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Found 9 results

  1. add a command to sector map, orders, whichever, to allow ordering NPC piloted ships to transfer cargo from one to another, possibly as a 'standing' order... IE you have a cargo vessel specifically used for trading/hauling general goods.. that ship can be ordered to fly to other ships in sector and 'request' their trade goods. or a ship regularly sent on refining 'missions' can be ordered to periodically check for and retrieve scraps or ore from other ships in sector, keeping their cargo bays clear for collecting more of the resources.
  2. I posted the essence of this on the Discord Channel and it was suggested I post it here, as a suggestion. Can there be a path of improvement for Captains from Tier 0 thru 3? For example after a Tier 0 gains there specialty they could be placed in an academy that after a time would upgrade them to newly minted Tier 1 with appropriate bonuses and traits added. then after gaining a number of levels they could go back to academy to upgrade to Tier 2 and so on. Making it worth while to invest in our captains and their future rather than dump them as soon as we see the shiny new Tier 3 Captain. It would also offer a means of customizing the captain, as you could through the upgrade system influence the secondary class, if not flat out choose it. What do you guys think, if anybody in the community has other suggestions on how this "Idea" may be better implemented or structured feel free to comment. I was just looking for a reason to keep my captains, after all they have done good by me, I would like to stand by them as well. Thanks, Jason
  3. I have not see this yet with my own Captains but was wondering/suggesting. Do the Captains eventually move up Tiers with enough levels and what are the thresholds? I think I saw somewhere Tier 0 Captains become Tier 1 Captains at Level 5? 6? I don't remember now. However, what/is the threshold for moving up from there? Will my Tier 1 captains ever become Tier 2s? or 3s? or should I be dismissing them as soon as I find a Tier 3? Bottom line "Is it worth investing in my existing Captains?" or not? Thanks, Jason
  4. Hey there! I love the new Captains. However, I've started getting into that classic mid-game part of Avorion and am starting to notice that I'm 'abusing' certain types of Captains to give my Station Founder Ships certain buffs since no other Captains would give them anything beneficial. Maybe that's by design. That said, here's some ideas for some more Captain classes / archetypes that are specifically geared towards running Stations: Economist Business Sense: All trades performed at this Station get a mark-up or mark-down in prices in favour of the Station owner Manufacturer Driven: Increases Production output of your Factory by some flat/percentage bonus Armada: +1 Concurrent Fighter Productions Fleet Commander I Send the Swarms: +1 maximum Fighter Squadrons allowed at this Station Bullet Hell: all Fighters launched from this Station have +10% attack speed And here's some ideas for upgrades to the currently existing classes, so that perhaps all Captains could be useful as an either/or Ship-or-Station-manning Captain. I.e., don't necessarily change anything about the current Captains, but add more Traits that give benefits when they man a Station specifically: Merchant Market-Savvy: Draws more Traders to the system Explorer Quest Generator: Station generates special Bulletins that give you rewards for going on Exploration missions yourself (the Player) Commodore Intimidating: reduces likelihood of Pirate raids in this Sector. Stack multiple Stations all equipped with Commodores to create a 'Safe Haven', a sort of reverse Hazard Zone, where Traders feel like they can come and go as they please without having to worry about getting ambushed Daredevil Boistrous: Draws the attention of Pirates / Xsotan more than other targets in-Sector, allowing you to create Stations that are effective 'tanks' for the rest of your Ships/Stations in-Sector and/or distraction buoys some distance away from the more vulnerable targets, by drawing aggro from hostiles Miner & Salvager Industrious: When running a Resource Depot, increases yield from refining Raw Ore into Resources (i.e. 'bonus' to Resource output -- 'free' Resources) Smuggler "Licenced" Retailer: Turns this Station into a Smuggler's Outpost, where you can trade illegal goods and unbrand stolen goods. Severely reduces Trader traffic in-system (they don't like to hang around where the shady people of the Galaxy lurk)
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, I may have found the solution. There is a mod out there made by ItalianMafiaGuy that specifically adds the old option while keeping the new orders. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2565262170&searchtext= Go ham out there o7 -------- UPDATE: It doesn't look like the old method would return. According to the devs (which I was lucky enough to be on the AMA train) and their tweets, the old version was a mess of coding and the way they implemented it wasn't what they had in mind for the game. Even though I want to have the old version back in some way, the best way is probably by modding it - not sure if its possible though. If anyone can mod it, please let us know! 😄 -------- Hello! This is *somewhat* of a copy-pasta from my previous post from my suggestions post - which I should have posted here instead in the first place. I feel, however, that most people would really want this feature back as a toggle-able option, so I apologize to the devs for possibly spamming this request. As with the previous post, I want to preface this by saying that the devs did an amazing job with 2.0. It has a lot more features, options, and much more to make it so that the player gets to choose how they want to play the game. The new fleet orders for mining seems somewhat counterintuitive for some players though (like me). We would really like to have an option where we can choose which method to have in-game (images below). The main reasons why we liked the old system was that we had more control over our fleets, we were more proactive, and were able to see and manage the fleet we built/designed on the map. The system, as of the moment, makes it nearly automatic and invisible - going against what we find fun in the game. The new feature definitely has a purpose though, as a lot of people want to have less stress in controlling their fleets. It also doesn't lag player-operated servers as much either as Trent in the discord server highlighted. In fact, I have no doubt that if the amount of resources players can get out of these automatic expeditions, many people would have no issues with the new system. However, even if these changes were implemented, it would still not allow us to see our fleet and actively manage them, taking a lot of the fun out of the game for us. But either way, what players find fun is incredibly subjective. Having an option for this would allow us to better pick-and-choose what we find fun. It would better allow us to enjoy a game we all love and care for. ------------ Old Method - Feature we want brought back some way: New Method:
