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Found 6 results

  1. Hello we are suggesting new DLC release that would be called: Faction expansion or something like that that would change factions for good. what DLC would include? + Factions now have relations between each other that means if they enemies they try to take over territories and expand + Factions now build new bases in rich asteroid fields + Factions now recognize claimable asteroids in their own territory and new territory and claim them to expand + Factions now build their own fighters and send them to battle area to take over territory for expansion + Factions now choose relationship with player if they see that player is not bringing them any good to the table they try to eliminate player and take over its resources + Factions on the galaxy map has new icon that indicates battle between two territories/factions that would let player see what factions fighting + Factions now has ability to send distress signal to player for help if they losing to much territory. + Factions now use their resources to expand and build bigger fleets and more bases + Player has option to see factions economy if its weak or strong and what resources faction needs for better expansion + Player has option to propose cease-fire between two faction by offering them resources/credits + Player has ability to join battle between two factions if player takes out more ships in that sectors it would give that territory to player if faction takes out more ships it would give it to that faction + Factions on galaxy map now has logo of their faction, that logo would appear in galaxy map on their territory + Player would have option on galaxy map or in interface to sort faction ships in the sector by their territory colour for example if their territory on galaxy map is brown it would show their ships in the sector as brown square so player could identify what territory they are from. + Trading: if faction with player is neutral it would send 1 trading ship time to time at player factory/mine if relationship between faction is good they would send 2-3 ships if relation ship between player and faction is excellent or ally it would send 4-5 trading ships for every single mine/factory so all docks could be used and not just 1 as it is right now by default. + and more...
  2. Hello, We found solution that should be implemented into Avorion game. what we suggesting is to increase traders in the sector so if u have 5 docks on your station all 5 of them will be used. how code works? it allows traders to use all free docks on your station by default if u have more then 1 dock only 1 trader will come to your station buy and will leave and other docks wont be used. our script allows 5 traders at the same time to dock because it searches for free docks on station and it tells trader go to that free dock if other one is being used. its best idea yet because currently if you running water factory it fills up really quick and by having this in your game it balances everything by letting you decide how many traders u want and that depends on how many docks you have. currently we set maximum limit to 5 per station so there could be not to many traders in the sectors to prevent any bugs or heavy traffic. i hope you will add this to the game ❤️ Code + Attached files with code: data/scripts/sector/traders.lua function Traders.isSpawnCandidate(station local docks = DockingPositions(station) if not docks then return end if docks.numDockingPositions == 0 or not docks.docksEnabled then return end if not TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) then return end if station:getValue("minimum_population_fulfilled") == false then -- explicitly check for 'false' return end return true end data/scripts/lib/tradingutility.lua function TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) -- check if there are traders flying to this station local traders = {Sector():getEntitiesByScript("merchants/tradeship.lua")} local docks = DockingPositions(station) local emptyDocks = math.min(5, docks.numDockingPositions) for _, trader in pairs(traders) do local partner = trader:getValue("trade_partner") if partner and station.index.string == partner then emptyDocks = emptyDocks - 1 if emptyDocks == 0 then return false end end end return true end traders.lua tradingutility.lua
  3. Idea : The progression of technology upgrading when going from one tier of resource to another is one of the most compelling gameplay loops present in Avorion. Going from Iron to Titanium and getting a generator, then to Naonite and getting shielding, then Tritium with the hanger and academy, and Xanion with the Cloning pods. It's a shame that there is no extra technological unlocks when you get to the late game resources, it feels cheap that you just end up with raw number boosts. I think that the late game resources should still unlock new modules that your ship can enhance and toy around with. Give Ogonite blocks the ability to become Shield Projector blocks that create stronger shields that only work in a certain direction based on the blocks orientation, multiple types of shield blocks, like shield enhancer, reflector, electrifier, etc. making shields have effects beyond just blocking incoming damage Give Avorion the ability to become Weapon blocks. Essentially transforming an entire sector of your ship into a singular massive weapon based on three types of avorion weapon blocks; - Dedicated weapon energy generators - Weapon ammo containers - and the Turret barrel block itself. Give the Avorion weapon system multiple choices for ammo configuration, things like anti-capital railguns, homing energy torpedoes, massive spooling machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Give Turrets and weapons unique modifiers and make Turret Factories able to modify a turrets properties up to and beyond the material that's used to create it. Things like elemental effects and damage, corrosion, fire, charge shot, spooling weapon, homing lock-on, slowing, etc. Also, boarding a ship should never make its omicron decrease, it's such a slap in the players face when you put so much effort in to not put a ship into fatal damage to take it over only for it to become devalued the moment you actually take it over. Like, imagine buying a ferrari and the moment you step into the ferrari it turns into a chevy impala. That's basically what happens when you do ship boarding in Avorion
  4. How about mechanical blocks. I would love it if you had a block that works like a joint to open a gate, for example. Another idea would be a sliding block with which you could move parts of the spaceship up and down to the left or to the right Avorion_idea.mp4
  5. Hi there! First things first: Awsome Game. Thank you! Thanks to Mrs. and Mr. backer (Kickstarter xD)! Second: i ll try my best in english. Some ideas: I think it would be nice to rearrange the queue for the ships with a captain for maybe a trade route (queue/loop). 1. 1. If the ship has a queue already, just ask: do i wanna cancel the queue?! Sometimes i forget to „unclick“ the current ship and i have to set up the loop again. Woooops…:: "captain from the *shipname*, sir you've first said do this and do that and then this and by microchips etc, and now??? srly?" me: " Do what i say, i pay your rent" or "sry wrong number" 2. 2. Drag and drop for a long Loop (queue orders) – so you can add some route after that and put it in the right place 3. 3. Cancel some orders in a queue 4. 4. Name a Route so i can put other ships on it, „routename“ – maybe :they have to be on the route or they wouldnt start it, and may i can put some routes later on together if they fit (point 2+4) 5. 5. If i have buy orders on the route, show me the cargo ive need on the ship – i wanna buy 2000 microchips (2000x loadingspace) etc for the hole route Sometimes pics are better ;D feel free to use, ask, adjust, im excited and a bit nervous ;D My first response to a game. Greetings from Germany. Have a nice day!! (....yes paint, and print button....xDDD, translation: if i write do this and do that, i wanna do this, or it should be so- i mean, it would be a nice to have^^ dont wanna be impolite, in deutsch würde ich es höflicher umschreiben^^)
  6. i didnt put this in ideas as its not a specific item, but a general idea without specifics, about gameplay and satisfying different player groups. there are at least two distinct player types in avorion. rpg players who want their feeling of excitment from looting rare/powerful drops and gaining exponential power and those who want a fair balance for multi-player and pvp. the issue, something that destroys mmorpgs, is that these two things are complete anathema to the other. if you provide the power boons that rpg players thrive, then you destroy the basic functionality for the people that want fair competitive play in multiplayer or simply a more level experience where decisions matter more than gear. an example oof this is MP players that have modded out the inherent buffs on npc ships. but this can be addressed in this game using mostly already existing foundations. that being the difficulty options and the existing bonuses to stats some items get. by tying the rate and magnitude these bonuses occur to the difficulty, and then to the material and rarity, the easy difficulty could be setup to feature the largest and most frequent rate these things occur, but be completely disabled on expert and above. with the difficulty option acting as a sort of game mode selection, players would be able to choose how the game will work in a way they will enjoy.
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