there still a requirement for me to have system upgrades? At the very least, there should be an option for Creative by which that restriction can be turned off, and you can add as many turrets as you want. It would make it so much easier, because you don't have to keep jumping around into sectors with Equipment Docks (which take at best 5-10 minutes to load due to stations, ships & asteroids) and buying out their entire stock. I see no downside to this whatsoever, especially if it was made optional.
  3. Yay! I've finally made it through the barrier, I've mined all the ogonite and avorion I could stomach and I'm going to take on something really scary. Pew pew pew, death destruction and loss of lesser ships ensues. Boom big loot piƱata, oh look at that rail gun!!! Lots of damage lots of Fire rate, penetration and all that good stuff and I love rail guns and I want more of these. *queue sad trombone* Tech Level 52? Awesome I can put one of these on one ship and I'll occasionally use it for when I want to just shoot something far away but I cannot rely on it for any real DPS. Little pop up, Hey there explorer we see you have a Tech Level 52 turret, would you like more? Just plop down a Turret factory next to that nice big pile of wreckage and get to work bring us all the components and we'll pump these puppies out for you like crazy! Oh thanks helpful popup I didn't think of that. Yeah... and neither did anyone on the DEV team, I'm here to rebuff the suggestion that the challenge of endgame should stay in the disparity of Level 50 turrets to the power of level 52s that bosses can drop. It's not the ideal situation you think it is, it is completely disheartening to people who love your game enough to plough through hours and hours build reputation up get allies build extra ships and finally get through your end game content only to be given fools gold. If that player cannot extend their playtime and enjoyment by replicating the new found joy in higher level guns then they're simply going to stop playing. I speak from experience on this, I've played Destiny, WoW, The Division 1 & 2, a few other games, and once the Carrot or the Chase is gone then you have less and less players. Most games increase the chase by upping levels or adding new tricks, Avorion is more or less bottlenecked, so you have to work with what you have, and what you have is an RNG chase, that once it fulfills someone's dreams they could create more power for themselves. But you didn't find it applicable to let them do that? From my experience in other games it seems like you don't want players to stay past a certain point. But if I'm wrong and you want them to stay, I would highly advise changing the Turret Factories in the 4 Most center Galaxy Zones become capable of churning out Blueprints for Level 52 turrets. <<< This also adds that "Challenge" you're so hungry to saddle people with, defending a Center 4 zone from all the invasions will be a task in and of itself, way harder than Mr. Big Scary. This will make people more inclined to get those 52s to drop until they get one they like, and it will keep them engaged long past getting them to drop well into getting ships decked out with them to further invest in their fleets and get more 52s and so on and so forth. This is a good carrot for Avorion, and if the argument against it is "challenge" go talk to anyone who has played for over 500 hours, there isn't much challenge in the center, there is just a lack of investment opportunities. We need more, and this could be that carrot to keep us chasing and playing. Thanks and I look forward to the discussion.
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