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Found 4 results

  1. So, I am very much enjoying the frightening damage the enemy ships deal to my ships and stations on insane difficulty. However when it comes to pirates, Xsotan, and faction ships shooting at each other, I find them killing each other a little too fast: Best example is whenever there's a genuine distress signal from a faction having merchant ships being pinned down by pirates. If I go to that sector, those merchant ships gets destroyed in a matter of seconds (pretty much <10 seconds). Same goes for the random encounter where a single merchant ship joins a sector, fleeing from 3 pirate ships. Even if you're in firing range of the pirate ships, you hardly get to react before the merchant ship is destroyed. These issues makes it downright impossible to ever get more faction points or rewards from said encounters, Another crazy thing that happens as a consequence of insane, is how quickly NPC faction wars, in sectors, resolve. Give it 5-10 minutes and you got yourself a free aftermath of a battlefield with huge ships containing plenty of material-intensive-blocks to salvage. Ofc that is, as long as you're not on bad terms with the winning faction that is. My simple solution/suggestion would be, to have all ships and stations - Except for the ones controlled by players - have damage reduction from all sources but the players ships and stations. (Edit): Oh yea, I should mention that this is what I experience inside the center on insane difficulty, but I believe the same applies for the outer areas of the galaxy too
  2. since I like maining carriers, fighters dont really seem that useful since only factions have carriers, it would be nice to see some pirates having small bomber squads, perhaps during sector raids or in pirate base sectors. it could make combat look and feel a bit more intense with having tiny craft fighting around your ship,
  3. Coming from Mount & Blade where the game world goes on with or without us, seeing factions declaring war and conquering each other is always fun. We could just do something else while watching control of certain sectors shift to other factions. This should allow a more dynamic world where it feels like a breathing, living universe. Would be nice to have diplomacy options (and sabotages/manipulation) as well.
  4. When you dock stations to each other you have to use a single station as the primary and dock all stations to it. this is slightly frustrating but the real problem is it also seems to prevent NPC ships from docking to buy or sell goods. at the non primary factory. Edit: if this gets fixed it would also be really cool if you could initiate docks from already docked stations. It would also be really cool to dock stations to each side and make a ring world type station chain. Edit 2: I moved this to Bug reports it can be deleted here if a Dev sees it.
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