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  1. Ever since the game launched in 2020 its been sorely lacking the functionality to take sides with factions in a big way and become whatever you want in a truer sence so in this DLC (If Made) the games mechanics will be expanded beyond what it is currently capable of doing allowing for more immersion, more fun and more Lore to be built around the game. New Missions, new story, new stations and more will be coming in this dlc. (If created so please upvote) Core Mechanics of the DLC: Faction based story Faction Specific Missions Extra Faction missions (Category Specific) Faction Wars Improved Faction Depth Faction Outposts New Diplomacy Additions Mercenary's Guild (Station & Combat) Explorers Guild (Station & Gameplay) New Encounters Avorion is a sandbox game full of freedom in which you can do anything but whats more Free than Getting a job, that’s right if you want to make it in the Galaxy, I think you need a good way to start and to be honest the game is kind of lacking in that regard sure you could just do simple missions for factions through the bulletin board but what if you could just be employed (In a way) by that faction? I mean you're already a merc in a sense but why not give in and join a faction? Factions have always been a bit flat in my opinion, sure you can start a war with one but like it feels one sided in a sense and not as immersive as one would like and though you keep expanding the game I feel like this core element has not been touched and you may have plans to change that but I wouldn't know so I propose this DLC framework. New Diplomacy Additions: Firstly, joining a faction will not immediately make you “Allies” but will allow you to slowly increase your reputation with them as well as add a new category/reputation bar called “Credit/Promotion/Service” or something along those lines, This new bar will increase with each faction mission completed and at a certain number say 10-15 missions it will allow you to “Negotiate Alliance” for free so long as your reputation bar is also inside the “Excellent” section, This is so that you can work your way to an alliance rather than spend millions. With each increase/milestone in the “Credit/Promotion/Service” rep bar you will unlock more and more items under the faction category inside things like Equipment docks, For example the military category will unlock at each milestone an extra Turret option similar to the “Ally only” option when buying turrets from the Equipment dock. Caused damage to friendly or neutral stations and or ships decreasing your reputation? Well now you can pay for those damages to get back some reputation, you will be emailed a cost of damages in order to regain half of the lost reputation if you don't pay within the time limit you will lose more reputation with that faction, it's only fair. Outposts: Factions will now have outposts throughout the Galaxy roughly 2-3 sectors large as an addition to their own territory wherever it might be allowing you to encounter them sooner or later upon creating a new game, this will allow you to take on more missions deeper into the galaxy as well as have a small respite in friendly space. Outposts are only 2-3 sectors in a small area because its an outpost not a territory. Each Outpost will have 6 of the main stations between the 2-3 sectors though I think it should be done in this way. Sector 1: Shipyard, Repair Dock, Equipment Dock and Military Outpost Sector 2: Resource Depo, Trading post and 2 or 3 Mines or Factorys Sector 3 (If the outpost has a third sector since its random) A collection of random stations and or a smugglers station or mercenary station. New Faction Category's: Each faction across the galaxy would be given a category that envelops their main ideals and what you an expect from them, similar to faction traits in a way but more informative and detailed to allow you to know what they specialize in as a faction. If a faction has the Military Category, then they will have more military captains, better ships, more war-based subsystems and better turrets and such at Equipment docks rather than the random assortment that you are presented with those will still be there but there will be a couple more higher tiers. each faction in the galaxy including pirates and such will be given a category such as: Pirate Mercenary Warlord Military Economy/Trade Mining Scavenging Neutral Explorers Science/Research (More Category's Could Exists) These categories will have a list of missions and such specific to them alongside the rest of the faction-orientated missions, these extra missions unlock specific subsystems and rewards for that area as well as better captains for your ships (Not Faction Captains) which will allow you to find captains easier for that specific area since it takes along time to track them down sometimes. These categories will also allow for each faction to have lore and story built around the missions based on a collection and or general list of missions and such written by the developers sent via email in the game adding depth to the overall galaxy. Faction