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Found 3 results

  1. Enable the player to build Mega Structures, be it Dyson Spheres, Gates, Neuron Forges or Matter Decompressors. These are not intended to be easy to build and would require immense amounts of resources.
  2. Mod or game feature idea: New crew named scientists which work in Academy modules which now produce research points (if training crew it produces less). Scientists have to be trained in the academy they will work (can't be trained elsewhere and be transported). Research tree: combat: ‌ fleet size scaling ‌ weapon quality scaling ‌ fighter specs industrial: ‌ factory/craft module unlocks ‌ resource processing ‌(For example by default you can process iron and titanium. Everything else needs to be researched.) module upgrades agriculture: ‌ station/craft agricultural module unlocks ‌ food processing ‌ agricultural module upgrades economy: ‌ passive credit income locked under this tree Scientists also speed up the training if there is no ongoing research. Distinct type of research data can be acquired from combat/exploration which speeds up distinct type of research. Stations no longer built for only one job. There are station modules that require TW(1000GW) to run and fixed minimal size and therefore not recommended to put on regular ships. Ships/stations with such modules can jump but after each jump there is a certain % of disintegration and it could destroy modules and all of it's content. For example a resource processing module with 5000 built in cargo space full of ore will lose 5000 of ores if destroyed. Much more modular weapons. Weapons can be crafted with functionality that is calculated by scripts. This started out as a mod idea. For now it is only a plan. If anybody thinks it is a good idea and wants to help me please do not hesitate to reach me out on discord (tret#8541) or on my e-mail address: tret2100@gmail.com. I am in need of graphical designers (for all the icons and ui) and 1 or 2 developers. The main source of this idea was the rush of progress at the mid-game. You get to a point where you can farm everything just from salvaging. This mod is designed to stop that and give more focus to stations.
  3. Once you reach, say, a billion credits... choosing what stations to build as you expand your faction becomes less fun and new and more like a chore. The megawealth in the endgame has this unintended effect of money and resources becoming effectively meaningless. Here are some thoughts to address both of these: 1: Factions with which you ally with cause you to go to war with any factions they are at war with. Opinions of other factions are also based upon who your allies are - such that late game "everybody is my ally" is not the norm. A cause for war between factions can be controlled sectors lost by factions founding stations (I think it is currently -10k points/lost sector). 2: Similar to negotiating a cease fire, improving relations with a faction or negotiating an alliance; having an option to fund the expansion (or upgrades) to your allies would be a place to spend late game money and resources. In this case, resources given to that faction could be spent on giving that faction new capabilities (like Naonite to an Iron/Titanium faction may cause them to slowly start installing shields and hyperspace cores on their ships). Money given to an allied faction could go towards founding new stations, ships and increasing their construction capacity. As implied, only allies will accept these extra (and optional) contributions to their coffers. 3: Having a manner in which new factions are created and grow will make the galaxy much more dynamic. This would be as light weight a process so that the whole galaxy is living, but not having a million loaded sectors (so very minimal background generation and simple background calculations). - Pirate Shipyard: if they amass enough resources/slaves/credits. Once a second station below is built, they will seek ceasefires with local player and NPC factions. - Smuggler's Hideout: a way for pirate factions to facilitate trade and improve relations with other factions through un-branding stolen goods. - Resource Depot: a way for local PC and NPC ships to refine raw ores & trade resources and improve relations. - Repair Dock: a sign that what was a pirate faction is now a fledgling faction - now that its ships can respawn in territory they themselves control. At this point they are a proper faction even if they would still have tons of work to do for building a headquarters, habitats, military outposts, etc etc. The rest of the ways that they progress can be even less linear; but they may wait until they have neutral to good relations with their neighbors before investing in something like a trading post, for instance. 4: Having some ways in which factions are destroyed: - A new type of war; wars of extermination / genocide. These show just how far galactic civilization has fallen in the years since the United Alliance existed. Completing a genocide comes with major diplomatic ramifications for all factions committing the genocide. The Xsostan could also "harvest" an entire faction on occasion (this would be very rare). - Just destroying the last remnants of a faction in a normal war? - A faction conquering another faction (capturing & aggressively building stations in hostile territory, until the offending faction no longer exists). Hooray war of conquest! Conclusion: having life cycles of factions adds a living dynamic to the galactic sandbox. Funding allied factions' expansion or improving what resources they have access to can make places like the Rim an interesting place to settle, if your goal is to build up an Iron faction all the way up to Avorion, for instance. Finally, sharing your wars with your allies will increase the difficulty of getting everyone allied with one another and add a layer of difficulty in maximizing "One Against All and All Against One." Thoughts?
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