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I may have found the solution. There is a mod out there made by ItalianMafiaGuy that specifically adds the old option while keeping the new orders. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2565262170&searchtext= Go ham out there o7 --------- UPDATE: It doesn't look like the old system would be returning. According to the devs on their tweets and recent AMA, the old version was a mess of coding and the way they implemented it wasn't what they envisioned for the game. Even though I want to have the old version back in some way, the best way is probably by modding it - which I am not sure is possible. If anyone can mod it, please let us know! ---------- Hello! I want to preface this submission by saying that I am loving Avorion 2.0 as of the moment, especially how the developers (unlike other certain devs) allows the player to play the game as they want with the multitude of different settings and mods. There is one aspect that I would really like to have back from the previous versions however, and that is the ability to order your ships and fleets to mine a specific sector and chain it to refine at a specific port (basically as it was before this beta) rather than ordering them to go over multiple sectors and "go dark" on you for a very long period of time. I am not saying that the new method doesn't have its purpose, it's just that I would also like to have the option (within the create-world menu or somewhere else) to be able to play with the old style (possibly integrate it to classic mode?). Images will be attached to better explain my suggestion. I just feel like it the new method is not as fast, interactive, or proactive as the previous method -- which to be entirely fair is something a lot of people like, but I myself feel somewhat alienated by 2.0's new implementation as I like to actively manage my fleet in a more direct way. If for no other reason though, I think that adding (or re-adding) an option where players get to choose how they want to specifically order their mining fleets would allow more people to choose how they want to play the game. Please, pretty please, consider my suggestion as I would love to have it back. Either way, thank you for all of your guys' hard work and dedication into a game that I love dearly. Additional edit: Forgot to mention that the new feature doesn't output as much resources when compared to the previous method either. It both takes a longer time to have said resources, and each return yields very little in comparison to updates prior to 2.0. ----------------------------- New Method: Old Method:
  7. Currently ships set on patrol to defend sectors don't interact with the new operation system at all. They always present, do something causing load and captains on them gain no exp. What i suggest is turning "patrol sector" order into an operation. Ships sent on "Patrol" would be removed like with any other operation, but would be spawned back as reinforcements when one of the sectors with your faction/alliance presence and within "Patrol" zone is attacked. Operation duration is probably infinite to reduce micromanagment, but every 30 minutes captains would get exp and (optionally) bring back a little bit of credits, turrents and subsystems.
  8. To produce a more thematically consistent gameplay experience, the way in which hangars, fighters, and command of ships not currently piloted by the player are changed. Hangars are updated to "store" any object in Avorion that fits its capacity and fits within the hangar opening. A ship's hangar capacity is a percentage of the combined volume of all hangar blocks on the ship. Hangars made from "better" materials utilize a greater percentage, as the hangar's systems can be further miniaturized and allow more space for an object to fit within. This comes with the recommendation that hangars are available in all materials, with iron granting capacity equal to 50% of its volume and each subsequent material adding an 8% increase - all the way up to 90% for an Avorion hangar. For a ship to "land" on a carrier with a hangar, the carrier must have hangar capacity equal to or greater than the total volume of the landing ship, and the hangar opening's height and width must be greater than the landing ship's height and width. The player orders a ship to land on a carrier by taking control of the carrier and issuing the "enter hangar" command to the appropriate ship. If the volume and size requirements are met, the selected ship will fly towards one of the carrier's exposed hangars and despawn at a short distance from the hangar opening. Ships that have successfully landed on a carrier are bound to a launching hangar on that carrier, and cannot land on another carrier until dismissed from the carrying ship. This essentially removes the need to construct fighters from turrets at fighter factories, as each "fighter" is essentially the same as any other Avorion ship. So as not to be a disincentive to creating multiple small craft - ships no longer require a captain to receive AI commands. Captains need only be assigned for their unique captain bonuses, and are entirely optional. Ships will still require command crew, such as sergeants, lieutenants, etc. based on their crew populations. The main tab of the ship menu now assigns a key binding to any exposed hangars, similar to how the game currently operates torpedo launchers and turrets. Outside of the menu, the hangar is displayed on the HUD with the