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  1. Hello we are suggesting new DLC release that would be called: Faction expansion or something like that that would change factions for good. what DLC would include? + Factions now have relations between each other that means if they enemies they try to take over territories and expand + Factions now build new bases in rich asteroid fields + Factions now recognize claimable asteroids in their own territory and new territory and claim them to expand + Factions now build their own fighters and send them to battle area to take over territory for expansion + Factions now choose relationship with player if they see that player is not bringing them any good to the table they try to eliminate player and take over its resources + Factions on the galaxy map has new icon that indicates battle between two territories/factions that would let player see what factions fighting + Factions now has ability to send distress signal to player for help if they losing to much territory. + Factions now use their resources to expand and build bigger fleets and more bases + Player has option to see factions economy if its weak or strong and what resources faction needs for better expansion + Player has option to propose cease-fire between two faction by offering them resources/credits + Player has ability to join battle between two factions if player takes out more ships in that sectors it would give that territory to player if faction takes out more ships it would give it to that faction + Factions on galaxy map now has logo of their faction, that logo would appear in galaxy map on their territory + Player would have option on galaxy map or in interface to sort faction ships in the sector by their territory colour for example if their territory on galaxy map is brown it would show their ships in the sector as brown square so player could identify what territory they are from. + Trading: if faction with player is neutral it would send 1 trading ship time to time at player factory/mine if relationship between faction is good they would send 2-3 ships if relation ship between player and faction is excellent or ally it would send 4-5 trading ships for every single mine/factory so all docks could be used and not just 1 as it is right now by default. + and more...
  2. Hello, We found solution that should be implemented into Avorion game. what we suggesting is to increase traders in the sector so if u have 5 docks on your station all 5 of them will be used. how code works? it allows traders to use all free docks on your station by default if u have more then 1 dock only 1 trader will come to your station buy and will leave and other docks wont be used. our script allows 5 traders at the same time to dock because it searches for free docks on station and it tells trader go to that free dock if other one is being used. its best idea yet because currently if you running water factory it fills up really quick and by having this in your game it balances everything by letting you decide how many traders u want and that depends on how many docks you have. currently we set maximum limit to 5 per station so there could be not to many traders in the sectors to prevent any bugs or heavy traffic. i hope you will add this to the game ❤️ Code + Attached files with code: data/scripts/sector/traders.lua function Traders.isSpawnCandidate(station local docks = DockingPositions(station) if not docks then return end if docks.numDockingPositions == 0 or not docks.docksEnabled then return end if not TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) then return end if station:getValue("minimum_population_fulfilled") == false then -- explicitly check for 'false' return end return true end data/scripts/lib/tradingutility.lua function TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) -- check if there are traders flying to this station local traders = {Sector():getEntitiesByScript("merchants/tradeship.lua")} local docks = DockingPositions(station) local emptyDocks = math.min(5, docks.numDockingPositions) for _, trader in pairs(traders) do local partner = trader:getValue("trade_partner") if partner and station.index.string == partner then emptyDocks = emptyDocks - 1 if emptyDocks == 0 then return false end end end return true end traders.lua tradingutility.lua
  3. Enable the player to build Mega Structures, be it Dyson Spheres, Gates, Neuron Forges or Matter Decompressors. These are not intended to be easy to build and would require immense amounts of resources.
