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Found 4 results

  1. I found hidden in the little left menu a powerful tool that allows you to view different blocks by material type, combining this with the replace tool in the blocks menu allows very quick modification of craft. Within this system you have the capability to add in a 3D rendering of common landmarks, the Statue of Liberty stood out most to me. My suggestion to get to the point, could you add the capability to pull 3D renderings of our own designs to give us a sense of scale, or to view a previous design to duplicate an aspect of? Thank you very much for your consideration.
  2. I have a simple request for building mode: -That the visibility modifier allows you to select a block as "invisible", instead of just having one visible. (so you can make "armor" invisible) -That you can select multiple blocks for the visibility modifier (so you can make all the different shapes of "armor" invisible when building) Yes, there are other, more complex things people can request, but this I feel is something of "least amount of effort for greatest benefit" kind of change.
  3. Not sure if this has been suggested before but I tend to build my ships in modular sections and upgrade as I go. I'm still running my original Iron ship except now it is Trinium/Xanion Hybrid and a lot bigger but it would be nice to be able to split the hull and move the engineering section farther aft and add a hanger section or another cargo section. Without having to select the engineering section, copy to clipboard, save clipboard, delete section, add new sections, upload to clipboard, and paste the engineering section back on. What I do works, don't get me wrong, but it is cumbersome.
  4. Hi! Is it possible to implement a tool in the building mode that allows to hide individual blocks? You can unhide all of them with a click of a button afterwards. The reason I ask is because sometimes I need to dig into my flawed ship entrails and I don't wanna flip through separate block types and just remove everything in the way without deleting it. Coming from digital LEGO building scene, I got used to LEGO CAD programs having the "hide" feature and I sorely miss it in Avorion.
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