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Found 1 result

  1. Servers currently limit the number of simulated sectors and rightfully so. If we can limit how many sectors need to be simulated, we can reduce the overall load on servers which is the principle of the mission's system. Currently however, you need to have a sector loaded to order those missions. Sectors then should only be loaded when something active is going on. If a ship is only patrolling a sector the sector shouldn't be loaded unless there is an enemy. If then a sector needs to be loaded in order to give a ship an order the server should then load it. Ideally sectors should only be loaded when a player is in the sector, an enemy is present, an order is being given, or a station needs to have its stock updated. Of course, then comes the problem of stations. Stations are updating their stock every minute this requires the sector to be simulated all the time, reducing performance and limiting the amount of station sectors you have. Currently players stuff sectors with every station they can because doing otherwise limits the number of simulated sectors. If station sectors are only loaded every 30 minutes and stocks updated, players can have many sectors with stations. With this system the number of simulated sectors will stay well under 5 and the amount of stuff players can have increases exponentially. Let me know what you think in the comments and upvote 😉
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