  4. I dont know how others feel about this subject but i love quests that make you feel like the NPCs are having their own stories in the background while you try to save the galaxy and i find these are lacking in the game right now, most quests are delivery or demand and so my suggestions are the following mission ideas for bulletin boards or map signals or even civillian ships if you guys are interested in adding quest to loaders and haulers directly as a dialogue option like "you sent a transmission about a job?": If anyone has any suggestions to add/change feel free to reply, i will try to answer and then together we can fine tune these ideas. Oh and these are of course just basic name and goal ideas, you guys have all the power to change the name to something you find more fitting or the goal these are just a few sketches so the galaxy feels more organic and as i dont know how the game works in terms of coding some of these might be very difficult to implement or just impossible so take your pick of the ones you are able to employ and find interesting "Escort Caravan"/"Hiring Guards" (can be obtained by talking with a merchant ship): Instead of having to help distress call now you are hired before hand to accompany a caravan/miner through a dangerous route (2 jumps minimum) and protect them from an inevitable pirate/xsotan/enemy faction attack (that occurs on the secod or 3rd jump). Player is allowed to betray the loaded caravan and take a massive relations hit. (on the first or second jump) but he can also fail the mission if all merchants are killed in an ambush, he gets lower payment and relations if some of the merchants are killed but some make it to their goal. Caravan Member/Extra Hands (can be obtained by talking with a merchant ship) : Instead of a straight forward delivery mission you'll accompany a caravan that might visit multiple systems, this time not as a guard but as one of the haulers, as such you are required a minimum cargo hold of X value. When you arrive in a new sector the caravan leader may request you to dock at a station to deliver goods and then go to another to pickup goods (using the same option of the delivery quests instead of buying the goods yourself, this is because the caravan master bought them already and you will just be carrying them) the player can of course do his own trading in the meantime and is free to jump away with the cargo the NPCs paid for in which case he fails the mission. To complete the mission follow the caravan delivering and picking up goods without deviating from the route too much and without selling the goods at another stations for your own profit. Deal with the competition (merchant ship or factory/trading post) The player's objective is to disrupt a merchant or a station (much harder) from completing their delivery/production (this could be just for flavour or you can, for example, give the "moving station" modifier to factories so they cant sell stuff for 10 minutes) they can be from the same faction as the questgiver in which case you suffer a relation penalty (yes even tho you completed the quest, threatning someone seems like it would have bigger consequences then slightly helping someone else), to disrupt the target you can either destroy them (and get their loot as extra reward with a bigger relation penalty) or threaten them (success based on your combat power AKA firepower/shield HP/size/etc) you can also accept a payment from your target (smaller than the original one) to leave them be and not take any penalty. Tax evaders/ Illegal product (military outpost or military vessel, requires good relations)The player is given a few set of coordinates where a smugglers outpost is found, after visiting the multiple coordinates and confirming the location of the smuggler hideout, the player (who was giving permission from the outpost or military ship) may scan any civillian ships from the faction trying to unbrand or sell illegal goods at the outpost , ideally there should be no combat but if the smugglers decide to intervene on the arrest you have to swiftly crush them. This quest still needs some fine tuning with interactions between player and the civ ship or the smugglers Valuable Cargo/ VIP transport (military outpost, research station, equipment dock, requires good relations): A faction will ask for the players help to transport an important person (a scientist, or a politician for example) or valuable cargo (a new weapon prototype, a ship blueprint ) because their armed froces are stretched thin from their current war with another faction, the player will then have to deliver the cargo to another system from the allied faction in a certain time frame. If the player jumps through uncharted sectors on his way he is likely going to get ambushed and fight his way out....or just surrender the cargo and take a massive relation penalty but a relation boost with the other faction. The player can aswell actively seek out to betray his employers by selling the cargo at another faction territory or at a smugglers den. Capture enemy Vessel/Hostile study (military outpost, research station, equipment dock) : The player is hired to board and capture either a combat ship from an enemy faction or a xsotan ship and deliver it back to the station who hired him so they can reverse engineer the vessel to gain the upperhand on their enemy. To add a but of spice you can make the player have a specific target like a "new battleship model" which is on its way to a shipyard to be outfitted with heavy ordinance and right now isnt in its full potential making this the perfect time to strike, or a xsotn ship with exquisite behaviour, like the quantum or the one who opens wormholes. Border Raid/ Probing Attack (military outpost, military ship): The player is invited to join a small fleet who is going to attack another factions sector (like the casual faction wars that happen but this time you join the attack force and travel with them to your destination), because this is either a small raid or a test on the enemy response time/strength it is unlikely that they'll muster a strong enough force to stop the raid, but there just might be a big fleet on transit in a nearby sector who just happened to be close enough to come help. As for player options he can help with the raid, betray the raid, or even surrender if things take a turn for the worse. i'd