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Found 6 results

  1. I spend an unusual amount of time watching my AI controlled ships mine/salvage/fight. It's apparent to anyone that spends any amount of time watching the AI do any of those things, that there is a fair amount of room for improvement. I suggest a placeable block akin to the gyroscope block, except it 'points' in one of the six cardinal directions. The purpose of this block would be to give the AI a 'hint' as to which direction to face the ship while performing one of the above tasks. Indeed, there should be a separate block type for each of the three activities - mining - salvaging - fighting, allowing for more specialized ships, knowing the AI will point the rear of its ship at the wreck, because that's where the hint block is pointing, instead of contorting around like a drunk at an open bar. Taking the idea a step further, scaling the block could give the AI a hint as to how far away this block should be from the target - possibly allowing some ship shapes not currently feasible.
  2. I feel ship designs would really benefit from all blocks being angled. Cause theres some times u just want to fill a small angled corner space with a generator or a integrity field. Or tiny angled engine.
  3. Hi devs, I have two suggestions (hopefully small) in relation to ship building. This is related to my experience while building. Split blocks - since we can merge blocks already, it would be extremely helpful to be able to split blocks. Especially for blocks in the inner part of our ship. Perhaps the tool to split blocks can give us a scale, into how many parts the blocks we want to split, or perhaps we can have a cutting/slicing tool to slice the block into several blocks we want (like a "Select Area" tool). See through blocks - this is related to my first suggestion. This usually happens after I laid out my energy generator, cargo bay, etc, and add some stuff outside. After adding some other stuff, I realize I need more energy, so I'd like to modify what's on the inner part of my ship. Maybe split the cargo bay and make it into energy generator. This would be much easier if I can see-through the outer parts of the block, and add more blocks inside. So I can delete some unnecessary blocks inside, and add new ones/rearrange the shape. Thanks for the consideration!
  4. How about mechanical blocks. I would love it if you had a block that works like a joint to open a gate, for example. Another idea would be a sliding block with which you could move parts of the spaceship up and down to the left or to the right Avorion_idea.mp4
  5. Simple suggestion. Issue: Ogonite is one of the least used and less liked materials due to its weight (second only to iron) and lack of useful blocks. Solution: Add Ogonite Shield Generators/Hyperspace Cores, these blocks strike a middle ground between mid-game xanion and late-game avorion but trade their performance for heavier weight values. IMHO, this wouldn't do much more then add to potential creativity, Ogonite is an unpopular block being between the mass-acquirable Xanion and the late-game avorion and would remain such. Adding additional blocks to this material type would simply allow for Ogonite-Users to have more creativity over their builds, while potentially allowing for more people to make use of this material type from those willing to trade some agility for higher performance, without the costs associated with Avorion.
  6. This could impact the galaxy's lore and layout of the galaxy a bit; in that it can help create a story. A suggestion I have is that this block becomes available upon beginning your first "Free Slaves" quest, which I do not believe is common out in the Rim because of the huge diplomatic reward. That said... it might imply that Boss Swocks & Bottan might participate in some very undesirable things. Iron: Slave Quarters / Slave Transport / fits 4x as many people as normal Crew Quarters Titanium: Prisoner Quarters / Prisoner Transport / fits 2x as many people as normal Crew Quarters Naonite: (someone else's crew quarters) / Crew Transport / fits same number of people as Crew Quarters Trinium: Passenger Quarters / Passenger Ship / fits 1/2x as Crew Quarters Xanion: Merchant Quarters / Merchant Vessel / fits 1/4x as Crew Quarters Oganite: Luxury Quarters / Cruise Ship / fits 1/8x as Crew Quarters Avorion: Ambassador Quarters / No Diplomatic Immunity For You Further detail on each material: Iron: The type of quarters rescued slaves are placed in could affect how much the faction rewards you upon completion. Working with pirates you would be able to deliver slaves for them to other factions or ships; or find out where those slaves came from and return them home (betraying the pirates). Titanium: Prisons might need to be a new station? Naonite: Crew transports already exist - and NPCs (and player) could complete quests to re-crew station personnel after types of crew are depleted from the Hire Crew action. Trinium: Passengers may leave Habitats, Casinos and visit certain consumer goods factories (wine, coffee and chocolate factories come to mind), as well as biotopes and/or other types of leisure stations. Xanion: Merchants with these ships may carry other information that you might normally get; including statements about a good in high-demand but no supply or a local good that is in high supply or high demand. Oganite: Cruise ship quarters would involve scenic missions to sectors that might spawn with extra & and rare features and while the quests are high-paying, the planned routes set to a schedule. Guarantees at least one sector on the route that will have some kind of a special feature (beyond the the norm), such as being a binary or trinary; remnants of a resource-rich planetoid (multiple big asteroids of a material plus many smaller resource asteroids form most of an entire cluster of spawned asteroids), inclusion of a periodic (and rare) comet that can be seen moving across the sector from afar (more distant than the in-sector planet), fabled ruins of a bygone faction, or other ideas. Avorion: You carry an Ambassador (and entourage) from one faction HQ to another. If the Ambassador dies or is captuerd, the faction from which they came declares war on you and the faction who was going to receive the Ambassador loses 100k points of Diplomacy and potentially other harmful side effects. This is the highest-paid gig; factions may declare or end wars on one another through these diplomatic proceedings or become allies with one another.
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