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Found 11 results

  1. Hello we are suggesting new DLC release that would be called: Faction expansion or something like that that would change factions for good. what DLC would include? + Factions now have relations between each other that means if they enemies they try to take over territories and expand + Factions now build new bases in rich asteroid fields + Factions now recognize claimable asteroids in their own territory and new territory and claim them to expand + Factions now build their own fighters and send them to battle area to take over territory for expansion + Factions now choose relationship with player if they see that player is not bringing them any good to the table they try to eliminate player and take over its resources + Factions on the galaxy map has new icon that indicates battle between two territories/factions that would let player see what factions fighting + Factions now has ability to send distress signal to player for help if they losing to much territory. + Factions now use their resources to expand and build bigger fleets and more bases + Player has option to see factions economy if its weak or strong and what resources faction needs for better expansion + Player has option to propose cease-fire between two faction by offering them resources/credits + Player has ability to join battle between two factions if player takes out more ships in that sectors it would give that territory to player if faction takes out more ships it would give it to that faction + Factions on galaxy map now has logo of their faction, that logo would appear in galaxy map on their territory + Player would have option on galaxy map or in interface to sort faction ships in the sector by their territory colour for example if their territory on galaxy map is brown it would show their ships in the sector as brown square so player could identify what territory they are from. + Trading: if faction with player is neutral it would send 1 trading ship time to time at player factory/mine if relationship between faction is good they would send 2-3 ships if relation ship between player and faction is excellent or ally it would send 4-5 trading ships for every single mine/factory so all docks could be used and not just 1 as it is right now by default. + and more...
  2. Hello We want to suggest really good idea that is missing currently in your game. basically what we suggesting is to faction icons in the sector by their territory colour what i am talking about is square icon around other factions ship. currently we have neutral that is purple, blue that is good and light blue that is excelent what we suggesting is a option for player to turn that off and have ability to sort all other faction ships by their territory colour if for example my ally territory is brown in my sector his ship should apear in brown squere around his ship that would let players to identify quickly where that ship came from. i asked a lot of people and everyone agreed that it should be in the game as option so we can have better ingame experience.
  3. Kustus

