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  1. I wish I could have been there, And I look forward to the beta becoming stable. But my gosh, I have to learn some more mechanics, This just ain't fair.
  2. Well, Talking about chains I think They're a rather bad idea, It's better to use the money you earn from Turret Trading to just Buy the Components of Traders. Turret Manufacturing is a little Awkward early on in a galaxy, It's better to start around The Barrier. ( Oh and Resource can Become Really Easy to get you just need to manufacture a few Mining Turrets and build some ships + maybe a couple weapons but it's easier to just buy some from a station. ) By Endgame for me I usually have around 2 - 5 million cargo space.
  3. Ships are saved in Users:Appdata:Roaming:Avorion:Ships
  4. As far as I know, Only NPC's have this ability, Players can't do it themselves. And yes it's like a tractor beam from the looks of it where it pulls and repels the cargo ship.
  5. Yup, That's the Brotherhood Artifact Exploit I mentioned.
  6. Well for brake thrust you would want to use Directional Thrusters, And keep sure they face forwards / backwards on your ship to add brake thrust, Also Iron is the best for its Inertia Dampner, But then whe you get to avorion it becomes obsolete. For Maneuvering when you are mid-placing a thruster you'd notice a + sign shape inside your ship ( Usually centre because most ships are symmetrical ) to show the centre of mass. Thrusters Work best when as far away from that as possible. For power problems I recommend you get power upgrade modules for your ship as soon as possible because they save a lot of resource building generators. Iron is by far the heaviest resource in the game with Ogonite as the 2nd. Each resource have their own traits, The best one in my opinion is Trinium because it has the best Hull/Weight ratio ( Lightest Resource ) And Avorion for its amazing Power Capabilities. If you wanted to get advanced with adding maneuverability to your ship you could focus the centre of mass on your ship, perhaps putting Massive stone blocks at the very side of your ship and building out on the other side all your thrusters, just an idea. And yes crew is a pain in the ass. It will be a bit difficult to explain everything you need to know so it'd be best you found a guide for it.
  7. You'll need to talk to Devious for more full Proof answers but Devious is planning to update it to the Combat Update II Soon, The server wipe has already happened it's just he will patch over the game from what I heard. I'm not to sure if he's even sure that he will have to wipe again or not. I hope not because of how much Progress I made on it.
  8. Well The Modpack is a bit too OP In itself, Regenerative Asteroids... Offline protection. Lots of benefits. TBH The Brotherhood Quest Isn't the Best One Infact I Usually have more of the Exodus Artifacts For that Lovely Jump Range. But yes I didn't think the Modpack took the grind into Consideration. Infact as far as I'm concerned the game only wants you to have one of each artifact.
  9. Exodus Artifcact ( XSTN-K I ) - All Turrets ~ +5 Jump Range ~ +8.5 / 13.5 Recharge Energy ~ -12.5% / 21.5% Research Laboratory ( XSTN-K II ) - All Turrets ~ +5 Radar Range ~ +5 / 8 Deep Scan Range ~ +5 / 8 Scanner Range ~ +130% / 150% Pirate Captain Swoks ( XSTN-K III ) - All Turrets ~ +7 Travelling Equipment Salesmen ( XSTN-K IV ) - All Turrets ~ +5 Cargo Hold ~ +40% / 50% Artifact Delivery Quest ( XSTN-K V ) - All Turret ~ +6 / 8 Shield Durability ~ +70% / 90% The AI ( XSTN-K VI ) - All Turrets ~ +8 / 11 Shield Recharge ~ -40% / 50% MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab ( XSTN-K VII ) - All Turrets ~ +5 Generated Energy ~ +71% Recharge Rate ~ +41% Bottan The Smuggler ( XSTN-K VIII ) - All Turrets ~ +5 Hyperspace Cooldown ~ -40% Velocity ~ +21% Grinding Exodus Artifact - Find the Exodus End Beacon, and Find a random beacon of your choice to start the mission. Build an Alliance ship at the end beacon and the normal beacon for Future Switching Sector. Start the mission then start the Dialogue with the Wreckage at the end beacon, When you get the full range of dialogue ask how to defeat the Xsotan then they give you the artifact, Then put the Artifact in your alliance vault and start the mission again, Teleport back Then rinse and Repeat. Research Laboratory - No good way to grind this except defeating bosses or finding sectors to get system upgrades ( I recommend Fighting the AI and Boss Swoks little Armada To Start getting some goods ) Pirate Captain Boss Swoks - Since There's a cooldown to this Boss and No Good Stats to the Artifact whatsoever there's practically no point trying to or even grinding this boss. Go to a distance from the core between 380 to 430 and just jump in a straight light into empty sectors as many times as it requires to spawn him ( 1/20th of a chance to spawn in a empty sector ). Travelling Equipment Merchant - One of the most horrible Artifacts to get is the Travelling Equipment Merchant's, All I can say for you is to Stay in the sector long enough untill he spawns. Artifact Delivery Quest - In my opinion the most Easiest to farm, Simpley start the mission and go to the beacon your pointed towards. Finish the Four off then do it again, you can have the artifact in your inventory ( The mission even requires that you have an artifact in your inventory ) A better way to do this is with friends, if they all start the mission and go to the same beacon as you, depending on how much people got the mission everyone will get double the amount of artifacts, if 2 people got the mission that is 4 Artifacts if 3 , 9 Artifacts. The AI - 30Minute Cooldown but one of the Highest Turret Stat Range so still can be worth it. Between a distance of 280 and 340 to the core it can spawn with a 5% chance each Empty sector jump. It is almost guaranteed to spawn after 8 jumps in a row in Empty Sectors. MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab - A Decent Power Upgrade that also Adds Turret Slots. Worth grinding but can be difficult to find the Satellites, 4 Satellites in a row and it will spawn. There was a glitch where if you left the game after you destroyed the Satellite and joined again it will reappear but it didn't work for me, perhaps I've gotten it wrong so worth trying yourself. Bottan The Smuggler - One of my favourite Artifacts to get since it takes away your hyperspace cooldown by 40%! And even adds velocity and turret slots. To grind start the mission and do everything else untill you first get the Hyperspace Overloader. Then start it again with the upgrade Equipped and then Interact and Select " Destroy Hyperdrive " Then Simpley Destroy his ship, then Start the mission again, Destroy the hyperdrive and keep doing that again untill you have enough Artifacts for your desire.
  10. Use the Middle Mouse button when hovering over the weapon with your mouse and click then press DELETE on your keyboard.
  11. Well I'm not to sure myself, But when I use teslas ( Rather fond of them ) you'll notice how they bounce around in a Zig-Zag form, perhaps that ties in to the innaccuracy of the weapon.
  12. Haha, That is very funny indeed. Didn't even think that was something that could happen, that is one sure way to attack sectors of factions you don't like.
  13. The point of making a bigger torpedo launcher is that you don't have to refill it as often but ofc it will take longer to reload when you actually need to.
  14. Gontarekt

    Asgard ship set

    Lol This is something that would do well for my alliance. It's a great idea to build ships specific to my own alliance. I guess I'll have to get as good as you then. :D ( 15 people atm ( Getting back to that lovely 18 ) )
  15. Thanks for the playlist, Though I don't need it as I already took the music out of Avorions file in Appdate and made my own playlist. :)
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