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Found 8 results

  1. Add an ability for players to to modify a captains/ships engagement parameters for battle, i.e.: range of engagement, position of ship to enemy, target priority, etcetera. This Idea has come up to me many times as I've made ships designated for specific roles in battle, such as long range siege, carriers, and frontal frigates. Also I've experienced behavioral AI's in another game, so I guess I got spoiled there XD. Examples: Range of Engagement: Set range parameters for the ship to stay within a set distance from its current target. Position of Ship to Enemy: Set the Ships battle position, i.e. broadside, frontal, or any. Target Priority: More for when there are multiple targets, for designating which target to focus on first, by size or dps of the target.
  2. Kind of similar to another suggestion, but rather than or in addition to including a new command to retrieve loot, how about including it in the current commands? Attack enemy / patrol could include logic so that once their target / all enemies are dead, they swoop back around and pick up any eligible loot prior to ending / returning to the command. Salvage could natively also include loot collection of eligible pieces. (As of current, it seems like a ship set to salvage will only collect loot that is dropped as a part of the salvaging process and will ignore anything that dropped as a part of the process that created the salvage in the first place.)
  3. It would be great if we could make the AI miners set to mine certain ore only, mining system upgrade is currently useless so maybe it can be made that it have to be installed to activate the priority set feature.
  4. I spend an unusual amount of time watching my AI controlled ships mine/salvage/fight. It's apparent to anyone that spends any amount of time watching the AI do any of those things, that there is a fair amount of room for improvement. I suggest a placeable block akin to the gyroscope block, except it 'points' in one of the six cardinal directions. The purpose of this block would be to give the AI a 'hint' as to which direction to face the ship while performing one of the above tasks. Indeed, there should be a separate block type for each of the three activities - mining - salvaging - fighting, allowing for more specialized ships, knowing the AI will point the rear of its ship at the wreck, because that's where the hint block is pointing, instead of contorting around like a drunk at an open bar. Taking the idea a step further, scaling the block could give the AI a hint as to how far away this block should be from the target - possibly allowing some ship shapes not currently feasible.
  5. To produce a more thematically consistent gameplay experience, the way in which hangars, fighters, and command of ships not currently piloted by the player are changed. Hangars are updated to "store" any object in Avorion that fits its capacity and fits within the hangar opening. A ship's hangar capacity is a percentage of the combined volume of all hangar blocks on the ship. Hangars made from "better" materials utilize a greater percentage, as the hangar's systems can be further miniaturized and allow more space for an object to fit within. This comes with the recommendation that hangars are available in all materials, with iron granting capacity equal to 50% of its volume and each subsequent material adding an 8% increase - all the way up to 90% for an Avorion hangar. For a ship to "land" on a carrier with a hangar, the carrier must have hangar capacity equal to or greater than the total volume of the landing ship, and the hangar opening's height and width must be greater than the landing ship's height and width. The player orders a ship to land on a carrier by taking control of the carrier and issuing the "enter hangar" command to the appropriate ship. If the volume and size requirements are met, the selected ship will fly towards one of the carrier's exposed hangars and despawn at a short distance from the hangar opening. Ships that have successfully landed on a carrier are bound to a launching hangar on that carrier, and cannot land on another carrier until dismissed from the carrying ship. This essentially removes the need to construct fighters from turrets at fighter factories, as each "fighter" is essentially the same as any other Avorion ship. So as not to be a disincentive to creating multiple small craft - ships no longer require a captain to receive AI commands. Captains need only be assigned for their unique captain bonuses, and are entirely optional. Ships will still require command crew, such as sergeants, lieutenants, etc. based on their crew populations. The main tab of the ship menu now assigns a key binding to any exposed hangars, similar to how the game currently operates torpedo launchers and turrets. Outside of the menu, the hangar is displayed on the HUD with the other key bindings. Right-clicking on a hangar gives the player access to the hangar's commands: attack target, defend target, mine, salvage, and repair. If the hangar is active and the player presses the keyboard key bound to hangar launching - all craft assigned to and currently stored within the hangar will launch. If the hangar is empty and active, pressing the key bound to hangar launching will recall all bound craft to that hangar. Craft that are in a ship's hangar are displayed on a tab in the ship's menu where the fighter tab was previously located. The new hangar tab displays all the ships in the carrier's hangar similar to how ships are presented in the fleet tab of the player menu. The hangar tab also displays the carrier's maximum hangar capacity and its current utilization. Ships on the fleet tab that are bound to a carrier have an icon indicating that they are currently on the carrier, and display the bound carrier's name, a small thumbnail, and the carrier's current sector. Each ship on the hangar tab is assigned to an exposed hangar from a drop down menu below the thumbnail of the ship. Adjacent to the drop down is a button to initiate the transfer of crew and cargo between the carrier and the ship. To the right where you'd normally find the "delete ship" option for a destroyed ship, the player has the option to dismiss the ship from the hangar altogether. Doing this immediately "launches" the ship from the hangar and unbinds it from the carrier. As pilots are no longer necessary, pilot personnel are replaced with "deck crews" that service ships in the hangar. The number of deck crews required on a ship is proportional to its hangar capacity. A ship in a hangar repairs its hull and shields 15% faster thanks to the work from the deck crews. Overstaffing the deck crews can enhance that repair bonus to 20%. That means that a ship in a hangar with its maximum mechanic bonus will repair its hull 150% faster than normal. New upgrades can increase hangar capacity (same amount per rarity as a percentage based cargo upgrade) and the deck crew repair rate (same bonus per rarity as a regen boost shield booster). New transporter software can be installed that removes the height and width requirements from landing a ship on the carrier. If a ship bound to a hangar is destroyed, it is treated as a regular destroyed ship. It is immediately dismissed from the carrier's binding and can be restored at a repair dock using a reconstruction token. If the carrier is destroyed, all craft in its hangar are immediately dismissed at 50% HP and at the start of their shield regeneration cycle. These ships spawn in whatever space is available around the destroyed ship. At this point, it's probably a good idea for the player to enter the strategy menu, select all the ships that just spawned/escaped the destruction of the carrier, and order them away from the conflict.
  6. Coming from Mount & Blade where the game world goes on with or without us, seeing factions declaring war and conquering each other is always fun. We could just do something else while watching control of certain sectors shift to other factions. This should allow a more dynamic world where it feels like a breathing, living universe. Would be nice to have diplomacy options (and sabotages/manipulation) as well.
  7. Dear Developerteam, I jumped into a yellow blip and there spawned the AI, I guess the AI should only spawnes in empty sector's. Then I attacked the AI and splitt it. The greater piece of the AI jumped through the wormhole and I killed the other pieces. The last piece droped the artifact. After that I jumped through the wormhole and found the AI piece on the other side. I killed the whole AI and the last piece droped another artifact. I guess this is a little bug, but still a bug. Kind regards Nahemo
  8. I got a few miners with big cargobays and have to wait a long time for them to return to the resource depot. I would like to skip the actual mining order with a button like "proceed with next order" right below the queded commands listing. I know i could return them myself with just a jumporder to the depot, but then i have to set up the loop of commands again.
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