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Found 4 results

  1. If we could have controls to go set percentages of total engine power. And having it potentially set to be either immediate mode and/or cruiser mode?
  2. I never really got into using torpedos much because I always found them bothersome as a system. After finding out that the bays can be set to auto loading I gave the ones I ran into anyways a try and started to see some use for them. However, being as selective about using them as I want to be is being made extremely difficult by the game: While the auto loading in combination with binding a certain bay to a weapon group makes it possible to be selective about what I'm firing, the fact that the weapon groups get /all/ turned back on after I had sent my ship on a mission, or just reloaded my game, is bothersome. This also limits the amount of bays I can control to the weapon groups I have left free, not mentioning that I have to check which are active or inactive whenever I want to fire any so I fire the right one. What I would prefer as an alternative way would be having keybinds to fire a specific bay directly. For example, to fire bays 2 and 3 holding down [alt] and then pressing first [2] followed by [3] would be a nicer approach than managing weapon groups. This could be accompanied by a small update to the UI to make it easier to see what is loaded where: The respective torpedo icon with a small number for it's bay and the first 3 letters of the type name (Nuc, Ion, Neu, Tan) would be very helpful to stay aware of the load out.
  3. Hey! My proposition is a one-key engagement of your Autopilot (a new feature in currently on the Beta branch). This is so that you can keep flying without switching to Strategy Mode (1), aligning your camera to your target (2+), clicking in the list of Ships to reselect your own Ship (3), and clicking your target or destination (4). Don't get me wrong: I love Strategy Mode. Especially with the QoL updates, it's been a joy to use. But the proposed system saves on clicks/actions dramatically! Instead of 4+ clicks/button presses, you would have one (1) single button press to engage the Autopilot. The most typical use-case for this would be Cruise Control. This means you engage the Autopilot, and it just keeps your current heading and speed. With additional thrust input, you could even get it to speed up and/or boost. But when you have a target selected, using this new hotkey would interact with it as appropriate for that object as if you just used Strategy Mode. For example, with a Station selected, it would perform an Autopilot fly-to and then start a Docking sequence. If it's an Asteroid, we will attempt Mining it. If it's a Wreck, we will begin to Salvage it. If it's a hostile Ship, we will engage it using the Autopilot's Attack Enemies Order. (Advanced features require a Captain as appropriate to the current functionality of the Autopilot.) Nearly all of this functionality already exists in-game through the Strategy Mode. For most of these features, it is simply a 'rebinding' of the behaviour from 'Strategy Mode -> navigate view -> select Ship -> right click' into 'middle-click to select -> hotkey'. The Cruise Control is new behaviour, but would appear easy in concept; maintain current speed and don't use Thrusters at all. The extra speed and boost controls are niceties to add on top but not crucial for the requested functionality. Thanks for reading! Shroob P.S. Thanks to Discord user Yukkahiro for the spark!
  4. After several hours of play, I found a style I enjoy. The Interfaces, Build. Control, Tactical, and Galaxy work nicely together, Once you get use to the Operator Style. There's just a few things that id suggest to help smooth the transitions between the 4 Views. Build - A few more view controls would be helpful. Allow Frame blocks to be turned solid while hold shift. Might be a bug when theirs a lot of frame blocks. They all turn an translucent black and makes it hard to see the shape of the ship. If you project build, while you control your econ and other ships threw Galaxy. (Server or no game pause play, while building) Control - Allow me to Select a my ships and offer an options to See their Ship Screen, (Inertial Stats) and modify their modules outside of combat. P Hotkey, interface is usable in B/C/T Views but on in Galaxy and you must be inside the ship to obtain its personal info. Tactical - Little stiff in its function. would benefited the most from other view integrations the most, be the "Jack of all Interfaces". Side bar that shows Available ships that can warp into your sector or position. Right-Click Ship to call it into your sector if it has a captain. (Reinforcement button or interface). Galaxy- Allow this view to interact with the other views more intimately with the other 3 Views. Like Allow me to enter my ship threw the side bar. Right-Click my ship, and hit T or drop down menu. G->C. Allow my Fleet information to be Viewed on top of my Galaxy Screen. The other 3 views all have the core interface available. Allow me to see my Ships personal information. All in all, not enough information of my fleet and currency. the ability to manage (HQ) in this view would be beautiful instead of having to go threw multiple loading screens to formulate a plan of action. I'm Dead - Alliance Interface - Please allow me to turn off everything regarding my Alliance. Add a more Guildy Feel to it. My master's ships are beeping all day. Allow the leader to have an Operator Options, in Rank creating, Allowing certain people he or she want to control Alliance Ships or Certain Alliance Ships. (they can have all the beep, booping). Sincerely, STDeath, 340 hrs
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