just like to add that as i was writing this i imagined a scenario where a 15 ship fleet comes in to deal with the raiders and the Frigate leading the attack just messages the fleet (or the player directly in terms of actual game mechanics) saying "All ships prepare for a full retreat, Get into a defensive formation and stand your ground, we have to hold until we our engines are ready for hyperspace and target that Hyperspace blocker!" imagine how epic a desperate defense would be, but again the player probably has 10X the shield strength so you're just laughing maniacally as you salvage beam the enemies to death at point blank range. Market Surveying(merchant ship/trading post): This one is simple and, honestly, needs the most work, the player is hired to go to a few marked systems and assess local prices and report back to the merchant for a tiny reward. Usually this wouldnt peak anyone's interest, however, as the player is scouting trade routes for the merchant, the player, of course, discovers a trade route for himself. The idea is this is a way of finding lucrative routes to exploit them yourself, you visit (4-7) sectors (just an example) and on lets say, sector 3 and 6 you find a station that sells steel tubes for -20% and one that buys them for +23% and has constant shortages, sometimes the player might not find a worthy trade route but since its a simple mission with a possible high earning sandbox reward its a nice little quest that you cna do while exploring. MAIN PROBLEM: I think that this would be one of the hardest to code/implement, again, from my limited knowledge, i see 2 ways to put this in based on how i THINK the game works: assuming the player has explored all/most of the sector from a faction, the mission would find existing trade routes (similar to the trade system) on all systems that are, lets say, 4 gates away from the current position, once a trade route is chosen, the 2 sectors in which it's based get added to the quest's sector list along with X random ones. The second way is if the player HASNT explored much of the faction territory, instead of finding an existing route the game would make a brand new one when the player enters a 2 of the marked sectors for the first time, this would only work if sectors are created when the player loads them for the first time, i assume this is the case as opposed to them already having their stations chosen before going in and then you just load the sector's layout. Towing service (distress signals) : A good early mission, the player is called to a sector where he finds someone in need of towing, either because they ran out of energy/fuel, because of mechanical problems with the engine or because their engines were destroyed in combat. They ask the player to tow them to the nearest sector with a shipyard or repair dock by using the docking mechanic. As i write this i just came up with the idea of it also being a chance for an ambush. "As you dock with the supposedly damaged ship your docking bay emergency lights turn on as multiple reports from your crew come in that someone is trying to force their way in by cutting the docking bay doors, multiple sensor readings appear as ships come out of hyperspace. Should we undock and risk decompression from the damage the doors have sustained or should we send in security and prepare to be boarded?" Of course there is no place in avorion for these dumb RP dialogue/reaction options. But basically you can undock and maybe sustain some hull damage from the decompression or stay docked and be boarded by a random number of boarders (this is a way to make players have security on their ships, because RN idk if there is a reason to other than multiplayer. If the AI has the normal baording restrictions well...then i dont think they will ever successfully board the player normally because of the 30% hull HP since all the other ships will keep firing and the player would die before they get captured. This way you can simulate a player being boarded without the combat beforehand. Post Combat Repairs (Repair dock, Military outpost): The Player is hired by a faction to go to newly conquered aquired sector or a sector that has recently been attacked and repair the stations or combat ships there, this can be done using the repair turrets (this way they get some more use in the game) or by sending your mechanics (either with crew shuttles or transporters), but beware, as newly conquered sectors might suddenly be attacked to be retaken and if you traded your damaging turrets for repair ones you might find yourself in a battle where you are outgunned. Business Partner (any factory/mine or special stations similar to casinos): This one is for players who want a space wide faction that they lead and like to focus on station building, supply chains, controlling sectors, etc. Basically, the player is offered by the owner of the station to become a partner/shareholder, the owner is behind on some payments and might lose the station, if the player accepts the mission, he'll have to go to a nearby sector from that faction and pay a certain amount (i'd say from 500k to 2M) to another factory (through a dialogue), the player then return to the station owner and informs his debt is paid, he owner thank the player and makes him his business partner, giving him X% from the station income. This would be a way to secure a somewhat steady income before founding a mine because the initial investment is cheaper but the income is also smaller, however, the owner was in debt for a reason, he can try to explain that he wasnt making money before, but he is now, and the player may choose to believe him, or try to help their investment by finding good places to sell the good they produce, finding cheaper suppliers, garanteeing transport or even moving the station to a more profitable area. Strikes! (any mine/factory, shipyards, repair docks): The bulletin board tells the player how the workers of that factory decided to go on strike and wont show up for work for an unknown amount of time, the factory cant stop, they need to fill their orders at least partially, the player is then tasked to hire crew (or give his own) for the station, they'll pay more for experienced workers but they'll take anyone because they are desperate. After this the player hires X crew (with X being comprised of different jobs aswell, or just plain untrained