Wars: Factions now have a list of enemy's they are at war with and occasionally some will invade a sector in larger force than is currently in the game (A signal/ping will appear in the galaxy map) Additionally there will be faction war missions, these missions will grant great rewards but force you alongside a small fleet of ally ships to invade an enemy faction’s sector and wipe out the entire sector ships, stations and everything. The WANTED Mission already pulls a list of names but has no real story behind it so we can expand on the idea with a faction wanted board of say 3 Wanted Enemy faction-specific mini-bosses that can be located inside a faction outpost sector as the leader of that outpost in which to complete the board and receive the attached rewards you must eliminate the mini-boss. Faction Missions: Each faction will have various missions at each and almost every station and each one will be its own quest chain for example hitting up a resource depo and selecting the “Missions” option will give missions pertaining to “Mining” in which you have to mine ‘X’ amount of a certain resource from a specific sector and deliver it back to the depo, The rewards would be mainly geared towards incremental upgrades of Mining lasers and mining subsystems or mining captains. Quick overview of rewards from faction missions. Scrapyards- Salvage lasers Smugglers Yard- Fine averting subsystem Military outpost- Commodore captains, Turrets and armed turret subsystems ETC Each Mission completed will increase the “Credit/Promotion/Service” bar which will grant extra rewards at certain milestones. Extra faction missions specific to the faction category will be available at each faction’s HQ building in their prime sector or at the specific building under the option “Faction missions” so if it’s a military faction you can find these extra missions at the Military outpost or the factions HQ, each set of Extra missions for each faction are specific to the category so in the case of military it will be shooting and blowing things up and might be a main part of the faction war system. Faction Captains: Faction captains: after completing enough missions and completing enough missions to hit a certain milestone on the “Credit/Promotion/Service” bar as well as completing the faction’s extra missions questline you will be granted a Super special Captain relating to those factions who also has extra bonus’s since it took you so long to acquire them these bonus’s make them better than normal captains making them quite desirable but you can only have one of each captain type and only one per faction. Military- Commodore or Daredevil (Your choice) Pirate- Pirate Mercenary- Mercenary Warlord- Warlord Economy/Trade-Merchant or smuggler (Your choice) Neutral-Random Explorers-Explorer Mercenary's Guild: This idea came from the faction reinforcement transmitter since it’s a good idea but needs to be expanded to create more depth to the game such like being able to hire mercenaries. A new station will be added to the game called the “Mercenary's Guild” which would allow you to use money and maybe even reputation to hire mercs for various things, this new station will allow you to do things like buying a Mercenary beacon which can summon ‘X’ amount of mercs to your location to fight alongside you for ‘X’ amount of time or until they take so much damage, the station would also allow you to hire mercs to go to any sector and attack whoever is there at the cost of a lot of money or rep or even just to scout sectors for you. This station will be neutral much like the smugglers den. Adds a new system to the game ‘Bounty Level’ if you are at war with a certain faction even pirates then they may or may not place a bounty on you, unless you say attack them on purpose (Not including pirate encounters) to which they will 100% place a bounty on you to which your bounty level will increase and you an pay it off if you visit a Merc guild station (Since those are Neutral territory and wont trigger the bounty system) Mercenary encounters, You will occasionally encounter mercs in ‘Yellow Sectors’ who may or may not attack you depending on your bounty level but if you have a bounty, they will ask you to pay a fee to them to avoid fighting (It won't reduce the bounty level) or you can just fight them (it won't increase the bounty), you will also occasionally encounter mercs through subspace signals since if you have a bounty they will track you down for the reward. Most of the Merc missions will be part of the bounty system and the Merc Guild will be its own faction so they will have a Bounty board which will be the same everywhere, this bounty board will have maybe 10 or 20 unique Boss or mini-boss enemies that you can track down and kill for rewards and this doubles as their faction missions. They will also have bulletin board ‘Wanted’ Missions which can be used to increase rep which can be used as a currency. Do jobs for Mercs to obtain Reputation with them to then use that reputation to hire mercs... Yeah that sounds about right, though money can also be used but will just cost alot more money than