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Found 4 results

  1. We thought we knew what we were doing, and we believe we put together a wonderful bunch of (mostly compatible) mods. Combining High Efficiency Turrets & Weapon Engineering allowed me to create these wonderful Predator Canons with continuous Burst Fire and more than an 80km range. When getting into fights with lots of ships, lots of turrets and lots of weapon fire were server hangs/crashes that we believe stems from too many entities (many ships, many turrets, many weapon projectiles, many loots). Progressively, these crashes are taking place more and more rapidly, suggesting that the number of actively simulated entities isn't getting scrubbed, or, that there is such a concentration of entities in the 5 online sectors per player allowed that the server just can't cope. Short of scrapping the server, we've come up with a couple of options: Players in the Core must use "hitscan weapons" only. (Lasers, railguns, other things that don't generate projectiles that fly through space.) We're trying to figure out how we can clear the server's cache of... abandoned entites; be they small wreckages (less than 15 blocks), weapon projectiles that were fired but never reached their destination when the server last crashed. Is there a way for admins to clean up such a server? Our server never gave players any server load warnings. If we scrap the unstable server, we will not make the same mistakes - we endeavor to make entirely new mistakes!
  2. So i want to suggest this regarding playing with mods: So currently the game disables being able to get steam achievements while u play modded. I'd like to see that restriction removed and want to be able to get achievements again when playing with mods. The reasoning behind this is so there is less ways to "cheat" achievements and i can understand it but this is not a competitive game at all. If it where a MMO game then I'd fully understand it. Some players (like me included) Would like to be able to still gain steam achievements when playing with mods the legit way. Personally I'd like to track my game progression with the achievements even while playing modded.
  3. GER Phoenix PVE (Start 21.05) -deutschsprachiger PvE Server -10 Aktive Sektoren pro Spieler! -Lvl 52 Blueprints! -über 30 Mods -Neue Gegner/ NPC Fraktionen/Stationen -Einstellungen und Regeln die für ein neues Spielerlebnis sorgen -Selbst erstellte Sektoren/Bosse -Kreativer Freiraum für Spieler -Startressourcen/Avorion darf gehandelt werden Discord: https://discord.gg/KjPNQAdMrh
  4. Hello. I have recently opened an Avorion server and I would like to invite you to join me. server name: EU/PL 303 Polish Squadron server ip: Thank You.
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