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Found 5 results

  1. Upon importing a save to a dedicated server I was no longer able to do trade contracts. I'd get the error of something among the lines of the generic "we can't trade goods here commander" in areas I've been doing trade commanders. I can't figure it out. Any advice appreciated.
  2. My brother and I have setup a Dedicated server on a separate PC. PC specs: i7-10700, ram 40gb, GPU RTX 3900, Wired to router/modem combo. 200mb download/20mb upload internet. Using Steamcmd to update and host server. Server at first startup is fine with no lag or latency. Sectors with large groups of wreckages cause lag and loss of fighters. During Xsotan invasion causes challenges to even control ships. Does having a hard drive instead of SSD make a difference? Server.ini changes Wreckages last much longer in sectors system and turret storage increased to 1 million
  3. Hi, this is primarily focus on the standalone Avorion Dedicated Server launcher not hosting through the Avorion client. Avorion Dedicated Server start having issue after official update 2.0 similar from beta 2.0 we tested on. The server launcher close right away after the window appear blank. We already test run compatible mode with different window version and admin mode on ServerRunner and Launcher even on the .bat files. We also tested with 'Disable fullscreen optimizations' and 'Change high DPI settings' but to no avail. The only log was create is the slauncherlog. Specification of the Server PC. - Window 10 - Intel i7 - Integrated Graphic Hope to receive your advice soon. Thank you for your time. Extra note. We tested on our personal PC it also did not work. The launcher appear blank then close right away too. Specification of PC - Window 10 - Intel i7 - GTX2070 Both only work dedicated server work through the client but not on 'AvorionServer' tool. slauncherlog 2021-09-08 15-47-03.txt
  4. Hi, I just create my own dedicated server and i got an issue. Every time i try to connect, i have a connection lost. It never happen to me and i already connect on different server without problem
  5. I’ve port forwarded my router and followed everything on the wiki (https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Setting_up_a_server), but it doesn’t show up on the server browser list. It just has me confused and I can only see it through the LAN screen. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the host, but I would appreciate someone could elaborate as to what it is I am doing wrong or how to properly set up a server. I am willing to provide more questions and clarifications if need be. Thanks!
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