rep. You can buy maps at a Merc Guild for exorbitant price for large sections of the galaxy or perhaps for specific factions around that area (depends on implementation and possibilities) Explorers Guild: This is a baseline idea that could be implemented but In the explorer's guild you can search for new things in the galaxy with new missions that take you to new encounters with things like giant Monoliths, Ancient dead Civilizations and perhaps even Easter eggs that reference other sci-fi things without breaching copyright and IP like The Foundation, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars (lot of stars) and various others but its just an idea. The explorer's guild will focus on exploring missions to track things down and grant such rewards like Deep space scanners and other exploring subsystems though you could tie the exploring into the “into the rift” DLC. Pirate Den: Want to be a pirate? Well now you can by joining a pirate den because it’s a new ‘Neutral’ station and acts more like a HQ for each of the pirate factions in the game, Upon warping into the sector you are contacted by the station and asked if you want to join and or be friendly with that pirate den regardless of the relationship/diplomacy status you have with them, but if you say ‘no’ they will go from neutral to always at war. The addition of the pirate den will allow you to play as a pirate through and through adding new missions, content and allies. The faction missions from the pirate den will be attacking Freighters (bet you wondered who ordered the hit on those freighters) you will be tasked with attacking ships and taking their cargo then returning it back to the den in most cases. In some missions you might attack other pirates or entire sectors owned by another faction. You can hire the pirate captain from this station. Rewards from missions in the pirate den will be a mixed bag of random things since that’s what you get from being a pirate. New Starting Scenario "HIRED" In this new scenario you get to pick from a list of faction categories to which you will spawn in a faction near the galaxy's edge that has that category. If you pick ‘Mining’ as your category choice you will spawn in a faction with that category in a small 2 slot vessel prebuilt with better than uncommon mining lasers, a mining subsystem and maybe another subsystem or 2 and with a faction mission already given to you as if you were just newly employed to that faction and with a level 1 captain of that type so a level 1 miner, as for another category it would be the same but with a different configuration to fit that category. You can also be a pirate right from the start 😄 New Proposed Missions: Escort mission, You will be tasked with escorting say a freighter ship threw several systems, You will be told to warp in first and the ship will follow you and pilot towards a station (Possible ambush's may occur) after the ship docks and collects its cargo it will warp again to another sector and do the same, this will happen several times as it completes its cargo run or is destroyed in possible ambushes. This mission will also have a small chance of being one large ambush in which you warp in and whoever ordered the delivery was just out to get you and or them resulting in a possible 20 ship ambush. New captain types: Mercenary: this captain is an all-rounder giving you 5% turret fire rate and +2 Armed turret slots and a command bonus of Higher money drops from ship kills/better loot drops when doing expeditions and such, they are a cross between a commodore and a daredevil taking half of each, but the addition of better money is a plus when fighting many ships. Pirate: This captain recruited from pirate den will grant a bonus to the ammount of loot you can collect from ships and such as well as grant you other bonus’s Warlord: Can be recruited from pirate dens or military outposts and has a +4 armed turret slot. Other things to be decided. Bonus Ideas worth Considering: Firstly There should be a way to organize ships on the Global Map since I and others keep losing track of our ships in the list, Perhaps some way of tagging the ships so that they are grouped into Military, Civillian, Cargo,Merchant ETC so that you click on the group and a list of ships falls out much like a drop down menu. A Deep Scan Satellite should be an option that you can buy from equipment docks for those players that don't have the subsystem installed on their ships for whatever reason and the price should be similar to say the Suppression satellite but maybe there could be more than one type, perhaps a cheap version that only scans say 4 sectors wide and a expensive version that does like 10 sectors, these satellites would only stick around for a limited time. Similarly though not as useful and kind of pointless an Object detector satellite? I like that you can buy faction maps but I think you should be able to purchase maps that unlock a large region of space that's also not the faction you purchased the map from since In a scenario that you have a faction as a hostile it would allow a partial unlock of the galaxy that might just