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Found 2 results

  1. since I like maining carriers, fighters dont really seem that useful since only factions have carriers, it would be nice to see some pirates having small bomber squads, perhaps during sector raids or in pirate base sectors. it could make combat look and feel a bit more intense with having tiny craft fighting around your ship,
  2. Pirate Changes/Additions: I do see some systems with pirate shipyards and such but since each area tends to have its own pirate faction why not make it a little more interesting by making them a smaller faction instead with a reason to have these sectors. These sectors would consist of different stations that could be seen in another feature im going to suggest down marked with a "*" below but first talking about different pirate type sectors. Different Pirate Sectors: Main high threat sectors: Full of different stronger than average pirates of the area that has focuses on defending their systems and have a good time while doing it. Asteroid posts/Satellite sectors that grows their influnce of which sectors they can go too. Destroying such posts/satellites temporarily lowers influence in surrounding sectors slowing pirate spawn rates until they have rebuilt these stations. A Pirates Smuggling Bay: A place where pirates dont shoot on sight but gives you an opportunity to perhaps get friendly with them, maybe a place to pay off bounties on your head or even a place to smuggle some goods. Also a special cheaper than the average faction map revealer to show the pirates zone of control and surrounding factions border systems (their raid spots perhaps) * Game feature suggestion: Special starts when first loading into a galaxy to choose your start types: (All Starts start with common quality gear) (Start Difficulty in brackets) Simple/Classic Start: Where you start with your usual two mining turrets, two chain guns and a handful of resources and credits (Easy/Classic) Trader Start: You start with more credits than the average start and a single chain gun for defense. A start focusing on trade and reducing the ability to rush mining (Medium) Miner Start: Where you start with zero weapons but have four titanium tier mining drills, also start with either more unarmed and less armed turret slots or simply give the miner start a starting upgrade to allow you to equip all 4 mining turrets. (Easy) The Pirate Start: Where you start all factions with bad relations or war relations but allied with all pirate factions, you may use their stations and only start with 3 weapons and very little resources to work with. Warning the only form of early game trade is with Pirate Smuggling Bays. (Hard) Rift/Scavenger Start: A brutal start that finds you spawn much closer to the core than you could ever be ready for, You start with very small amounts of resources, you have no turrets what so ever and very little money. Your job is to hope to scavenge early loot from pirates that get destroyed by factions or even get lucky and find stashes. All factions start neutral to you but not a single faction starts in bad relations with you as your just a lowly scavenger their eyes to make ends meet. (Extremely Hard) The Mine Start: You start with a basic coal or oil mine that is weaker than the average mine with extra upgrades starting cheaper to get it to your standard coal/oil mine. You start with a very small ship with a single mining laser in the middle of no where, there are factions close to your spawn but not directly in your spawn. (Unique/Difficulty Varies)
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