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Found 5 results

  1. Upon importing a save to a dedicated server I was no longer able to do trade contracts. I'd get the error of something among the lines of the generic "we can't trade goods here commander" in areas I've been doing trade commanders. I can't figure it out. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Kustus

    Mod Request

    Hi, I'd really like it if there was a mod that let you buy other factions stations/mines etc. Ofc the price whould be above the prize of building one on ur own but it whould let you get those sweet 6 mine systems under ur control to setup a station system. Going to war with a faction to buy stations seems to be the only way atm but I'd really like it if there was a diplomatic way.
  3. Intro: In the wake of the Xsotan's destruction, nations of the galaxy are once again vying for control and influence. You find yourself a newly appointed ruler of a fledgling nation in the outer rim. Use your resources wisely in order to guarantee your future. Expand your grasp with diplomacy, wealth or pure military might. Will your nation stand the test of time in the wake of this galactic turmoil? Scenario: This scenario grants player the opportunity to skip the slow build up to creating a faction in favor of a 4X style RTS. The player would be granted a starting territory with stations, resources, and money to create their own fledgling faction in a galactic wide conflict for power. The player will need to be strategic about their resources as they will be competing with opposing factions along with defending against pirates. They can use their resources to assemble a fleet of ships to fight or trade to expand. Diplomacy is also an option that can be very beneficial when played right. Difficulty: Beginner: Your neighbors love you and you frolic around space in harmony, most pirates are too dumb to assemble their own space ports and they tend to run at the first sign of trouble Normal: The usual diplomacy occurs, most have adequate relations with you, pirates have spines and will raid unprotected cargo convoys. You have a minor pirate infestation in your outer territories. Better deal with them fast before other factions get ideas to do if for you... Veteran: Your relations with your neighbors are mixed with several being unhappy about pirate raids coming from your border. Pirates control territory in your southern quadrant with a couple captured shipyards serving as their bases of operations. Pirates are more emboldened to attack your convoys with deadlier equipment to do so. Neutralize them before your neighbors decide to invade. Expert: You are not very well liked. Your neighbors are unhappy with your rise to power and won't hesitate to invade you at the first show of weakness. Pirates are a lot braver (darn space rum...) and won't hesitate to attack your supply convoys. You have multiple pirate spaceports in your territory that need terminating. Hardcore: Now your going to get it... Looks like your neighbors are amassing fleets at your borders as we speak. Pirates are sophisticated raiders who will target your supply fleets with impunity. Pirates have taken over your territory and must be driven out at all costs. Insane: You really don't have to do this to yourself... You're 'in power' in one of the most war-torn, pirate infested cess-pools in the galaxy. Pirate gangs control your territory... Oh look... it's the local galactic superpower on its way to take control liberate us from the pirates. This is going to get interesting. Features: - Your own faction HQ: it allows you to hold your influence over your territories and gives you the ability to track vessels in a certain radius. Defend it wisely. If lost, it is a good chance your territories will splinter or surrender to the enemy. - A dynamic galaxy with territory constantly being won or lost. To avoid the player steam rolling in the end game, factions would end up consolidating through alliances or conquest. Dealing with bigger territories with more ships and production makes it harder to conquer. - Regional HQs: At a certain point, one HQ cannot command so much territory. Regional HQs serve the purpose of expanding control and providing ship tracking. Be careful though. If an HQ is destroyed or captured, the entire territory is lost. Defend them wisely and prioritize them in attacks. - Warp Tracking Satellites: Offers hyperspace tracking at a smaller price and reduced range. They can be easily destroyed so watch enemy movements closely. Special cards can be put onto vessels to detect hyperspace jumps or bring ships out of hyperspace. - A bigger role for shipyards: Ship yards have often been overlooked in the game because the player can build anywhere at any time. Shipyards would take the roll of automated ship production allowing the player to focus on more pressing matters. Specific ships could be configured and selected to be built by shipyards and time would be based on the size of the shipyard and volume of assembly blocks. This would make shipyards a vital location for both players and npc factions. - Role for population centers: population center could have the role of producing your workforce. Upgrade them with academies to get specialized workers with more experience and greater proficiency. Protect them well. Crueler factions and pirates will attack these and steal