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  1. I personally really like the strip mining lasers mod. Quite nice
  2. I will have to edit this XD
  3. Well that's awesome that multiple factions can exist at once. And does the range for my faction pack show up as 250 to 450??? I set it to 150 to 350, seems it added 100 for some reason.
  4. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but glad you were able to find it! Hope you and your friend can build a massive economy!
  5. There should be a server setting you can adjust to change that. I'm not sure how exactly to do it, but I have heard others saying that you can change the number of sectors that the server will keep "memorized".
  6. I would LOVE the ability to design and build my own gates.
  7. I'll do some more testing. I have had no luck at all finding anything even the adventurer in my singleplayer. If I remember right I set the range for my faction pack to be pretty wide, like 300 to 150.
  8. So I currently have around 6 faction pack mods enabled and I have yet to see any of the ships in any designs in both my singleplayer survival and creative universes. I have spent about 2 hours dedicated to teleporting around the map in creative trying to find a faction using any of these designs but haven't had any luck. I also tried just using one faction pack enabled incase you could only have one active at a time, but didn't have luck with that either. The faction packs were all enabled before the universes were generated too. Am I just really unlucky so far, or is this an issue anyone else has?
  9. Pretty sure this has been brought to their attention already and they know of it. I'd be willing to bet it will be fixed in their next couple of patches. I would try hitting them up on discord and you might be able to chat directly with them if you feel strongly about a subject.
  10. Hmm, you could always try stuff from scratch. Start with clean matte armor similar to Avorion the Journey armor and then mess around with adding details like rivets, hexagons, rivets and hexagons, ect. You could make your own "dev" mod where you experiment so that way its separate from your official mod. Idk, just some ideas for you. I'm by no means an expert either lol.
  11. It looks good when you build it a certian way. I think a different texture would be best, but the dark lets you differentiate a bit.
  12. I figured it out, it was a dumb mistake on my part lol. I feel like that ship in particular will have the most issues since most of its turret hardpoints are sloped, and from what I've read turrets don't get put on sloped hardpoints. I'm so glad that you were able to find some of my ships though! Idk why But I haven't been able to see any custom ships from ship packs in my universes at all. Kinda annoying.
  13. That was actually pretty easy. I'm not sure its working though. I couldn't find my ships used anywhere in the 320-150 range. Not sure how to upload it to the workshop either to show it
  14. WOO! Thank you so much, both of you! Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on using your instructions! Thank you so much again! I hope others will find this useful as well.
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