unlock some of there area allowing you to plan your attack and see how many stations they have and such since all maps you can buy are faction based only, also the addition of Maps sold by Allies only, that are for their enemy's faction might also be a good idea since they can sell you maps that allow you to see that enemy faction specifically. Commanding ships even in Tactical mode is annoying and you should be able to permanently group ships into "Fleets" allowing this could make every ship slave to the ship you are piloting allowing you to send one command out without having to do it individually or entering tactical mode, Since I jump into a system ready to fight with 5 ships I have to suffer time loss and other problems with commanding my vessels. Having groups that you can set to key bindings would allow the game to run smoother and for people to have an easier time in the late game. Similar to tactical and global modes group selection system but for quick commanding of ships out of tactical mode. I don't build ships much but I do know that there needs to be a free camera a better one than what exists now since the camera is still locked to a point which can be tedious to look around with, perhaps a bonus mode where you can fly around as if you was in first person but its really just a camera, this would make building easier for everyone. In building mode you should be able to sort turrets by exact type or at least by say 'Mining' 'Salvaging' and 'Gunning' since you can narrow it down by type but it just looks like a mess of turrets and you can use the search bar to narrow it down also but I feel there should be a filter option for it for quality of life. A module that allows you to see the strength of a sector/how many enemies are in the sector ship wise before you jump into that region of space which again allows you to plan your attack. In contrast a module that hides you from said scans as well as Subspace signals so you dont get ambushed by pirates, aliens or mercs similar to the suppression satellite. Both of these ideas could be locked to late game only behind Exotic or legendary subsystems, or attached to already existing substems but locked to that grade so that its only late game such as the Chameleon system and Scanner system. or again it could be a captain trait such as for a smuggler and commadore. If the previous idea is not a good one then a simple implementation of some sort of indicator or approximation to every sector that somehow shows you the strength of that sector could be a good implementation especially for people playing on the hardest difficulty since they might then think twice before braving the unknown and even just a rough estimate of the amount of entitites in the sector (Including Asteroids, as it cant differentiate in reality), however you could lock this behind the deep space scanner at a certain Grade such as Exceptional Shields can be fickle things and to make the game both harder and easier perhaps some sort of subsystem that uses alot of energy but basically EMP's a large area (it gets larger the better grade it is, but also uses more energy) and if the enemy ship is not shielded against the attack then it shuts down most of there ships systems even if for just a few seconds, but depletes there shields by a substantial amount before they regain there systems and they turn back on at a reduced amount. The EMP subsystem would use a large portion of your energy depleting it heavily but if the enemy has the Shield Ionizer for electric damage the amount of damage to the shields would be reduced a fair amount and they might just not have there ship systems shut down at all. Its a new fun idea and a exciting way to play but I also think the "AI" should get the EMP automatically as i feel it would use such an ability and could be your first look at the module. If its too powerful for the user then making it a double edge sword where the users shield collapse as well but not there ship systems a sort of 'to deploy this weapon you need to lower your shields' The "P" and "I" are great but sometimes I just want to expand the size of them like you can with such things on a normal computer by selecting a side or the corner and pulling similarly to how you can resize "Google Chrome" and other applications allowing you to see a larger amount of the stuff contained, even if its just up and down to see an easier view of the "Ship" menu and inventory's rather than using the scrolling bar. Conclusion: Mods Are Fantastic and I feel this will open a whole new can of worms for modders to explore and also bring more people to the game (Potentially) even as a paid DLC. AS a DLC I feel it will be better well-received than the “Into the Rift” DLC which isn’t necessarily bad but is not as well received as say the “Black Market” DLC and costs twice as much. I should probably add I’m not sure what is possible in the engine you are running and the way you have developed the game but I feel like these ideas should be possible since you already have some of the mechanics implemented just not expanded. If my DLC is any good to you I agree to be brought on as a sort of consultant/ideas man for Absolutely free if you want since this can easily be expanded on further and I just want to aid in the ideas and such since I like doing that especially since This entire DLC took less than 1 day to create the ideas for and yet it feels massive and a large addition to the game if created, perhaps even the biggest DLC yet which might even bring in a lot of new players. I also have occasional Good Game Ideas and such though they might not be entirely free 😀 I’m not good at being a developer and such but I enjoy writing and wish the job of “Ideasman” Exsisted for real. The Economic Employment DLC (Proposition & Framework).pdf
