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Found 12 results

  1. Coming back to Avorion after having stopped for a while, I noticed an issue while I was applying some turret blueprints to turret blocks. Once a blueprint has been applied to a turret block - even if there is no turret attached - it will continue to display a hologram of the turret blueprint... and it seems there is no way to remove that attached turret blueprint or the associated turret hologram. About the only thing players can do is replace the current turret blueprint with a different turret blueprint. Even then, from henceforth, there will always be a turret blueprint and turret hologram affixed to that turret block. I asked on the official Discord and the answer I got confirms this. Except, it was explained to me that there was a janky workaround to remove the attached turret blueprint and hologram: But doing so requires DELETING the turret block and then REBUILDING it. Personally, I think relying on such a workaround is less than desirable. Wouldn't it be better to have a button in the turret blueprint screen to simply "remove", "delete" or "detach" the current blueprint from the turret block?
  2. Hello everyone! I have 2 problems on this new 2.0 version of Avorion and I wanna your help to try to get visibility of this thread to Dev Team. First I'm the owner of High Efficiency Turrets (HET)'s mod. After update my mod to version 2.0, it works with this new version, "BUT" I have some issues that I need the Dev Team to help us to fix them. 1) All Coaxial Turrets or Turrets that are installed on the Turret Rotation Lock block loses the AutoFire mode, and in old versions it works really nice. Don't know why they remove this mode from Coaxial turrets, but it breaks many things, including in Vanilla. 2) All particle turrets, like chainguns, cannons, plamas, if you have weapon.blockPenetration on the weapon, they will stop to do damage in most of the time. Don't know why it happens, but in old versions of Avorion, before the 2.0, it works really fine, and now, it don't work anymore. For everyone that wanna help me, let me know what you think about it and if it is possible, if you have contact of someone in Dev Team, pls report it to them, this thread, or help me make a way to fix this,by modding something. Hope you all help me to solve those issues. Thanks anyways! Have a good day!
  3. Just a few off the top of my hat that I'd love to see: sort by range sort by tech level sort by size/number of slots sort by number of operators required sort by damage type sort by overheat/cooldown... and I'm certain there are others that would be useful to have.
  4. Please allow us to place turrets onto coaxial designs and coaxials onto turret designs. Both should subsequently become locked in place and unable to turn. No changes to damage. Both of these provide an alternative means of locking a turret in place while allowing a custom design (seems rotation lock blocks don't allow custom designs). For turrets (non-coaxial), this will also allow us to place a turret in a locked facing perpendicular to the ship without the need of the block it's sitting on being protruding or designing a cavity for it to sit in. For coaxials, this also allows us to mount them parallel to the ship without the need of doing the same above.
  5. Some suggestions/feedback on improving the behavior of independent targeting turrets. When turrets do not have an active target/are idle (in any mode other than manual), instead of having them continue to track the last target's location, have them return to their "default" facing as determined when we put the turret on the ship in the ship builder. This will allow, say, forward facing turrets to return to the forward position and be ready for the next target we are speeding off to, rather than continuing to face behind us until the new target is in range and then they have to rotate around before firing. Turret groups' Attack Target command is rather tedious to use in its current form. I think something like the following would be better: Keep the current behavior in that when the player clicks on the Attack Target command, the turrets will "hard lock" on the current target and engage until the target is dead, jumped, etc. When turret groups set to Attack Target no longer have a "hard locked" target, then they should switch to auto-fire behavior when there is no active target, or "soft lock" on the active target when there is one. In this "soft lock" mode, when the player switches targets, the turret groups should switch their "soft lock" to the new target. When the player clicks back on the Attack Target command for that group, then they should again "hard lock" on that target. "Soft lock" mode should only fire upon valid targets, ie combat weapons fire on hostile targets, mining lasers on asteroids, etc. If the target is not valid for that group, then they should continue as if there were no active target (auto-fire). "Hard lock" overrides this, so the player can still engage whatever target they want with whatever weapon they want as now. Turret groups that have been given the Attack Target command probably shouldn't be firing at the target while it is out of range. Turrets will all target different blocks on a target, which is OK, but it has some glitches that need sorting out. Specifically: When any block on the target is destroyed, all of the turrets firing on it pick a new block (this actually effects torpedoes, too, causing many to miss even stationary targets that are receiving damage from other sources, such as multiple torpedoes fired at the same time). Turrets should stick with their block until that block is destroyed, then pick a new one. If part of a target is in a turret's line of sight, it's still possible for that turret to pick a block that is not within its LoS and as such will just sit there and not fire until something happens to cause it to target a new block that is within its LoS or switch targets completely.