other key bindings. Right-clicking on a hangar gives the player access to the hangar's commands: attack target, defend target, mine, salvage, and repair. If the hangar is active and the player presses the keyboard key bound to hangar launching - all craft assigned to and currently stored within the hangar will launch. If the hangar is empty and active, pressing the key bound to hangar launching will recall all bound craft to that hangar. Craft that are in a ship's hangar are displayed on a tab in the ship's menu where the fighter tab was previously located. The new hangar tab displays all the ships in the carrier's hangar similar to how ships are presented in the fleet tab of the player menu. The hangar tab also displays the carrier's maximum hangar capacity and its current utilization. Ships on the fleet tab that are bound to a carrier have an icon indicating that they are currently on the carrier, and display the bound carrier's name, a small thumbnail, and the carrier's current sector. Each ship on the hangar tab is assigned to an exposed hangar from a drop down menu below the thumbnail of the ship. Adjacent to the drop down is a button to initiate the transfer of crew and cargo between the carrier and the ship. To the right where you'd normally find the "delete ship" option for a destroyed ship, the player has the option to dismiss the ship from the hangar altogether. Doing this immediately "launches" the ship from the hangar and unbinds it from the carrier. As pilots are no longer necessary, pilot personnel are replaced with "deck crews" that service ships in the hangar. The number of deck crews required on a ship is proportional to its hangar capacity. A ship in a hangar repairs its hull and shields 15% faster thanks to the work from the deck crews. Overstaffing the deck crews can enhance that repair bonus to 20%. That means that a ship in a hangar with its maximum mechanic bonus will repair its hull 150% faster than normal. New upgrades can increase hangar capacity (same amount per rarity as a percentage based cargo upgrade) and the deck crew repair rate (same bonus per rarity as a regen boost shield booster). New transporter software can be installed that removes the height and width requirements from landing a ship on the carrier. If a ship bound to a hangar is destroyed, it is treated as a regular destroyed ship. It is immediately dismissed from the carrier's binding and can be restored at a repair dock using a reconstruction token. If the carrier is destroyed, all craft in its hangar are immediately dismissed at 50% HP and at the start of their shield regeneration cycle. These ships spawn in whatever space is available around the destroyed ship. At this point, it's probably a good idea for the player to enter the strategy menu, select all the ships that just spawned/escaped the destruction of the carrier, and order them away from the conflict.
  9. A discussion between Azu and I on discord lead to this idea. At the moment fleet warfare feels pretty bad, it's all about who's got the best guns and the most ships. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. The AI for the player doesn't take into account their weapon properties nor the configurations of allied ships around them, they simply fly at a target and shoot till either they are dead or the target is. This eliminates all reason to build specialized crafts for any one purpose, forcing all ships to be built as "all rounders", vastly stagnating and limiting the skill expression and enjoyment of large scale fleet warfare. What we had discussed was a captain system! Captains can be trained to gain additional skills: Personality type (sniper, interceptor, PDC ship, bruiser ect) Rarity Bonuses (decreased shield regent time, better accuracy, lower overheat cooldowns, rate of fire, lower power requirements for ship mods) Penalties (increased power requirements, lower accuracy, lower rate of fire, less mod slots) These captains could be trained at the Military Outpost that's relatively useless as of the time of typing this post giving them a greater purpose in the game. This would either require a player to bring a captain to the Outpost or higher one there and then put it into the training course you would like them to go through. The courses could even be split into tiers to allow players to learn the system without accidentally rolling a legendary game breaking captain. A good chunk on credits wouldn't be unfair for this training as fleet warfare is usually mid-late game and the players would have the credits to spend anyways, Examples: Captain: Adrian Rarity: Rare Class: Interceptor Bonuses: Increased Accuracy by 25%, Weapon Cooldown decreased by 15% Penalty: Rate of Fire decreased by 10% The captain here would shoot slightly slower to increase accuracy while their guns would cool down faster to enable them to pick off smaller targets faster. Captain: Stella Rarity: Exotic Class: Bruiser Bonuses: Decreased shield regen time 15%, Increased shield regen 10%, Shield mods require 10% less power to install permanently Penalty: Increased energy usage shipwide by 15% This captain would be used for a closer ranged heavy bruiser looking to soak alot of damage while other ships do the heavy work. The trade off that should be expressed here is all other systems are taxed by the modifications this captain does to a ship to get the shields to regen as they do. A ship would have to be designed specially to suit this captain and her trade offs. Captain: Darek Rarity: LEGENDARY Class: Carrier Admiral Bonuses: Fighters deal 15% more damage, Fighters gain 10% weapon range, Fighters gain 15% dodge chance, Pilots under the Admiral's command gain levels at twice the normal rate Penalty: Incompatible with Xsotan upgrade "The AI" , Reduced pilot survival rate by 15% This Legendary Captain would be upgraded to his class's equivalent of an "ultimate" Captain seen here as an Admiral. While the bonuses are very nice for a carrier with lots of fighers, one of the draw backs for this Admiral is he won't pilot a ship with "The AI" plugged in and the modifications he has done to his fighters causes them to explode violently on destruction reducing pilot survival rates by 15%. This loss of experienced pilots would be offset by them gaining experience twice as fast as normal pilots
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