  2. Hello we are suggesting new DLC release that would be called: Faction expansion or something like that that would change factions for good. what DLC would include? + Factions now have relations between each other that means if they enemies they try to take over territories and expand + Factions now build new bases in rich asteroid fields + Factions now recognize claimable asteroids in their own territory and new territory and claim them to expand + Factions now build their own fighters and send them to battle area to take over territory for expansion + Factions now choose relationship with player if they see that player is not bringing them any good to the table they try to eliminate player and take over its resources + Factions on the galaxy map has new icon that indicates battle between two territories/factions that would let player see what factions fighting + Factions now has ability to send distress signal to player for help if they losing to much territory. + Factions now use their resources to expand and build bigger fleets and more bases + Player has option to see factions economy if its weak or strong and what resources faction needs for better expansion + Player has option to propose cease-fire between two faction by offering them resources/credits + Player has ability to join battle between two factions if player takes out more ships in that sectors it would give that territory to player if faction takes out more ships it would give it to that faction + Factions on galaxy map now has logo of their faction, that logo would appear in galaxy map on their territory + Player would have option on galaxy map or in interface to sort faction ships in the sector by their territory colour for example if their territory on galaxy map is brown it would show their ships in the sector as brown square so player could identify what territory they are from. + Trading: if faction with player is neutral it would send 1 trading ship time to time at player factory/mine if relationship between faction is good they would send 2-3 ships if relation ship between player and faction is excellent or ally it would send 4-5 trading ships for every single mine/factory so all docks could be used and not just 1 as it is right now by default. + and more...
  3. Hello, We found solution that should be implemented into Avorion game. what we suggesting is to increase traders in the sector so if u have 5 docks on your station all 5 of them will be used. how code works? it allows traders to use all free docks on your station by default if u have more then 1 dock only 1 trader will come to your station buy and will leave and other docks wont be used. our script allows 5 traders at the same time to dock because it searches for free docks on station and it tells trader go to that free dock if other one is being used. its best idea yet because currently if you running water factory it fills up really quick and by having this in your game it balances everything by letting you decide how many traders u want and that depends on how many docks you have. currently we set maximum limit to 5 per station so there could be not to many traders in the sectors to prevent any bugs or heavy traffic. i hope you will add this to the game ❤️ Code + Attached files with code: data/scripts/sector/traders.lua function Traders.isSpawnCandidate(station local docks = DockingPositions(station) if not docks then return end if docks.numDockingPositions == 0 or not docks.docksEnabled then return end if not TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) then return end if station:getValue("minimum_population_fulfilled") == false then -- explicitly check for 'false' return end return true end data/scripts/lib/tradingutility.lua function TradingUtility.hasEmptyDocks(station) -- check if there are traders flying to this station local traders = {Sector():getEntitiesByScript("merchants/tradeship.lua")} local docks = DockingPositions(station) local emptyDocks = math.min(5, docks.numDockingPositions) for _, trader in pairs(traders) do local partner = trader:getValue("trade_partner") if partner and station.index.string == partner then emptyDocks = emptyDocks - 1 if emptyDocks == 0 then return false end end end return true end traders.lua tradingutility.lua