  6. Include the turret base block that turrets are sitting on in weapon group assignments. This way we can swap out the turrets that are on them without having to redo the weapon group assignments. Thank you. 🙂
  7. Could we please get some capacity to set constraints on our turrets' fields of rotation? It's already sub-optimal to build nice looking, tiered turret emplacements due to the way the game lets turrets shoot through each other making a flat plane the optimal design for ship sides. The fact that you can't set rotational constraints just makes it a further kick in the groin that if you do go to the trouble of building tiered turret emplacements, half the time your turrets will turn all the way around and stick their barrels straight through the walls of the upper gun deck. So not only can they not fire in that direction, they insist on trying to aim in that direction anyway and it looks ridiculous as their barrel clips through ship geometry, and they keep trying to attack the target over in that direction instead of turning to fire on something that's actually in their potential field of fire. I built this today, and it's frustrating to me that I can't set the turrets' rotational constraints and resting point of aim, like you can in From the Depths. It would be great if I could set all the little turrets' resting points of aim, so that I could have them all face outward properly, and it would be great if I could set them to not try to turn so far that they would be hitting each other (Even if they can't, really) or be facing into the central tower. It would look nicer and function better.
  8. Recently, I started applying designs on the turret base with workshop turrets. During the editting process, I thought of some features that WILL make the process easier, less annoying and save time. I don't know whether they are posted here or not, so this is what I thought: 1) Return to camera's last known position after exit turret edit mode: Everytime I exit the turret edit mode, the camera would change to the center of the ship up close. I have to zoom out and locate the next turret base I want to edit. If I have 20 turret base to edit, I have to zoom out, rotate the ship, and click on the turret base for 20 times. I had this experience recently and I'm annoyed since the ship is long and has more than 30 turret base. I would like to suggest that have the system remember camera position before I enter turret edit mode, and return to that position when I exit turret edit mode. 2) Apply design to multiple turret base: I suggest implement a feature that let player edit multiple turret base at once. If all selected turrret base have the same width, allow the design to apply to them, scale up/down if needed. If there are different turret base width among the selected, system can deny the action, scale up/down, or display UI etc. 3) Scale up turret base design: Scale up a design that is smaller than the turret base would be nice to have. 4) Edit turret rotation lock blocks: This has been purposed on the forum before, but I still want to add it here. I want to have certain turret to face a direction only, and apply design on it. However those turret rotation lock blocks cannot be edit. I suggest that it should be designable. If not, add lock turret rotation feature to the normal turret base. 5) Turn off auto-save warning sound/notification: Edit turret base 20 times and I get this warning 20 times. It's annoying and I would like to have the feature of turning off the sound or simply don't show notification at all. Also same goes for ship building too. These are my suggestion for the time being. They are not major changes to the game, so if developers could read this and implement them into the game, I'm sure it will be welcomed by everyone.
  9. Updated release of the other Not Enough Turrets mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2019697605
  10. Some random thoughts regarding crew requirements on turrets. As one thought, I kind of feel like the crew requirements on at least some turrets may be a little high? I mean, in a space fairing future, I'd expect computer and automated advancements to be to the point where you don't need tons of people to operate and maintain them? Even small turrets requiring 2 crew I feel is high (you should only really need one... the one doing the shooting). To go along with that thought, what are we paying the turret crews for if only certain ones can be assigned independent targeting? Final thought (for now... 🙂 ), should we have turrets require mechanics/engineers (depending on the turret type) just like how blocks on the ship do? So not a full mechanic or engineer per turret, but something like 0.1 or 0.2 or more (depending on turret size).
  11. As in the title, I think that turrets, when switched off, should rotate back to the orientation they were placed in. Seing all turrets pointing at diffrent places looks somewhat wrong when no enemys are present.
  12. 1. 'Continuous shots', 'Time until overheated' can be extremely misleading. Consider this: This turret has: heatPerSecond = 3.371 coolingRate = 1.12 simultaneousShooting = 1 Therefore, even though tooltip states 14 'continuous shots', turret overheats after first one (since all three barrels are fired at the same time, building heat to 10.113 = overheating) What bizarre is: DPS stat is actually seems to be somewhat accurate 'sustained' dps, that takes overheat & cooldown into account ( damage per shot * 3 barrels / (heat per shot / cooldown rate) = 615.95 (difference of 0.25dps is probably because of rounding of a `damage per shot` value). 'somewhat accurate', because actual sustained dps is: 608.5. Ten shots (10 intervals) takes 91.4 seconds (measured via screen capture), dealing 1853.9 * 3 damage each. 2. Hull penetration perk really needs description line "Deals from 25% to 174%, based on number of blocks penetrated" 3. For 'CoolingType.Standard' turrets tooltip shows 'sustained' dps but for 'CoolingType.BatteryCharge' tooltip shows 'burst' dps (basically firerate * damage). Meaning that actual sustained dps of all energy turrets is actually 2x/3x times lower than listed value (most of them has recharge time longer than shooting time) 4. `simultaneousShooting` is still not displayed anywhere in tooltip, making 'making sense of turret's tooltip' - extremely difficult.
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