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  1. Hi. Returning to the game to see how things are going and to my surprise, my ships that were mining, trading or salvaging do not use anymore their defensive turrets when they are attacked. It's strange cause in older versions of the game i'm pretty sure i had some "field salvagers" going into battle to recycle wrecks while their turrets were shooting at enemies. But now they simply sit around without fighting back. The point defense still attack torps on the other hand. Is it something wrong with my game or it's something intended and why?
  2. Love this mod too, but i was wondering if it will be able to make it as a workshop mod or something in the mod directory instead of overwriting files ... Looks like the auto-appending feature will be a lot of troubles for most mods around the forum.
  3. Was working some time ago for me i changed nothing at all simply made a fresh install of the game (and not removing the mod directory) but it's the same as you now and it's like this for more than a week. I think something in the recent updates broke the mod.
  4. Heyas, i think it's easy bug to reproduce. Enter building mode of a ship or station, delete the core block to destroy the ship. You are transfered to nearest ship instead of being transfered to the drone, if it's a fighter, game is broken with no way to exit it.
  5. Ok, i tried this script and there are 2 main issues for me. Firstly if you have an asteroide your claimed but didn't sold or build a mine on it, the script will mine and destroy it. Secondly it looks like OOS it doesn't work well, at least on my game i don't know why but as soon as i leave the sector, it simply stop working and resume once i get inside again.
  6. Hi, I know we should loose some reputation for friendly firing a ship or station in allied systems but this is just absolutely ridiculous at this point. I was in a system that get under attack, the defender were unable to killed the attackers, they were simply completely destroyed again and again and so i went into fight cause i wanted to keep this sector healthy and friendly. What a mistake. On my ship i have 2 point defenses set as defensive 2 plasma guns on the rear and 2 rails on the side to corver from attacks where i'm alreay busy shoting with the main battery and heel i don't know what was the worst. Railguns and plasma shooting on fighter they will never hit and making tons of friendly fire of the point defense that keep spaming on anything but torpedoes and fighters. I turned of the plasma and rails when i saw they made me loose 40K reputation in only a few seconds, keeping their shot on target even if they were out of reach or with many friendly ships in their target line, but the point defense get me another 80K loss as it fire really fast bullets that do 1-3 damages and barrely hurt anything, but still makes you loose a shit load of reputation. And for this one if you desactivate it then you are target of torpedo spam from enemies. So i killed the enemies and how geeeez i earn 500 rep for each kill. Are you serious? So for helping a sector that was going to loose it's shipyard from an attack i dropped from green to red while i didn't even killed a single ally ship from my friendly turrets shots. I would had, the accuracy of turrets is really a joke. I use railguns cause you don't have to make lead from the target you want to hit (Or really a little) and so i was sitting in a system looking at how my automatic railguns would handle a bunch of xotan scouts. They never hit them as long as they move, that's just ridiculous, the turret constantly aim behind the ship while it's supposed to shot ahead ... So yeah of course it will be a ton of friendly fire as they don't even try to hit their target. To me it really makes the game impossible to play and the worst part is each time you go in a system to resupply you have an attack happen in the 2 minutes you get inside, so you will have this issues show no matter what you do.
  7. Hi there, It's a project i tried to launch a few months ago, but had not much support about it, so this time as it was for me a real issue while trying to script for avorion, i've done it by myself and offer it to the community. What is this? It's basically an online documentation for avorion scripts, and core objects generated partially by a custom LUA parser. What it does? Basically it run all avorion LUA scripts and generate a doc for every function of object it found, trying to get insights on what they are supposed to do, what are the parameters used and what they return. So keep in mind it's still heavily WIP and will be updated often (At least as long as i'm developing the project) and will improve with time. Here is the link hope you will enjoy it. Future plans: Make a style-sheet to match the basic avorion documentation. Add most of the core objects Work on the menu to have collapse options Add community libraries in the mod section Add a search feature by keywords Improve return reports Of course suggestions are welcome.
  8. If someone can assure it still works then i'll try to make an update on it to change the version number and put the files inside a mod directory so it do not mess with the rest of the file and don't interfere with future game update. But it dont seem to work on my game so i don't know if it's worth updating now. If someone can notify me.
  9. Not working at all for me (Using the beta branch). In 1.82 it's stuck in stage 3 . In 1.83 it's stuck in stage 1, saying he should trade something getting close to the station that sells the goods and never docks. But he is nice and move his ass to let other traders dock when they are close to him lol.
  10. Alright had the issue simply creating a station. Made a few screenshots and posted them Here Still don't know what makes this happen. Note that after the crash, if the server saved the station, i can go back into my save and edit the said station without any troubles at all. So the issue really comes from changing the station builder into a station.
  11. Alright ... Spoke too fast. So a new report, what i have done. Jump into my sector, create a station builder from my shipyard, go in a place without obstacle into the system and ask for a plastic mine. Then i start building on it, i converted everything to xanion to start and then removed a few blocks useless. By the tie i delete my 4th block my system said too much memory was used. As i was monitoring things i could have a clear view of what was happening and it's definitely a memory leak. Avorion server seem to not be affected by the damn thing, so it would be avorion client doing the mess. What happened? The taks manager kept saying Avorion client did take around 2gb memory (which is already a lot more than it does usually on my computer) but the memory use was getting hight second by second (around 5-10 mb/second) while during this same time the memory reserved on the system was going up at a rate 10x higher. But this memory seem to be affected to nobody, as no process where using more space at all. It was even clearer as quite soon windows closed everything except Avorion (even windows manager ...) letting almost only one program running. Windows memory management is always an issue cause many games pretend to only be using a few Gb while they were using a lot more in fact, most of the memory reserved via system (Black desert do this as exemple, pretending to only take 8gb while it can in fact eat more than 20 if you let it run for long enough) and it's usually related to graphical memory reserved for the graphic driver, but here i don't think it could be the case as i don't see why a graphic issue could be related to station building. Will try to have more clues if i can.
  12. Made a fresh install and so far didn't had the issue again. Will still look to reproduce it if i can, will notify if i find anything.
  13. Thank for your sharing but if you allow windows to put memory on your hardrive, what is more likely to happen with 4gb memory, you will never be able to spot a memory leak and will simply have a slow computer. So your comment do not help at all as you do not monitor anything.
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