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  1. Torpedos are fine, players have tochange their playstyle. Instead of rushing forward to the center you have to put some work into it. If you cannot withstand Torpedos try to understand how they work, how they are shot by your Pointdefences and whats is needet to improve your reputation with factions. If you ask me, selling those Asteroids gives way to much money. Its a no brainer, everyone just keeps selling them instead of giving thoughts to building up a sector. Thats boring!
  2. small update, i m killing swoks insane at the moment, with a single point defense... as i said... could take a while but he already is at 87%... ZZZzzzZZZZzzZZZZZzzzz boooring... http://prntscr.com/irrqz9
  3. I'm sorry, thats my mistake, with 2 different kinds i mean "goods" and "ship building materials". Goods at the moment only have a meaning in the weapon production and for earning credits which you need to build. Why don't we need trading goods to build? I know, this would get rid of the whole mining and salvaging aspect but something has to happen on that part. Maybe we should need special goods to build special blocks and only can build those at shipyards.
  4. It was in the first sector with unknown mass detected. Pirates, no Backup. 4 Torpedoships 120 omn., 5 Bandits 30 omn. and ONE 1500 omnicron bandit. No Boss, no special sector, just 2 Asteroid claims ...and the fact that i realised, that i could play this game through with 1 Point defense wepon, a small 3 block iron ship, 1 mechanic, 1 gunner and much patience! i didn t loose a single word about wreckage contains. thats my last concern right now ^^ ... My new project will be building a fleet and play this as an imperium on my own... the leader does not have to fight! Cause if he does, no enemy would stand a chance. So i have to build many stations to equip that fleet. Designing and building many ships is the main part of this game, not collecting the biggest and best weapons as fast as possible.
  5. 3) The problems with economy The universe doesn't feel alive. Ships don't switch sectors cause this would require enourmus amounts of calculating all the time. No server on our planet would be big enough for a whole simulated galaxymap. Suggestion: Make the map smaller. Only load sectors with civilisations. -> This would cause another problem. Game will be to small for multiplayer. But i stop right here with my suggestions. Have a nice day with star citizen op mode
  6. 2) No reason to turn back -> vertical scrolling shoot em up My thoughts: Yes this game is designed around the idea to reach the galaxy center and the best material but it is a waste of potential. Once you find titan you don t bother about iron anymore, except those "breakblocks" till you get to Avorion. This goes on and on though the whole game. 95% of the galaxymap are for nothing. Possible points of interests in Multiplayergames will and have to be be located around the center. Possible reason: You find an asteroid/wreckage, you mine/salvage it and build a bigger ship right in the middle of nowhere. You even can instant repair all the damage once you fly for 5 seconds out of combat range. Suggestion: Give the economy in peaceful sectors more meaning. No one cares about weapon factories on the galaxy edge cause they can t produce the biggest and best op weapons (which ruin the AI improvements as explained in my previous post). Edit: Yes it would be logical to have peaseful civilisations at the edge and war all the time in the center.
