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Found 12 results

  1. I have a simple request for building mode: -That the visibility modifier allows you to select a block as "invisible", instead of just having one visible. (so you can make "armor" invisible) -That you can select multiple blocks for the visibility modifier (so you can make all the different shapes of "armor" invisible when building) Yes, there are other, more complex things people can request, but this I feel is something of "least amount of effort for greatest benefit" kind of change.
  2. The bug started about 2 days after I had bought the game, it persists on different saves and complete re installs. The bug consists of if I were to place a turret and try to enter turret design mode (yes it is selected) it pops up with a message in chat saying select one turret base block to create a design, I'm not quite sure what to do nor have I found anything with google searches. Thanks!
  3. When you have many block types, the "Only show specific blocks" section for a particular block type becomes very tiresome / bothersome as the list is not alphabetical. It appears to be going newest block type added to oldest rather than alphabetical. A nice QoL change would be to make this list alphabetical.
  4. When you let go of shift or ctrl on build mode, it loses the shape of the surface you were trying to match it to. I want a hotkey that remembers the shape, so you can then tweak it, like stretching it over nearby blocks that were flush with the parent block.
  5. Quite simple, allow the backround in build mode to be set to a color in color picker AND have a toggle for gradient in the View (eye) menu.
  6. Could we please get some capacity to set constraints on our turrets' fields of rotation? It's already sub-optimal to build nice looking, tiered turret emplacements due to the way the game lets turrets shoot through each other making a flat plane the optimal design for ship sides. The fact that you can't set rotational constraints just makes it a further kick in the groin that if you do go to the trouble of building tiered turret emplacements, half the time your turrets will turn all the way around and stick their barrels straight through the walls of the upper gun deck. So not only can they not fire in that direction, they insist on trying to aim in that direction anyway and it looks ridiculous as their barrel clips through ship geometry, and they keep trying to attack the target over in that direction instead of turning to fire on something that's actually in their potential field of fire. I built this today, and it's frustrating to me that I can't set the turrets' rotational constraints and resting point of aim, like you can in From the Depths. It would be great if I could set all the little turrets' resting points of aim, so that I could have them all face outward properly, and it would be great if I could set them to not try to turn so far that they would be hitting each other (Even if they can't, really) or be facing into the central tower. It would look nicer and function better.
  7. Recently, I started applying designs on the turret base with workshop turrets. During the editting process, I thought of some features that WILL make the process easier, less annoying and save time. I don't know whether they are posted here or not, so this is what I thought: 1) Return to camera's last known position after exit turret edit mode: Everytime I exit the turret edit mode, the camera would change to the center of the ship up close. I have to zoom out and locate the next turret base I want to edit. If I have 20 turret base to edit, I have to zoom out, rotate the ship, and click on the turret base for 20 times. I had this experience recently and I'm annoyed since the ship is long and has more than 30 turret base. I would like to suggest that have the system remember camera position before I enter turret edit mode, and return to that position when I exit turret edit mode. 2) Apply design to multiple turret base: I suggest implement a feature that let player edit multiple turret base at once. If all selected turrret base have the same width, allow the design to apply to them, scale up/down if needed. If there are different turret base width among the selected, system can deny the action, scale up/down, or display UI etc. 3) Scale up turret base design: Scale up a design that is smaller than the turret base would be nice to have. 4) Edit turret rotation lock blocks: This has been purposed on the forum before, but I still want to add it here. I want to have certain turret to face a direction only, and apply design on it. However those turret rotation lock blocks cannot be edit. I suggest that it should be designable. If not, add lock turret rotation feature to the normal turret base. 5) Turn off auto-save warning sound/notification: Edit turret base 20 times and I get this warning 20 times. It's annoying and I would like to have the feature of turning off the sound or simply don't show notification at all. Also same goes for ship building too. These are my suggestion for the time being. They are not major changes to the game, so if developers could read this and implement them into the game, I'm sure it will be welcomed by everyone.
