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Found 14 results

  1. Currently all you can do in the fleet screen is recalling your ship from orders, show it on the galaxy map, take stuff and look at the captain's stats. It would be a lot more useful, if (with a button in most cases) you could: - See ships stats (or add some basics in a mouse over like for the caption: current hull and shield HP with %, current sector order - open the ship menu - enter to the ship - give sector orders - an icon for "under attack" - an icon for "docked to a station" - if docked, create menu for actions like hiring and trade - basically you don't have to jump inot a ship to so stuff. - a "take all" button Also it would be nice if there were custom group tabs, where you could put your ships in order e.g. what they are doing or what size they have. A tab for your battle ships, one for the minser,s one for the traders...
  2. Hey! My proposition is a one-key engagement of your Autopilot (a new feature in currently on the Beta branch). This is so that you can keep flying without switching to Strategy Mode (1), aligning your camera to your target (2+), clicking in the list of Ships to reselect your own Ship (3), and clicking your target or destination (4). Don't get me wrong: I love Strategy Mode. Especially with the QoL updates, it's been a joy to use. But the proposed system saves on clicks/actions dramatically! Instead of 4+ clicks/button presses, you would have one (1) single button press to engage the Autopilot. The most typical use-case for this would be Cruise Control. This means you engage the Autopilot, and it just keeps your current heading and speed. With additional thrust input, you could even get it to speed up and/or boost. But when you have a target selected, using this new hotkey would interact with it as appropriate for that object as if you just used Strategy Mode. For example, with a Station selected, it would perform an Autopilot fly-to and then start a Docking sequence. If it's an Asteroid, we will attempt Mining it. If it's a Wreck, we will begin to Salvage it. If it's a hostile Ship, we will engage it using the Autopilot's Attack Enemies Order. (Advanced features require a Captain as appropriate to the current functionality of the Autopilot.) Nearly all of this functionality already exists in-game through the Strategy Mode. For most of these features, it is simply a 'rebinding' of the behaviour from 'Strategy Mode -> navigate view -> select Ship -> right click' into 'middle-click to select -> hotkey'. The Cruise Control is new behaviour, but would appear easy in concept; maintain current speed and don't use Thrusters at all. The extra speed and boost controls are niceties to add on top but not crucial for the requested functionality. Thanks for reading! Shroob P.S. Thanks to Discord user Yukkahiro for the spark!
  3. Kind of similar to another suggestion, but rather than or in addition to including a new command to retrieve loot, how about including it in the current commands? Attack enemy / patrol could include logic so that once their target / all enemies are dead, they swoop back around and pick up any eligible loot prior to ending / returning to the command. Salvage could natively also include loot collection of eligible pieces. (As of current, it seems like a ship set to salvage will only collect loot that is dropped as a part of the salvaging process and will ignore anything that dropped as a part of the process that created the salvage in the first place.)
  4. Just a few off the top of my hat that I'd love to see: sort by range sort by tech level sort by size/number of slots sort by number of operators required sort by damage type sort by overheat/cooldown... and I'm certain there are others that would be useful to have.
  5. When you have many block types, the "Only show specific blocks" section for a particular block type becomes very tiresome / bothersome as the list is not alphabetical. It appears to be going newest block type added to oldest rather than alphabetical. A nice QoL change would be to make this list alphabetical.
  6. A group upload system that lets you select a number of blueprints at once, and upload them as a group to a collection. The Posts would be unlisted by default but the collection itself could be toggled between Public, Friends, Unlisted and Private. This would allow collections of many individual small parts to be uploaded without making a mess of "Newest".
  7. Adding distance will cut the time needed to check which station is the closest in the sector. E.g. when there are multiple shipyards and you want to get to the one nearest. Pictures are attached for mockups. MORE PICS: 1. Not right-aligned version 2. Button to toggle "Sort by distance"
  8. I've created a mod to display the real time but it will be cool to include this directly in the core game. The idea is to avoid using a mod especially for this because mods disable achievements. And if you consider adding such option, please also consider as an option to display time in 12 (with AM/PM) or 24h format. Please excuse my english...
  9. Reconstructing a ship can remember what you had for turrets, where, what the turret design was, etc. But it doesn't remember weapon group assignments. Please also include this. (Edit: Sorry, I may have been mistaken about reconstruction fully remembering turrets. I just reconstructed one that had an empty turret base with no design applied to it that I could've sworn had something on prior to its fight, so I think it got blasted off during the fight. If this is the case, that even reconstruction doesn't remember these, it'd be nice if it did.) Repairing a ship (at least through the ship builder) does not remember what you had for turrets, where, what the turret design was, or weapon groups. Please include these. Thanks. 🙂
  10. Include the turret base block that turrets are sitting on in weapon group assignments. This way we can swap out the turrets that are on them without having to redo the weapon group assignments. Thank you. 🙂
  11. Specifically I am referring to "Guidebook For Captains" and its associated questline. Many times I'll start off a new game to goof off or just to fly around for a while and "The Adventurer" shows up and will not take no for an answer. I have even rejected his hails. I just got done building a station builder and scrapping a space station just so "The Adventurer" would leave me alone. When I already know how the mechanics work and have other things I want to do it is irritating when "The Adventurer" shows up not helpful. So I just want to be able to Abandon the Tutorial Missions where as at the moment they are mandatory. Thanks,
  12. Very simply, would like the ability to make changes to a galaxy's server.ini settings from within the game's main menu vs needing to locate and edit the file directly. Would also like the ability to set defaults for the server.ini file that new games use. Defaults should probably be separated into multi vs single player.
  13. When making a blueprint at a turret factory all turrets are displayed. Even if they are tech 51 or 52 [edit:]low enough tech-level to not be able to be reproduced by the turret factory you are currently visiting and therefore are not relevant. My suggestion is that they should not be displayed to keep it nice and tidy.
  14. Hi ! "Transform all selected Blocks" (TASB) and "Only show specifig blocks" (OSSB) together are incredible powerfull and usefull building functions. Change our ships fitting is much easier now, we haven't to be "digging" in our ships removing and placing blocks only to change their block type. BUT there is a little problem: Gyro Arrays, Hangar, Directional Thrusters... Orientation dependent blocks (ODBs) can't be transformed easily. For those, we still need the traditional: 1) "Dig" in the ship to reach the block to be replaced. 2) Replace the block with the same dimensions but rotated in the desired position in order to perform its new functionality. The tediousness of this step is the biggest problem right now. Even change a superficial ODB is a little pain, and even more if the dimensions are a bit odd, like x=2.53 y=5.67 z=3.84. 3) "Bury" the transformed block again. So I propose a new building function: "Change block orientation" (CBO): It would allow to change the orientation of already placed blocks. In technical words, it would change the "look" and "up" attributes (xml ship desing) of the block without changing its dimensions. This way, we would be able to transform ODBs with the function OSSB in the same way we use it now with TASB. It would be a blessing. And it seems easy to implement. A function to CBO in hand (CBOIH) would be nice too. It seems even easier to implement, but this way we still would be unable to transform blocks inside the ship. And if CBO is implemented, we can just place blocks and orientate them later. Thanks for reading !
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