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  1. Here's a whole topic on ship classification that might give you a few things to think about. http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1439.0.html
  2. Certainly, I'd love to have more visual options. It's just the current development is focused on gameplay and rebalancing things. So that's also the focus of most people's discussion.
  3. It's been suggested that there should be a docking block for ships that let you attach ships together. This could be used to make a Mothership that has an entire army docked with it that it carriers around through hyperspace.
  4. I recall someone mentioning this somewhere. But never heard what they meant by it exactly. IFGs seem like pretty good deal. Though, maybe if you took the space and power you were spending on them and put it into better shields you'd be better off?
  5. Please link this other thread and I'll be happy to join it... Apparently I missed it... Your topic is the one I was talking about already existing. A mod combined the two topics. I've edited my post to make it more clear who I was talking too.
  6. That makes even less sense. It's not too hard to tell if a thruster has a clear line of sight to the outside of the ships. As such this mode would be extra work for a pointless feature.
  7. Nope. I like being able to cover thrusters with glow blocks so they look different. Also replica ships require you to keep the thrusters covered to look accurate. This change would complicate things and anger a large part of the community.
  8. Okay, for one. Suggesting six things in a single is day is excessive. It eats up a lot of room on the front page. Try pacing yourself in the future. And two. This has already been suggested. It's even still on the front page as of this post. Please try and do a little research to make sure you aren't wasting topics by repeating things.
  9. Thundercraft keeps claiming that an Hp increase of 50% per tier is slight. Lol. That's a huge increase. It ends up making Avorion 11 times, that's 1100%, healthier than Iron. Which is number that sits quite well with me. The weight differences are also drastic. I agree with some of what he's saying, but he needs to stop making these fallacious claims as the core of his argument. Logically, a stronger material could increase thrust. But, I feel like the different weights are doing enough to speed ships up or slow them down. Solar panels should generate more power at higher tiers if only because power generators do and they should work somewhat the same to avoid confusion and keep things balanced. Ogonite is not worse than Xanion. It's pretty clear it's meant to fill a specific niche. One that Xanoin and even Avorion don't fill.
  10. System code 16 by my system. Again, I'll say that if someone's going to go that far you should probably check how big the ship is exactly. You can list the role as whatever you want so it might be something like a Mega-Fortress. Though, while that is completely excessive by Avorion's standards other Sci-Fi has some ridiculously huge ships such as Titans from Eve at 10 kilometers and longer and the Super Star Destroyers/Star Dreadnoughts from form Star Wars ranging from 12 kilometer all the way up to 20 kilometer depending on class and source material.
  11. GrimJahk posted a suggestion for remotely operated drones. This could also keep your pilots alive. http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1953.0.html
  12. It seems a little unnecessarily complicated to have remote controlled fighters require so many different types of crew. I think it would be better just to have them all controlled by pilots. Also, if the fighters are remotely controlled your pilots could rank up to be able to control multiple fighters. There are examples of people being able to control whole wings of fighters via remote control in Sci-Fi. Like for instance Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.
  13. I think some kind of system is needed. After all battleships don't run out of ammo, but a carrier will quickly lose most of it's fighters. Also, replacing the fighters themselves is just part of this. If there isn't some way to keep your pilots alive you'll just run out of them instead.
  14. Realistically, if you took a container and then replaced it with ten smaller containers you would lose some cargo space because of the extra walls. That being said, losing more than half your cargo space is too much. And I can agree with you from a building freedom perspective that it shouldn't matter at all. Crew quarters, hangars, and solar panels wouldn't magically get better just because you make them out of something else. Their function is based purely on physical space. This even factors into advanced building techniques where you can save on weight by using Trinium or Xanion crew quarters and solar panels. Hangars need the HP because they are accessible from the outside of your ship and are literally glowing targets. Computer cores are odd. I don't understand them very well. So, I wouldn't be sure how changing them would potential unbalance things. I've brought up the problem with the IFGs before here: http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1066.msg5437.html#msg5437
  15. Yeah. That's a good system. I also have this same problem. It's why I vastly prefer prirate hunting.
  16. Pointing out things that are wrong is all well and good. But, you don't really suggest anything to fix the problems. This kind of thing might be better being posted in the Gameplay Discussion sub-forum. I feel like the flying cube meta is almost unavoidable. It's appeared in every space building game I've ever played. And it's product of the fact that a cube is a very efficient shape in real life. This I totally agree with. I like the ways the material tiers work. The biggest problem I have with replaying a lot of RPGs is having to go through the far less interesting early game over and over again. In Avorion you can skip to the mid-game and I don't have a problem with that. After all I still feel like any player just starting out will work their way through the material tiers slowly and in order which helps them learn the game. There's still some room for for improvement, but I don't see the need for a massive reworking. I think this one of those things that will definitely get better over time as more content is added. I believe the Dev even said that the core is in a bit of an unfinished stated.
  17. This is a great idea. We will eventually need some kind of crew "factory" for when players start building up their own infrastructure.
  18. There's a way to do this!? It's driving be driving me nuts for ages.
  19. I like the idea. But, setting up a mining base seems like a worthless option. That is unless the mining base has 100% gains. I have trouble finding mining lasers that even have 50% efficiency. I wouldn't mind mining slower if I actually get everything in the process.
  20. I agree with a lot of what's been said. I still dislike the idea of buying turrets with no parts required. I don't think it's the base system that's broken but the calculations need to be changed. Turret RNG in general needs tweaking. Turret factories, loot drops, and research stations all need to be rebalanced. I like the recycling idea. DivineEvil had an interesting idea for reworking the system. Basically, you can reverse engineer a turret you own. The turret is destroyed and you get a blueprint that you can use with a factory to mass produce that turret. I would presume that if that system were to be used the turrets produced by turret factories without a blueprint would be of much lower quality. So that there's actually a reason to go looking for good turrets to reverse engineer.
  21. I'm having a hard time understanding you post. But, the gist of what I'm getting is that you don't like how fighters are currently implemented. Well you aren't alone and there has been a lot discussion about how to improve fighters. Including ways you could design your own. I guarantee changes are already planned based on those discussions.
  22. That explains a lot. I kept looking at this Cink stuff in my cargo hold and going... What... Is this?
  23. I don't want the mechanic removed. But, I would like a way to speed up the calculations. When you think about it there's a hyperspace upgrade card that decreases the cooldown timer and there's a hyperspace upgrade card that increases radar range so can see where you are jumping to. But, there's no hyperspace upgrade card to speed up the calculations. It seems like a bit of an oversight that you can improve every aspect of jumping with glaring exception of the calculation times. So, those always end up being the bottle neck. It would be too OP to be able to jump instantly. It's just that if I install like 4 different hyperspace upgrade cards it would be nice if they actually sped up the process.
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