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  1. seumas

    Recticle mod?

    Bumpage after a year to see if there is any new solution.
  2. Would love to see a pic of your server build. I always enjoy seeing someone else's server build. Cheers!
  3. seumas

    Recticle mod?

    After over 200 hours of Avorion I wonder if anyone has thought about making a reticle mod? I mean the little white '+' sign is a little boring and I think it doesn't really suit the game. Would be cool if a talented coder could put something together that would allow players to customize it a bit. -- choice of 4-5 different types. Could mimic some of the great ones that military scopes use -- different colors -- size scalable Recticle samples: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c5/92/00/c59200f50998b7700a9321e56c3c8f3a.jpg
  4. I have crashes on our server drives us crazy. Nothing seems to help. We reinstalled the server and that worked for a time. This post is great. At least we now know to delete the old sectors. That helps at least get us back playing. Bump for new people who buy and play the game. God help them.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have them on manual. Still can't figure it out. I've stopped using them and have moved to just using figthers for all my mining needs.
  6. Recently I started hosting a server for my friends and everything has been working great. Today after about four hours I started getting disconnected from server when moving from one sector to another. I relogged and after a second attempt it happened again but this time I lost half my cargo which was strewn out in space around me. I got some of it back. Everyone logged out. I rebooted the server but some of the sectors you can jump to. Thoughts/suggestions?
  7. Bump. I'd like to ability to rename main ship design as well.
  8. Okay.. good to know. "Mister Sulu yellow alert."
  9. Based on the game patch notes: I thought that neutral zones were safe. I was in one today when after 5 mins about 7 of the Xsotan faction show up and start blasting away at NPCs and our team. Have neutral zones changed? (beta version). http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,2955.0.html
  10. I've been having an issue in the Beta version of the game whereby I need to stay within 0.60km- 0.75km range to get my mining lasers to work. If I'm any closer or further away they never fire either in manual or auto mode. Has anyone else had this issue?
  11. Can't figure this out. Does 'Switch to Sector' only work in Single Player or in multiplayer as well. When I right click on a sector with one of my ships it doesn't allow me to 'Switch to Sector'. I'm on the Beta build version. I have another ship with a captain in it. It's not my home sector but that shouldn't matter. I got out of the multiplayer server and tried it on single player and there weren't any issues. Could it be something with the server? How do you check? Thanks!
  12. I assume you can but what files do you move to the hosted server? Thanks!
  13. This might be a bug. I have 6 squads but it will only allow me to go down as far as squad 4 to select. I won't allow me select squad 6. Could be a resolution thing or the fact that I'm playing on the beta version (single player). I'm playing at 2560x1440 res. See attachment for screen shot.
  14. New to the forum and would love to check out the mod. Where is the Zip folder to download. Can't seem to find the link. Thanks! <edit> Yep.. figured it out. I forgot to log in and didn't see the last line where the .ZIP link was. ;-)
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