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Found 2 results

  1. First thing I'd like to say that this wouldn't be automatic. It would be annoying if you left your ship, and it got stored somewhere without you knowing. I posted this idea on the official discord, and a person told me I should put it here.Since servers tend to have a limit on the amount of ships you could own, I thought it would be cool if for Avorion Servers that there was a built-in feature that allowed you to store your ships (that way you don't have to apply a design, allocate crew, then systems etc..) You also wouldn't have to pay for staff while it's stored because their off duty. Sort of like military deployment. I mean, you could even dedicate a station service like this for players to use.It would help save server resources and save players from having to remove ships when they either reach the server cap for the ship amount, and if it were implemented for single player possibly save performance.As for how players could go about doing this, like I said, it could be a station service or possibly a command.Examples(Command Wise)!store <shipname> (store ship)!request ship <shipname> (Request the ship to be delivered, there is probably a much better command name)!stored list (see your options of ships you have stored)(Station Service)-What would the service cost?Probably, you'd be charged for every 2hours your ships are stored.-Can they deliver anywhere?I think to not make it too op, the stations have a certain range of delivery-does ship size matter?Maybe different stations can have different size limits, but it wouldn't make sense if you had a capital ship larger than the station stored inside (who knows they could take advantage of the wormhole tech and have a hidden system dedicated for ship parking lots [that wasn't serious])Seeing how the ships would be stored at these stations, these stations would probably have to be much, much larger.^^That was my original discord post.I also wanted to bring up that a player named Trent on the discord said that this should be included in the shipyard. That way they'd double as dry docks. Those dry docks if player owned could be leveled up/upgraded to hold more capacity (ship sizes/number of ships). Then I guess if they were NPC owned they would have a set size, maybe it could vary depending on the size of the faction. They said the maintenance should be Cost x Ship Tieralso I said jokingly that ships could be stored via wormhole. Probably not by wormhole because that kinda messes with the lore since regular NPCs can control them. But if the ships aren't stored in a station they could be stored in hidden sectors because we do have those. Of course, these won't be accessible to the player. Although I think it would be cool if there was an animation of your ship warping in via wormhole when you request it (Only in the avorion region/endgame since it would make more sense if those NPC's can control wormholes)I wonder what you think of this Idea, I look forward to seeing if anyone has some good suggestions that would make this idea better. The entire reason I thought of this was because of ship limits on servers. Thanks for reading and I hope we could get this implemented!
  2. Currently I'm running a modded 1.3.8 server and I understand that there will be a "Aovrion Classic" mode in v2.0. Will my multiplayer server update to 2.0 but identify as a Classic 1.3.8 server and generally continue working, or will it try to force the new gameplay on an existing, modded galaxy and send server stability straight into a black hole?
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