cremates). The player might be intercepted by the workers on strike who might turn hostile if the player decides to complete the quest fully (maybe you can choose to only hire 50% of the goal so you receive less money but more reputation because the workers on strike still got what they wanted and didnt get completely replaced). This one still needs more fine tunning. Combat Drills/Weapons Test (Military outpost/ships, equipment dock. research station): The player is hired to be a punching bag, kind of......, this one is still just a concept, i'd like the player to help a faction with their military, either by engaging in a small combat in an empty sectors against NPC's fleets as a combat exercise so the NPCs can train their recruits aswell as tactics to fight mercenaries (a nice word to describe the player i'd say), you wouldnt lose relations for hitting their ships unless you go all the way and kill them, the player is supposed to only weaken them (either get rid of shields or get them to 30% hull) but the player might himself receive hull damage if he isnt careful and bites more than he can chew. Alternatively, if the mission comes from a research station or equipment dock the player might recieve a turret and have a mission to use it against enemies to get data and as a reward he gets a small sum of money and gets to keep the turret (be it a successful design or not) or the player might even just be used as target to test said weapons, maybe the NPCs ask the player to lower their shields so they can test the turret on hull, and turns out the turret is such a good design it almost one shots the player ship, which of these 3 ideas sound the best? Unidentified Threat (Any station, military ships): The player is hired to investigate a sensor reading coming straight torwards the sector in which the quest is found. Upon arriving on the system the Unknown Object detected in the player might encounter a variety of random events. Maybe its an enormous Xsotan fleet escorting a Battleship, a very rare sight outside the core an yet you watch as they fly past you torward the sector who enlisted your help, maybe its a giant asteroid bound to collide with a station and you have to destroy (mine) it completely, but what could be inside this special rock? it might even be....nothing? but the sensors picked giant energy/mass from these coordinates, how could it be nothing? wait, is that a container? drifting alone through space? could this have caused the energy spike? whats inside? perhaps a legendary energy turret? a generator system? a bomb? and as you open the container you finally remember that "most containers have owners" as a new boss comes out of hyperspace armed with the legendary turrets just like the 1 you found inside the box. There i go with RP again, but the idea is this is a way to introduce more serious encounters where the player is bound to face/find something powerful and risk their ship for it while also pretending it has consequences to the NPC faction. Sorry for the long post, here's a potato 🥔
  5. Hello there, A financial overview would be really nice. Something like an account balance in the player menu. Maybe for resources too that would be awesome. So you can see you can see how much credits or resources were earned in which way and what things cost which amount of money/resources. For example, a "stations" category in which you would be able to see how much your stations earn you and how much they cost you. And maybe an option to manually or automatically update the balance sheet.
  6. Recently, I started applying designs on the turret base with workshop turrets. During the editting process, I thought of some features that WILL make the process easier, less annoying and save time. I don't know whether they are posted here or not, so this is what I thought: 1) Return to camera's last known position after exit turret edit mode: Everytime I exit the turret edit mode, the camera would change to the center of the ship up close. I have to zoom out and locate the next turret base I want to edit. If I have 20 turret base to edit, I have to zoom out, rotate the ship, and click on the turret base for 20 times. I had this experience recently and I'm annoyed since the ship is long and has more than 30 turret base. I would like to suggest that have the system remember camera position before I enter turret edit mode, and return to that position when I exit turret edit mode. 2) Apply design to multiple turret base: I suggest implement a feature that let player edit multiple turret base at once. If all selected turrret base have the same width, allow the design to apply to them, scale up/down if needed. If there are different turret base width among the selected, system can deny the action, scale up/down, or display UI etc. 3) Scale up turret base design: Scale up a design that is smaller than the turret base would be nice to have. 4) Edit turret rotation lock blocks: This has been purposed on the forum before, but I still want to add it here. I want to have certain turret to face a direction only, and apply design on it. However those turret rotation lock blocks cannot be edit. I suggest that it should be designable. If not, add lock turret rotation feature to the normal turret base. 5) Turn off auto-save warning sound/notification: Edit turret base 20 times and I get this warning 20 times. It's annoying and I would like to have the feature of turning off the sound or simply don't show notification at all. Also same goes for ship building too. These are my suggestion for the time being. They are not major changes to the game, so if developers could read this and implement them into the game, I'm sure it will be welcomed by everyone.
  7. So i want to suggest this regarding playing with mods: So currently the game disables being able to get steam achievements while u play modded. I'd like to see that restriction removed and want to be able to get achievements again when playing with mods. The reasoning behind this is so there is less ways to "cheat" achievements and i can understand it but this is not a competitive game at all. If it where a MMO game then I'd fully understand it. Some players (like me included) Would like to be able to still gain steam achievements when playing with mods the legit way. Personally I'd like to track my game progression with the achievements even while playing modded.