  8. Hi devs, I have two suggestions (hopefully small) in relation to ship building. This is related to my experience while building. Split blocks - since we can merge blocks already, it would be extremely helpful to be able to split blocks. Especially for blocks in the inner part of our ship. Perhaps the tool to split blocks can give us a scale, into how many parts the blocks we want to split, or perhaps we can have a cutting/slicing tool to slice the block into several blocks we want (like a "Select Area" tool). See through blocks - this is related to my first suggestion. This usually happens after I laid out my energy generator, cargo bay, etc, and add some stuff outside. After adding some other stuff, I realize I need more energy, so I'd like to modify what's on the inner part of my ship. Maybe split the cargo bay and make it into energy generator. This would be much easier if I can see-through the outer parts of the block, and add more blocks inside. So I can delete some unnecessary blocks inside, and add new ones/rearrange the shape. Thanks for the consideration!
  9. hi guys. got a few ideas, all for the ship build mode. all of them are in a loose relation to slopes. also a "build your own" corner style piece first one - snap options - its great being able to snap to any side of a block, but it sometimes feels like an awkward process if you want to place something where the centre of the block is inside other components. in the same way you can set the mirror for x/y/z, it would be nice to use the same style of interface to set panes on a single axis that your build snap snaps to - in the same sort of way that the framework provides but also allowing of blocks like slopes that you cant use the "place one block on edge of where you want new block, place the block you want where you originally want it, delete other block". snap options - there should be a way to say you want to use the edge of a block to snap for where your placing it. along side this, edges of especially slopes would benefit from being able to attach them corner to corner warpable blocks - i know its all a game about squares - but wouldn't it be nice to not have to have a group of say 30 small blocks to make even a half ok curve, but could fatten or slim down slopes (i cant think of any other block that it would be used for) to have the same effect. don't expect this to ever be a thing in avorion but hey avorion 2 will be here eventually right? lol overlap stuff - it would be nice is a block like framework could have a 0 effect on any placement of other blocks. not really an idea for a feature but if I am doing a list its all here 🙂 build your own corner - instead of alot of preset options for slopes, cant we have a list of "default/fravourites" and a slope designer that lets you select which corners exist and it gives you the corner/slope. i have a lot of hours on avorion and I still get a bit turned around when trying to find some parts thank you for reading.
  10. Currently, the only blocks with Edge counterparts offer little functionality beyond health, mass and volume, this means that designs with large edge or corner blocks suffer from significant "deadweight" blocks. Normally this is countered by removing the large edge pieces for smaller ones with internal blocks inside, such as thrusters to move the additional mass, however this leads to high block counts and lower performance. Edge blocks of things such as Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Assemblys etc, would allow for a high-performance block count design that retains functionality in these blocks. Secondly, Edge blocks of additional block types will make outer appearances better, expanding build possibilities. As this image of one of my ships shows, There is an abrupt halt in the "windowed effect" on the side of the vessels bow, thanks to the lack of a crew quarters edge, this is also true on other parts of the vessel with corners present. The above issue also results in that part of the vessel consisting of over 25% the total blockcount, while less then 20% of the mass. I don't personally believe that aesthetic design choices like this would result in an imbalance, especially compared to the "block stacked cube" build, and would allow for better creativity through better enabling non-cuboid shaped designs.
  11. Good Afternoon, I would like to put forth the suggestion of a new corner block. Currently, nearly any shape desired can be created with the wonderful palette of blocks, edges, corners, and twisted corners. The only exception to this is when a slope is being constructed in an oblique manner as can be seen in the attached picture. As it stands, there is currently no method with the provided blocks to fill in the empty spaces. The proposed block would solve the issue of the gaps and provide the community with the last corner piece required to fully unleash their creativity! SketchFab 3D View - https://skfb.ly/6TwAN
  12. The "problem" I would like to see corrected: Currently, when editing a ship, if I decide to add a custom turret to a turret base, and then exit the turret editing mode, it returns the camera of the build mode to the default position. This isn't so bad when doing this once or twice, but for some builds with numerous turrets, turning the camera to the location I was at again and again can be a hassle. While this isn't a major issue, I would consider it a definite QoL improvement if it wasn't the case. Proposed solution: When entering turret editing mode, store the transform of the camera, (I'm not sure how things work in the engine Avorion uses, so I'm using terms I know from working in Godot/Unity, etc). When the player exits turret edit mode, have the camera return to the transform it was before entering turret edit mode, either in some animated fashion as it does to restore the default view now, or just snapping to that previous view.
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