your people. Consider that attacking these will be looked down upon by most factions... Enhanced Diplomacy: Factions can be convinced, bribed or will beg for alliances. These are in the form of trade agreements, defense pacts, military alliances, share Jump gates, cede territory, close borders, coerce for resources, letters of marquee, etc. Use these wisely to create strong allies and topple your enemies. Factions with different characteristics will act differently to each proposition. Factions will also have reasons for liking you... or not which will effect your overall relationship. Things like alliances with other factions, Acts of cruelty, breaking pacts, pirate attacks coming from your territory, successful diplomacy, etc will all add or take from your reputation with other factions. High reps allow for better deals and a greater chance of future diplomacy occuring. A poor relationship may lead to an outbreak of war. [EX: Harboring Pirates: "our ships are being attacked by pirates coming from your territory." -X amount of Relation per minute] (REASON: Pirate outposts located in your space) [EX: Trade Pact: "we appreciate your cooperation in our trade agreement. May both nations prosper." +X amount of relation per minute] (REASON: trade pact occuring) [EX: Thinks You're Weak: "your nation is weak and lacks the basic means to defend itself."-X amount of relation per minute] (REASON: major difference in total omicron) Cargo Fleets: You need lots of money to fund an empire. Creating a trade fleet to ship mass quantities of goods for cash is essential. However, pirates, enemy factions, and other raiders would be more than willing to take those goods off your hands (by force...) if your trade fleets are not well protected. Letters of Marque and Raiding: A letter of Marquee allows the owner to destroy all ships belonging to enemies of the issuing faction without diplomatic penalty. Other factions may not be happy to see you raiding so be aware of who's around before you pirate and loot to your heart's content. *Raiding is also a great, less than honest way of earning money. Your AI controlled ships can be commanded raid vessels, but factions will not look kindly on your aggressive measures. RTS-like battle system: There will be points where you may have multiple fleet on fleet battles. You will either have the opportunity to auto resolve (based on omicron or something) or take command of your ships via the tactical map. Battles can occur when opposing vessels are within the same tile. The player will be forced into a battle if enemy ships with intent on fighting Jump into the same sector. Once the battle starts, players will have a certain amount of choices. Fleet Tactics: Fleet tactics can be employed like focusing fire on one vessel, formations, charges, or retreats. Retreats will require a certain amount of time for hyperspace cores to charge up so players/enemies must hold out until the timer counts down. *More ideas out soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It would be incredible to see avorion take the next step with the addition of an RTS style 4X scenario. Easily would make it the most epic game of all time. Feel more than free to voice ideas, comments, or criticisms about the idea.
  4. Hi there! First things first: Awsome Game. Thank you! Thanks to Mrs. and Mr. backer (Kickstarter xD)! Second: i ll try my best in english. Some ideas: I think it would be nice to rearrange the queue for the ships with a captain for maybe a trade route (queue/loop). 1. 1. If the ship has a queue already, just ask: do i wanna cancel the queue?! Sometimes i forget to „unclick“ the current ship and i have to set up the loop again. Woooops…:: "captain from the *shipname*, sir you've first said do this and do that and then this and by microchips etc, and now??? srly?" me: " Do what i say, i pay your rent" or "sry wrong number" 2. 2. Drag and drop for a long Loop (queue orders) – so you can add some route after that and put it in the right place 3. 3. Cancel some orders in a queue 4. 4. Name a Route so i can put other ships on it, „routename“ – maybe :they have to be on the route or they wouldnt start it, and may i can put some routes later on together if they fit (point 2+4) 5. 5. If i have buy orders on the route, show me the cargo ive need on the ship – i wanna buy 2000 microchips (2000x loadingspace) etc for the hole route Sometimes pics are better ;D feel free to use, ask, adjust, im excited and a bit nervous ;D My first response to a game. Greetings from Germany. Have a nice day!! (....yes paint, and print button....xDDD, translation: if i write do this and do that, i wanna do this, or it should be so- i mean, it would be a nice to have^^ dont wanna be impolite, in deutsch würde ich es höflicher umschreiben^^)
  5. When you dock stations to each other you have to use a single station as the primary and dock all stations to it. this is slightly frustrating but the real problem is it also seems to prevent NPC ships from docking to buy or sell goods. at the non primary factory. Edit: if this gets fixed it would also be really cool if you could initiate docks from already docked stations. It would also be really cool to dock stations to each side and make a ring world type station chain. Edit 2: I moved this to Bug reports it can be deleted here if a Dev sees it.
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