  8. Currently, every faction (in their 'Traits' window) has a different response to piracy of any ship in the galaxy. This can range from really harmful to your reputation (Peaceful/Lawful trait), or not so harmful. But it's never unharmful entirely. In our history, whenever a war between nations (after the American Revolution, I think) has had a naval aspect, pirates have been able to partake in country-sponsored piracy. This is known as 'privateering' - they obtain a license from one country to legally pirate the others' ships. It's still illegal in the eyes of the one getting pirated, of course, but it's far more above-the-board than standard piracy. I propose that under the following conditions: Two AI factions are at war A player has a reputation of 'Good' or better with one or the other factions The player can then obtain a 'Privateering License' from the Military Outpost of either of the factions, for around 10,000 - 15,000 credits. I personally would either have it never expire, or function under the system below. Once they have obtained this License, they can engage in sponsored piracy. Essentially how I envision privateering would work is that when coming upon any cargo-carrying ships or stations of the faction you and the allied faction are at war with, you can demand their cargo without any reputation loss with any allied AI faction and very minor reputation loss with any other faction. You can then carry this cargo safely through the territory of whichever faction you got the license from, and sell them to any of the same faction's ships or stations. If implemented, this would be a way for law-abiding players like myself to experience piracy without going rogue. Somehow, I feel like this would make regular piracy obsolete. What do you think?
  9. So I've played Avorion for awhile. I ended up taking a long break after many frustrations when it came to faction relations which made the game very frustrating. One thing I found the most frustrating was actually boarding stations. It takes an extremely long time to do and offers very few rewards. I personally boarded them to repurpose them. Due to the fact that there is no option to actually reconstruct the facility it takes away the fun in it. What I mean is when you blast down their hull HP to actually board them, you obviously break off sections / parts of the station. I think it would be amazing if there was an option actually entirely reconstuct the station, having it restored to its previous glory before you blew it apart.
  10. I saw like 2 other posts in the past and thought I'd make another post to gauge interest on adding some sort of HOTAS support. From what I've read the hardest thing to map currently is the throttle, as currently its either full forward or nothing... maybe if there was some sort of mod/way to set speed we could add this? It would certainly add to the immersion. Piggybacking off of that, one day it would be cool to design a cockpit view in the front of the ship to make it more "1st Person". have a layout of a bridge to assign crew or something. I know thats a lot haha... maybe just a window or something that you can look around in. Thoughts? love this game. Thanks.
  11. Wild idea of a new type of fighter, a mix of boarding shuttle and combat fighter . Main idea : A new fighter that will behave like a normal fighter (attack a target) and a boarding shuttle (stick to a target). However, instead of dropping boarders and then taking off or using a gun, that specialized fighter will remain hooked to the target and will release a concoction of different acids trough the hull, thus damaging the ship. Perc idea 1 : The Parasite Fighter is actually a drone, this mean it do not require a pilot, however, this suggest that this is a disposable asset that will have to be rebuilt/replaced after it exits the hangar. Perc idea 2 : The Parasite Fighter require a pilot to control and can be ordered special commands such as damaging the target to a certain state, for example to 29% so the target become available for boarding. Or targeting specific systems, for example deactivating engines, shields, torpedoes or guns. Perc idea 3 : Parasite Fighter damage the ship hull without destroying it's blocks, making it useful in taking over ships or stations without losing their shape due to their blocks been destroyed because of the fighting with regular guns (perhaps this could mean less rebuild cost as well). Perc idea 4 : The Parasite will use it's acid to melt components then "suck it", once full, the Parasite will then take off and fly back to the Mothership for deposit, thus gaining resources. The type of resource depend of the material used by the target ship/station. This might mean creating a new block or having an assembly block available on the ship using the Parasite Fighter (to process that goo into resources). Perc idea 5 : The Parasite Fighter have a cloaking device allowing it to move to a target in the middle of a fight (this idea is here because I noticed that in the majority of cases, no matter the distance, a hostile ship will always fly and engage the player and his fleet). However, PDC turrets will see and engage them like a regular fighter.
  12. i didnt put this in ideas as its not a specific item, but a general idea without specifics, about gameplay and satisfying different player groups. there are at least two distinct player types in avorion. rpg players who want their feeling of excitment from looting rare/powerful drops and gaining exponential power and those who want a fair balance for multi-player and pvp. the issue, something that destroys mmorpgs, is that these two things are complete anathema to the other. if you provide the power boons that rpg players thrive, then you destroy the basic functionality for the people that want fair competitive play in multiplayer or simply a more level experience where decisions matter more than gear. an example oof this is MP players that have modded out the inherent buffs on npc ships. but this can be addressed in this game using mostly already existing foundations. that being the difficulty options and the existing bonuses to stats some items get. by tying the rate and magnitude these bonuses occur to the difficulty, and then to the material and rarity, the easy difficulty could be setup to feature the largest and most frequent rate these things occur, but be completely disabled on expert and above. with the difficulty option acting as a sort of game mode selection, players would be able to choose how the game will work in a way they will enjoy.
  13. It would be sick to have the ability to make ships like the UNSC Infinity in halo that can house frigate size ships and launch them. See video
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