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  1. I don`t know this already exist but whats with more Diversity of Systems? After 20 hours i didn`t see a Neutron Star or Stars/Systems like Stellaris (Real Space 3.8) So every System is more dynamic and have Real Star Class O, B, A, F, G, K, M, L and T ? Real Black Holes with Damage and other Stuff should be nice. The current system is more a Planet with Faction Stations and Stars are 100000 km a way...Adding more realistic looking stars would be nice, it's more to the gamer's eye. It would be a nice feature. 😄 And that's real space, and it would be nice, not 100% like that, but a bit more realistic system stars or only systems with supergiant stars? I would like more QoL content. . 🙂
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