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Found 2 results

  1. Kustus

    Mod Request

    Hi, I'd really like it if there was a mod that let you buy other factions stations/mines etc. Ofc the price whould be above the prize of building one on ur own but it whould let you get those sweet 6 mine systems under ur control to setup a station system. Going to war with a faction to buy stations seems to be the only way atm but I'd really like it if there was a diplomatic way.
  2. Hey there! I love the new Captains. However, I've started getting into that classic mid-game part of Avorion and am starting to notice that I'm 'abusing' certain types of Captains to give my Station Founder Ships certain buffs since no other Captains would give them anything beneficial. Maybe that's by design. That said, here's some ideas for some more Captain classes / archetypes that are specifically geared towards running Stations: Economist Business Sense: All trades performed at this Station get a mark-up or mark-down in prices in favour of the Station owner Manufacturer Driven: Increases Production output of your Factory by some flat/percentage bonus Armada: +1 Concurrent Fighter Productions Fleet Commander I Send the Swarms: +1 maximum Fighter Squadrons allowed at this Station Bullet Hell: all Fighters launched from this Station have +10% attack speed And here's some ideas for upgrades to the currently existing classes, so that perhaps all Captains could be useful as an either/or Ship-or-Station-manning Captain. I.e., don't necessarily change anything about the current Captains, but add more Traits that give benefits when they man a Station specifically: Merchant Market-Savvy: Draws more Traders to the system Explorer Quest Generator: Station generates special Bulletins that give you rewards for going on Exploration missions yourself (the Player) Commodore Intimidating: reduces likelihood of Pirate raids in this Sector. Stack multiple Stations all equipped with Commodores to create a 'Safe Haven', a sort of reverse Hazard Zone, where Traders feel like they can come and go as they please without having to worry about getting ambushed Daredevil Boistrous: Draws the attention of Pirates / Xsotan more than other targets in-Sector, allowing you to create Stations that are effective 'tanks' for the rest of your Ships/Stations in-Sector and/or distraction buoys some distance away from the more vulnerable targets, by drawing aggro from hostiles Miner & Salvager Industrious: When running a Resource Depot, increases yield from refining Raw Ore into Resources (i.e. 'bonus' to Resource output -- 'free' Resources) Smuggler "Licenced" Retailer: Turns this Station into a Smuggler's Outpost, where you can trade illegal goods and unbrand stolen goods. Severely reduces Trader traffic in-system (they don't like to hang around where the shady people of the Galaxy lurk)
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