  4. Idea : The progression of technology upgrading when going from one tier of resource to another is one of the most compelling gameplay loops present in Avorion. Going from Iron to Titanium and getting a generator, then to Naonite and getting shielding, then Tritium with the hanger and academy, and Xanion with the Cloning pods. It's a shame that there is no extra technological unlocks when you get to the late game resources, it feels cheap that you just end up with raw number boosts. I think that the late game resources should still unlock new modules that your ship can enhance and toy around with. Give Ogonite blocks the ability to become Shield Projector blocks that create stronger shields that only work in a certain direction based on the blocks orientation, multiple types of shield blocks, like shield enhancer, reflector, electrifier, etc. making shields have effects beyond just blocking incoming damage Give Avorion the ability to become Weapon blocks. Essentially transforming an entire sector of your ship into a singular massive weapon based on three types of avorion weapon blocks; - Dedicated weapon energy generators - Weapon ammo containers - and the Turret barrel block itself. Give the Avorion weapon system multiple choices for ammo configuration, things like anti-capital railguns, homing energy torpedoes, massive spooling machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Give Turrets and weapons unique modifiers and make Turret Factories able to modify a turrets properties up to and beyond the material that's used to create it. Things like elemental effects and damage, corrosion, fire, charge shot, spooling weapon, homing lock-on, slowing, etc. Also, boarding a ship should never make its omicron decrease, it's such a slap in the players face when you put so much effort in to not put a ship into fatal damage to take it over only for it to become devalued the moment you actually take it over. Like, imagine buying a ferrari and the moment you step into the ferrari it turns into a chevy impala. That's basically what happens when you do ship boarding in Avorion
  5. How about mechanical blocks. I would love it if you had a block that works like a joint to open a gate, for example. Another idea would be a sliding block with which you could move parts of the spaceship up and down to the left or to the right Avorion_idea.mp4
  6. Hi there! First things first: Awsome Game. Thank you! Thanks to Mrs. and Mr. backer (Kickstarter xD)! Second: i ll try my best in english. Some ideas: I think it would be nice to rearrange the queue for the ships with a captain for maybe a trade route (queue/loop). 1. 1. If the ship has a queue already, just ask: do i wanna cancel the queue?! Sometimes i forget to „unclick“ the current ship and i have to set up the loop again. Woooops…:: "captain from the *shipname*, sir you've first said do this and do that and then this and by microchips etc, and now??? srly?" me: " Do what i say, i pay your rent" or "sry wrong number" 2. 2. Drag and drop for a long Loop (queue orders) – so you can add some route after that and put it in the right place 3. 3. Cancel some orders in a queue 4. 4. Name a Route so i can put other ships on it, „routename“ – maybe :they have to be on the route or they wouldnt start it, and may i can put some routes later on together if they fit (point 2+4) 5. 5. If i have buy orders on the route, show me the cargo ive need on the ship – i wanna buy 2000 microchips (2000x loadingspace) etc for the hole route Sometimes pics are better ;D feel free to use, ask, adjust, im excited and a bit nervous ;D My first response to a game. Greetings from Germany. Have a nice day!! (....yes paint, and print button....xDDD, translation: if i write do this and do that, i wanna do this, or it should be so- i mean, it would be a nice to have^^ dont wanna be impolite, in deutsch würde ich es höflicher umschreiben^^)
  7. i didnt put this in ideas as its not a specific item, but a general idea without specifics, about gameplay and satisfying different player groups. there are at least two distinct player types in avorion. rpg players who want their feeling of excitment from looting rare/powerful drops and gaining exponential power and those who want a fair balance for multi-player and pvp. the issue, something that destroys mmorpgs, is that these two things are complete anathema to the other. if you provide the power boons that rpg players thrive, then you destroy the basic functionality for the people that want fair competitive play in multiplayer or simply a more level experience where decisions matter more than gear. an example oof this is MP players that have modded out the inherent buffs on npc ships. but this can be addressed in this game using mostly already existing foundations. that being the difficulty options and the existing bonuses to stats some items get. by tying the rate and magnitude these bonuses occur to the difficulty, and then to the material and rarity, the easy difficulty could be setup to feature the largest and most frequent rate these things occur, but be completely disabled on expert and above. with the difficulty option acting as a sort of game mode selection, players would be able to choose how the game will work in a way they will enjoy.
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