  7. 1) Weapon Damage and stupid/slow AI -> Diablo III infernal mode pre patch My general expierience: Combat against AI is no fun, enemies are to slow. Its quite easy to outrange every Enemy and simply fly backwards. Problem: AI ships have in one and the same start sektor weapon powers between 30 and 1500 omnicron. 30 would be easy going when they would move as fast as the player. but 1500? Try to imagin some of those behind you when you have startet the game. Possible reasons: This is du to the massive imbalance in weapon range and weapon damage. Those ships where created randomly by the system and equipped by the system. My thoughts: AI improvements right now would ruin the fun playing this. Suggestion: Tune down the ridiculos damage weapons can deal. Players will not feel overpowered or growing anymore. Many will leave cause of this. But you have to do it once you try to improve the combat AI and make this game a challange on harder difficulties. Fleet commands and captain AI face the same problem. So this goes from a "hack'n slay" towards a more realistic feeling. Better? @DivineEvil
  8. Hi folks, first of all I have to tell you all that i absolutly love some of Avorion`s features. But here is the issue: It is not possible to build a spacesim with fleetcommand, economy and diablo like "Hack n Slay" mechanics. The combat against the AI feels odd. range > everything. Most of the enemies i met till now are so slow you could moan. (yes i m a noob and all i found was naonite) The AI only appears dangerous at the beginning, when you don t have weapons to outrange them. After that you can autofire with long range bolters auto-afk-aim. Compared to their slow speed the player is way to fast! 2000m/s with boost vs. 10m/s from the AI? Its even possible to build a ship that is faster then any torpedo! Boost and Afterburners are something for really small ships! Not the big ass planetery capital ships you can build. Yeah, Avorion did that to attract attention from action hungry shooter gamers and the public. But now they start to work on features for the economy. There are several issues i`d like to adress: 1) Building ships is awesome, but 2 types of materials is dumb. Sure, it would be horrible to get 50.000 metal plates to create the hull or armorpieces but on the other hand its too easy to progress at the moment. Jump forward, Farm a little bit of the higher materials, build a way to strong Diablo ship and kill everything. 2) The illusion of difficulty through overpowered KI weapons that either 1 shot you, or you 1 shot them is insane! 3) There is no reason to build a fleet or implement fleet control if all you need is a good weapon drop. I already spoke about the slow AI. The AI for your fleet is slow too. Boxelware has to decide what their game has to be or it will flop! Do they want an nearly realistic space sim with fleet control and economy or do they want a hack`n slay egoshooter in space? I`d like your opinion in this case, because i put many hous of thought into it and want avorion to be the perfect multiplayer fleet space sim with great economy! @Boxelware 1) The ship building is great! But don`t let it happen ingame. Give us players the possibility to create ships and order them at a shipyard for a resonable price so that we have to make use of the economy big time! 2) Balance the hack`n slay in a more realistic way. Drop the idea of finding non stackable itemweapons that kill every balancing. 3) AI improvements more and more 4) Beta 16.2: Torpedos behave more like rokets. Player ships feel more like small fighters instead of being realistic. Big balancing issue on that part! Big ships should move slower then small fighters but the opposit is the case. Drop afterburners, lower max speed in general for bigger ships or give bigger sectors. Hypergates are useless once the ship "grows" all you do is using the drive. This game is a mixed mess of Diablo, X-series and Startrek. Choose one and you will be the King of development! (please don t let it be diablo and startrek ???) Or you should stop developing fleet features and start a new project. Diablo kills economy and fleets. Startrek kills sector space and sector system. X-series kills overpowered ships Diablo + X-series doesn t go well -> Economy useless Startrek + X-series is better, but big balancing ahead -> sector based for a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up? WTF? Diablo + Startrek is maybe possible, but doesn`t need economy and/or fleets -> Why the hell should you waste all the effort you put into this? Diablo solo: Drop the fleetsystem and economy and release this mess and loose your reputation. Startrek solo: Drop the fleetsystem and economy and release this mess and loose your reputation. X-Series solo: Change economy, drop the Itemsystem and make me happy again. Oh and before you release it... improve the AI. ^^ I suggest you take X Serie solo with custom ships, change the economy to Material based ressource mines. Iron Titan Naonite .... Avorion can stay inside but have to be mined from a mining station so that the player can build more advanced factories Maybe you can make use of the "Metal"-types and increase the HP, speed, shield, Weapon damage and range, cargosize per block,... by some %/ressource-tier. Its still hard to solve the puzzl to make use of economy, fleetcommanding and sector systems. There has to happen a really big development setback in the near future or the players find out about the reason why the enemies move so slow and the fleet commanding doesn't work well. - The player has to get to the galaxy center and find out whats Avorium and why the Xotan are there, check. - There has to be something in the individual sectors, or it feels like a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up, check. - So we know that economy is a must. But economy has to have a reason, check. You really want to give us the possibillity to land on planets? Add Mass effect on top of a non working design? WTF... drop that! From the Avorion WIKI... Planned Features These are features that are planned to be implemented some day. Only because a feature is listed here, does not mean it will always find its way into the game. For some features, it may take a long time until they will be implemented. Some features may not get implemented at all if the gameplay should develop in a direction where they would no longer fit in. I LIKE <3
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