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Found 2 results

  1. In regards to the new docking mechanism, please consider reducing or eliminating the clearance for docking blocks. The current clearance required is so large that it hampers some designs. It shouldn't be necessary to force a player to have a large open space for this. If they want to design a ship with a small docking bay, or even a cavity inside it for some of their smaller ships to dock to for protection during transport, then they really should be able to. If at some point you all are going to include AI commands for docking, then I can see the AI needing the clear space, but for the purposes of us manually flying our ships in or whatever, we really shouldn't be restricted in this regard. Edit: So, as there seems to be some confusion elsewhere, I am not talking about the clearance needed for the "docking lane" that you use to interact with a station or that NPCs use to "dock" with a station. I'm specifically talking about the physical ship-to-ship / ship-to-station / station-to-station docking mechanism introduced in 1.3 where you can then use one ship to drag the other around like in the image below. Only, I'd like to be able to do it in a bay of the ship, like here (small ship in the small forward bay of the Star Destroyer): Without the need to extend the size of the dock outside of the bay: What I'm asking for should not have anything to do with AI pathfinding seems we're having to manually fly and line these objects up in the first place.
  2. I have another small Idea. We are able to dock to small container, but what abut mini ships? It would be nice, if we are able to have soe small ships (not fighters) So beside the hangar, we can build a career with these small ships. Also we would be abel to transform many small ships into one big ship, which shares Energy/Shield/Lifepoints but is also abel to splitt up again. For that, we need to place our ships, like we want to dock to containers. It isnt important but would be a big expansion of possabilitys. Like a Huge Mining ships, with like 10 small miners with 100 small miners,(each) which can harvest a system in seconds and if an enemy shows up, fusion and jump away. The same with battelships or stations. Or like extra crgo containers, which you can get from one mining ship (full of ore) and travel with a bigger ship. All of them would be infirst case for the optic and the feeling.
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