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  1. Thats not much info to work on.. any crash logs? Steps to reproduce?
  2. I'm not sure that would work, torpedos are pretty fast. Also you can usually shoot them down pretty well with some automated turrets set to defensive mode.
  3. This is a plugin for the Carrier Command Mod (see https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,4268.0.html). This will add a new command to make your fighters collect loot for you: Installation 1. copy the contents of this zip into your Game Directory "Avorion" 2. edit the file mods/CarrierCommander/config/CarrierCommanderConfig.lua and add the folling line to the Config.carrierScripts table definition: loot = {name="lootCommand", path = "mods/CarrierCommander/scripts/entity/ai/"} 3. edit the file mods/CarrierCommander/scripts/lib/lists.lua and add the lines list.actionTostringMap[7] = "Collecting loot." list.actionToColorMap[7] = ColorRGB(0.1, 0.8, 0.1) Usage Ingame in the Settings tab of the Carrier Commander Interface make sure to choose a squad for looting in the "Looting config" section. Also use the checkboxes to configure what loot your fighters should go after. Then in the ship commands tab activate the looting command. Note that the other Carrier Commands might interfere with the looting script if your looting squad has weapons (gravitation turrets count as weapons to), mining lasers or salvaging lasers equipped, you can make dedicated looting fighters using repair turrets to prevent that. This plugin was developed using Carrier Command version 0.9 and the current default branch of the game (version 0.15.8 ), i haven't tested it with the current beta branch yet. Happy looting! :) lootCommand_0.9.zip
  4. I found a solution.. Sector():getEntitiesByComponent(ComponentType.TurretLoot) gets all Turret Loot. Works pretty well..
  5. Hi All, i'm trying to improve the salvage script or even better make a dedicated loot collection script but i can't quite figure out if there is any way to determine the loot type of a loot Entity (returned by Sector():getEntitiesByType(EntityType.Loot)). I would like to prioritize collecting Turrets and System upgrades over colors and minerals. Entity.type seems to be always 8 and typename always says "Beute" so there seems to be no way of determining the exact loot type. Am i missing something here?
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