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Found 3 results

  1. As a builder, I think that there should be more diffrence between blank hull and smart hull. Either give smart hull lower hp to reflect the computers/electronic/ship systems inside, or give blank hull more hp to represent more structural integrity. I would suggest the latter, as it would futher shift the meta balance away from shield spam, and it would not penalise players (more user friendly). Also, a diffrent texture would be nice; for example the blank hull would keep the current texture and the smart hull could recive a more "technical" texture full of small pipes, wires and vents (kinda small built-in greebles) 2
  2. The context menu (accessed by pressing F with a ship targeted) seems to be missing some functionality. Orders to mine or salvage result in no changes to a ships current behavior. Patrol and Attack Enemies work as expected.
  3. Hey Boxel, Love the look of the new forum! So clean. Very modern. I do miss the "top posters" column -- my bragging rights!! x) Looking forward to seeing how the suggestions voting system will pan out. Hope it helps you filter through what we as a community care about most. Can't wait to see what comes in the new update. Each one is a charm. Keep being awesome, Shroob
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