    Mod Request

    Hi, I'd really like it if there was a mod that let you buy other factions stations/mines etc. Ofc the price whould be above the prize of building one on ur own but it whould let you get those sweet 6 mine systems under ur control to setup a station system. Going to war with a faction to buy stations seems to be the only way atm but I'd really like it if there was a diplomatic way.
  4. One addition that could have a lot of potential in the updates to come would be the implementation of the ability of the NPC factions to acquire player ship/station designs. There are a few ways this could be implemented. The first way to implement this feature could be to simply give players the option to allow NPC factions to have access to the players saved ship or station via an interface option. Through this feature the player will have full say over which ships or stations the player will find in use of hostile or non hostile NPC factions throughout the galaxy. This will allow the player to have hipowered ships that are no in control of the NPCs or if the player wants to make this interesting maybe buffing the enemy pirates for more complex battles would be the route. The other option is to allow hostile factions to board and takeover a player ship. If an unsuspecting ship is acquired by hostile NPCs the blueprint will now be available for that faction to use. Friendly factions can aquire the player ship through trade agreements. Hostile scout shops may also be a possibility. Maybe if a scout ship fully scans your massive battleship before you can destroy it a copy of the blueprint will be uploaded to that faction for mass production. Overall any of these implementations allows a nice way to keep the game fresh for veteran players. This will also allow the galaxy to grow and show the player that his or her actions do have consequences. One players dreadnaught might first be his path to domination but once that design is stolen it may later lead to his downfall. I appreciate the time anybody takes to read this I hope the devs take it into consideration I'd really love to see this in a future update. This game is easily my favorite space exploration/ sandbox game. Keep up the great work!
  5. A pair of suggestions which kind of go together. Could the randomly-generated faction ships also have a randomly-generated faction symbol (probably in colours matching their faction design) on each of their ships? To aid in this and also to just add additional logo options for ourselves, could we get some more graphics added to the faction symbol menu? Right now it's clear that the graphics in the faction symbol menu are almost all repurposed ones from in-game icons (especially annoying when the icon being recycled is slightly asymmetrical). Branching out a bit from this would be great! Especially just semi-basic shapes like stars with various numbers of points (5-point, 8-point, etc.), compass rose, polygons like pentagons/hexagons, etc., A few more fiddly shapes as well (maybe solicit additions or just find a theme for a few more) analogous to the icons, like a mini-starfield (a half-dozen small stars), a couple of generic ship-esque shapes (rocket, delta-wing, etc.), or similar ideas. Would be nice, thanks!
  6. AI factions should have their own identity just like our player-created alliances have identity. Nothing too complex, simply: faction colors, faction symbols, and perhaps character portraits for the leader just like Captain update in 2.0 (or maybe not, for more roleplay potential). Anyway, the most important part should be the color and symbols. This is important to distuingish one faction from another, particularly because of their unusual, difficult to pronounce names. Letting them have other kind of identity should make the factions memorable and distinguishable. This identity should be shown not only in Diplomacy menu, but also in Galaxy Map menu. I created a mockup based on the mod Galaxy Map QoL. There should be a toggleable button (both in Galaxy Map and Diplomacy menu) that could toggle whether player wants to show faction color based on their relationship to players (hostile, ally, etc), or basd on their unique faction identity (color). In addition to that, in Galaxy Map, areas controlled by factions will display their logo/symbol. Areas that are not connected to each other should have separate smaller symbols per areas, while large areas should have larger symbols. This should work great with other suggestions like these:
  7. Coming from Mount & Blade where the game world goes on with or without us, seeing factions declaring war and conquering each other is always fun. We could just do something else while watching control of certain sectors shift to other factions. This should allow a more dynamic world where it feels like a breathing, living universe. Would be nice to have diplomacy options (and sabotages/manipulation) as well.
  8. So I've played Avorion for awhile. I ended up taking a long break after many frustrations when it came to faction relations which made the game very frustrating. One thing I found the most frustrating was actually boarding stations. It takes an extremely long time to do and offers very few rewards. I personally boarded them to repurpose them. Due to the fact that there is no option to actually reconstruct the facility it takes away the fun in it. What I mean is when you blast down their hull HP to actually board them, you obviously break off sections / parts of the station. I think it would be amazing if there was an option actually entirely reconstuct the station, having it restored to its previous glory before you blew it apart.
  9. Allows factions to slowly build new stations and expand into new territory; potentially taking control of sectors away from other factions. For manufacturing, priority is given for goods that they can produce but do not yet have a supply for (but they don't perfectly complete their economy, thus leaving room for the player to place factories strategically). Per 24h of playtime on a server or singleplayer game, each faction is able to allocate a cumulative % of their station construction capacity. Default, say 3% accumulation/day (24h of gametime). The specific traits would require some modification. Adds some new NPC Faction traits: Materialist: Instead of 3% station construction capacity towards new stations, this is 4%. Materialist (Very): 5%/day accumulation of station construction (resulting in new stations getting built). Expansionist: 50% of the time adds stations to sectors that have no stations of their own yet; 25% of the time expanding into sectors that may be in other faction's territory. Expansionist (Very): 75% adds stations to sectors they have no station in yet. 50% of the time expanding into sectors outside but adjacent to their territory. Isolationist: 50% of the time, constructs new stations in sectors they already have stations in; 25% of the time expanding into sectors that they control, but have no stations in. Isolationist (Very): 75% of the time, constructs new stations in sectors they already have at least one station. Only expands into sectors that their faction controls (via faction color on map). Spiritualist: Opposite of Materialist, 2% station construction accumulation / day; rituals/ceremonies are spawned by their faction more often in their space but also in far-flung parts of the galaxy. Spiritualist (Very): Opposite of Materialist, 1% station construction accumulation/day, often spawns ceremonies/rituals, as well as any bosses related to 'religion' in the galaxy. I wrote this while livestreaming, so the above idea might need some refining. Like scrap metal.
  10. Once you reach, say, a billion credits... choosing what stations to build as you expand your faction becomes less fun and new and more like a chore. The megawealth in the endgame has this unintended effect of money and resources becoming effectively meaningless. Here are some thoughts to address both of these: 1: Factions with which you ally with cause you to go to war with any factions they are at war with. Opinions of other factions are also based upon who your allies are - such that late game "everybody is my ally" is not the norm. A cause for war between factions can be controlled sectors lost by factions founding stations (I think it is currently -10k points/lost sector). 2: Similar to negotiating a cease fire, improving relations with a faction or negotiating an alliance; having an option to fund the expansion (or upgrades) to your allies would be a place to spend late game money and resources. In this case, resources given to that faction could be spent on giving that faction new capabilities (like Naonite to an Iron/Titanium faction may cause them to slowly start installing shields and hyperspace cores on their ships). Money given to an allied faction could go towards founding new stations, ships and increasing their construction capacity. As implied, only allies will accept these extra (and optional) contributions to their coffers. 3: Having a manner in which new factions are created and grow will make the galaxy much more dynamic. This would be as light weight a process so that the whole galaxy is living, but not having a million loaded sectors (so very minimal background generation and simple background calculations). - Pirate Shipyard: if they amass enough resources/slaves/credits. Once a second station below is built, they will seek ceasefires with local player and NPC factions. - Smuggler's Hideout: a way for pirate factions to facilitate trade and improve relations with other factions through un-branding stolen goods. - Resource Depot: a way for local PC and NPC ships to refine raw ores & trade resources and improve relations. - Repair Dock: a sign that what was a pirate faction is now a fledgling faction - now that its ships can respawn in territory they themselves control. At this point they are a proper faction even if they would still have tons of work to do for building a headquarters, habitats, military outposts, etc etc. The rest of the ways that they progress can be even less linear; but they may wait until they have neutral to good relations with their neighbors before investing in something like a trading post, for instance. 4: Having some ways in which factions are destroyed: - A new type of war; wars of extermination / genocide. These show just how far galactic civilization has fallen in the years since the United Alliance existed. Completing a genocide comes with major diplomatic ramifications for all factions committing the genocide. The Xsostan could also "harvest" an entire faction on occasion (this would be very rare). - Just destroying the last remnants of a faction in a normal war? - A faction conquering another faction (capturing & aggressively building stations in hostile territory, until the offending faction no longer exists). Hooray war of conquest! Conclusion: having life cycles of factions adds a living dynamic to the galactic sandbox. Funding allied factions' expansion or improving what resources they have access to can make places like the Rim an interesting place to settle, if your goal is to build up an Iron faction all the way up to Avorion, for instance. Finally, sharing your wars with your allies will increase the difficulty of getting everyone allied with one another and add a layer of difficulty in maximizing "One Against All and All Against One." Thoughts?
  11. 1.The ability to clean the sector from the influence of fractions. 2.The subsequent possibility of capturing the sector by another faction or transferring to it a station built by the player to improve relations.
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