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  1. Hey guys i'm Juckslasher and this is my second time ive decided to enter a forums, Forums was never really my thing but I brought Avorion not too long ago about 1-2 weeks and have already pumped in 100 hours as im really addicted. I'm sure it will slow down but i'm excited even more now that I know update 2.0 is around the corner. I would love to get to know the community or at least those more dedicated to it, though I do warn as im very active on things like my own discord servers and don't like to overwhelm myself so sorry if I don't seem like I want to instantly get to know everyone closely xD About me: (I will write some personal details like age and such but its more to understand what kind of person I am) Age: 23 (birthday oct 30) Country: New Zealand Interests: Space/Sci-fi, Anime, Gaming, Youtube, Streaming, Discord Traits? obviously traits are normally to be judged by others but...im a memer, whoes always looking for ways to make a game a little more spicy than usual. I'm also quite carefree and open. Though I might be a challenge to get close to for reasons I shall not specify :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What to expect from me: Opinions: I love opinions both positive and negative and I also respect other peoples opinions. Suggestions: I can already see a few things I would tweak personally but they are generally minor things or just want to suggest some cool additions. Creations: I might post my creations from time to time, though I will be mostly posting them on my workshop so for more posts of that it will be on my steam account : steamcommunity.com/id/Juckslasher Streams: Im a small streamer who plans on streaming this game. I wont link it but just search up Juckslasher on twitch if you are really curious though do bewarned Avorion isnt my main game of choice to stream (yet maybe?) Also my channel is set to mature because I swear and sometimes make jokes than lean on the lewder sides of things. currently got a broken mic so probs wont be streaming for another few days after this post maybe even longer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honestly as I said forums are not normally my thing but I want to take part of a forums because of passion towards the game. I'm not sure if it will die down quickly but I easily saw within the first 50 hours that I might even be able to put 1000+ hours in the game but time will tell. I'm not that creative so don't expect some of the master pieces that I have already seen in the workshop but wanting to share from my perspective of the game. But I hope you enjoy my antics and that you all have a good day. #AddFoundableGatesToTheMainGame
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