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  1. I was already looking for a mod like this ... waiting for it to work !
  2. because the devs wanted it this way.
  3. Great idea, Shrooblord ! For your list: I'm running these mods under 17.1, and do not experience any issues: CarrierCommander LootCommand for Carrier Commander Compass-like Gate Icons Detailed Turret Tooltips MoveUI Following mods are working well, but there seems to be an issue when both are active Regenerative Asteroid Fields Yet Another Mine
  4. ah ... I remember that private<>youtube account thing ... keep going ;D
  5. and you are not polite neither helpful ... as there is no explanation in the first post, where to put all the files, this question may come up! inside the zip file, there's a folder "better docking". go inside. you will find two folders "data" and "mods". these must be copied to your Avorion directory. but be careful, as this thread is indeed over a year old, the mod may be unfunctional meanwhile.
  6. nice coloring. did you upload it to steam workshop, too ?
  7. another suggestion that just came to my mind: as not everybody here seems to understand proper english, is it possible to show in which languages you are able to communicate? I'm thinking of some checkboxes in account settings, which would result in showing flags of the checked languages under your forum avatar.
  8. I guess the game devs won't be able to do anything 'bout that, as the workshop is a tool provided by steam. If I were you, I'd try to contact someone there.
  9. I like the new look. I'm wondering what happens if I delete the "Subject:" text, maybe then the bubble of which Hammelpilaw talks will be hidden... //edit: empty subject string => error msg: "No subject was filled in" //edit2: smileys don't work in subject string. should be :( ::)
  10. regarding the localization issue... I just stumbled upon this one here: i18n Internationalization
  11. Hey there, this is a problem I had just a few days before 0.17. Hoping for 0.17 to fix it, I didn't mention it earlier, but I was disappointed. I bought another copy of Avorion, set up a LAN server, and was happy for quite a while. Suddenly, I think it was after a windows update, the server didn't show up in the LAN list anymore. What I found was this here, which works. But I think it's not expected behaviour ... Here's my server.ini: [Game] Seed=N41Tl4gxGb Difficulty=1 InfiniteResources=false CollisionDamage=0 SafePlayerInput=false PlayerToPlayerDamage=true LogoutInvincibility=false LogoutInvincibilityDelay=30 DevMode=false BigWreckageDespawnTime=1800 SmallWreckageDespawnTime=900 LootDiminishingFactor=0.00499999989 ResourceDropChance=0.400000006 TurretDropChanceFromTurret=0.0250000004 TurretDropChanceFromCraft=0.25 TurretDropChanceFromBlock=0.00499999989 SystemDropChanceFromCraft=0.200000003 SystemDropChanceFromBlock=0.00499999989 ColorDropChanceFromCraft=0.0500000007 ColorDropChanceFromBlock=0.00249999994 MaximumFightersPerSectorAndPlayer=-1 MaximumBlocksPerCraft=-1 MaximumVolumePerShip=-1 MaximumVolumePerStation=-1 MaximumPlayerShips=-1 MaximumPlayerStations=-1 sameStartSector=true startUpScript=data/scripts/server/server.lua startSectorScript=startsector [system] saveInterval=600 sectorUpdateTimeLimit=300 emptySectorUpdateInterval=1 workerThreads=3 generatorThreads=2 scriptBackgroundThreads=2 aliveSectorsPerPlayer=500 weakUpdate=true profiling=false sendCrashReports=true [Networking] port=27000 broadcastInterval=5 isPublic=true isListed=false isAuthenticated=true sendStatsToAdmins=true useSteam=true rconIp= rconPassword= rconPort=27015 [Administration] maxPlayers=10 name=L3wtrunner's Server description=LAN intended only! password= pausable=true accessListMode=Blacklist What I found out is that everytime I change the values of "pausable" and "isPublic" to false, it is reset to true after I started the (non-dedicated) server. hope someone got a good idea 'bout this...
  12. please make the loot notification configurable. I do not need to know whenever some item is put into the alliance bank, or when alliance faction changes (at least not the small changes of less than 5000). Even when my salvaging fighters collect some resources, I usually don't need that information. What I really want to know is my personal faction gain/loss and my personal turret/system enhancement loot. If there's already a way to change these notifications, please tell me... If not ... please consider adding this quality of life feature. Six checkboxes would be enough: "Resource loss/gain", "Faction loss/gain", "Loot" - and the same as alliance options.
  13. so it's definitely a localization issue. @DracoNB I'm pretty sure you could access the localized strings instead of the hardcoded text that you're using at the moment. unluckily, I'm not deep enough into Avorion modding to help you out here. I'd start looking for this in the localization subforum.
  14. [...]\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Avorion
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