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  1. I've been on two forums with rating systems and in both cases the negative ratings were abused and cause a lot of needless drama.  If a rating system were to be implemented it would be best for it to be thumbs up only.  That being said I don't think such a system is needed.  The Devs read the forums.  They can make the call of what makes sense to them and what doesn't.

  2. Actually this feature is somewhat planned.  I remember reading something about being able to download faction packs in the future.  You can use these packs to seed the galaxy.  If you seed a galaxy with just faction packs and turn off random spawn you should only see those premade designs.  At least that's how I think it is going to work.  Wait and see.

  3. I feel like the people who want block based weapons are just bullies at this point.  They just keep saying the same unproven claims over and over again.  Like they think if they bitch hard enough they will get their way.  Well the dev already said no so.  So discussion over.  Why are we even still talking about this?

  4. I also seem to remember reading somewhere that the Devs are not going to have weapons that you build block-by-block, there's more of a focus on the "diablo style" random loot that we currently have than being able to build ideal turrets as/when you want to.


    And that focus, frankly, needs to change.  This is primarily a building game, not, I repeat, not an action-RPG.  Game devs need to recognize when their vision conflicts with their audience (this is an industry-wide problem, not just for this game).


    The audience Avorion attracts will be the type of people who play Starmade, Space Engineers, From the Depths, and their ilk, not the Diablo series or Path of Exile or Torchlight.  That's not to say those two audiences are mutually exclusive, I myself have played Diablo 2 and I'm sure many other gamers enjoy both types of games, but generally speaking, the type of gameplay and the desires of the playerbases are extremely different between the two game styles.


    The ability to build your ships with/around their weapons is not just a nice feature, it's outright mandatory for this kind of game.  If we can't custom design and build our weapons themselves, that's fine.  I know when to pick my battles.  But at minimum, the ability to place turrets and weapons on your ship at creation is required, or the building side of Avorion will always remain incomplete.


    Giving us the ability to customize our ship itself to a degree unequaled by any other game of this type, but then restricting our weapons choices to the tyranny of the RNG, is not only at odds with this style of game and its gameplay, but given the frequency with which new posts about this topic appear (about once a week or so), it's at odds with the desires of the vast majority of the playerbase as well.


    Wow.  Who died and made you the King of Videogameland where you dictate what a game can and can't be.  Games can mix genre elements.  It's what I like about indie games.  I've also done the block built weapons thing a lot.  It has it own share of problem as well.  But the biggest one that you really end up making the same gun over and over again.  RNG while it has it's own issues makes it so that you may not have your ideal setup all the time and may actually have you change the way you things depending on what's on hand.


    Also, you speak for the vast majority?  As if.  People on forums are super small fraction of the playerbase right of the bat and the ones most likely to complain if they have an issue.  The other turret design topics ended up with lots of people on both sides.  Your claims that the majority of people hate the current system are fallacious and based off of what could very well be a vocal minority with no way to really tell the difference.

  5. Maybe the idea would improve the game but you miss the real problem:


    Its the ability to change modules everytime and everywhere. (so basically a mining ship has the same ability as a scout and can jump all over the map). If the game needs a balance fix in this direction the better solution would be to make modules (and turrets?) only build- and switchable in a shipyard.


    a fixed setup of moduls encourages the player to build more and dedicated ships.


    And if you now argue with the problem of additional annoyances which might occur: Yes, they might be there, but they should and can be solved by design.

    For instance it could be made possible that ships without a player and a captain can still get a move order(automated warping) over the map(even with sectors "sleeping"), which might take some time, but would limited the problem of jumping back and forth just to change ship.


    Why is having to build more dedicated ships a good thing?  Last time I checked I still spent most of the time using just one ship.  A change like this is just adds needless annoyance.  If I build other ships, ones I don't tend to pilot, then I have to make them specialized anyways because it's too time consuming to be jumping between them changing systems.  That's the beauty of how it works now you can and want to design ships both ways.

  6. Another advantage of running 3 item researches is that you are constantly rerolling the dice on the resulting item's stats.  This gives you change to get a good item even if it's at the same rarity level as the items you put in.  Also an item's sale price is based on it's stats.  I have a legendary that sadly ended up with patently average stats and it's worth far less than my exotics that all happen to have very good stats.  So giving the RNG more chances to split out random well stat'd items will make you more money than having fewer items of a guaranteed rarity level at the end of the day.

  7. After that allotment of generators and the shields are in place... there is no cost.

    You have to pay the engineers/mechanics to keep the generators functioning, would you not consider that an "upkeep" cost?


    no.. it's still "Do and Done"


    Permanent protection with no drawback. This is why there needs to be some sort of balance/depletion of resource tie to the shields.


    Currently, Shields are like a magic fender on your car. You side-scrape a post and in a few minutes it's back to brand new. No effort needed or cost.


    Shields should consume energy to refresh, or materials...


    Shields constantly draw energy.  It just that generators constantly produce more energy than shields draw.  Even if you make shields cost more energy all you have to do is use a bigger generator.  How would you change this?

  8. Wow, you guys get way to serious about this ..  I use animals















    and colors for Material type AKA Tri - heavy armored is a Blue Turtle,  Current ship is a Yellow Unicorn ;-)


    That's certainly the cutest naming system I've ever heard of.

  9. What would you do with a 15 slot ship?  I've never used more than 10 different types of module.  Sure I could throw in a thruster upgrade or something I don't normally.  But, this means every large ship would be slotted the exact same way.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having the slots in the first place.

  10. I also had this happen while I was boosting towards a station.  Fortunately as a KSP player I never boost straight at anything so I ended up with a near miss.  A crash would have cost me my ship.


    I've also had multiple situations where I picked up cargo during a hostile faction's attack only to have faction I was defending have one their ship's scan and attack me.  Big help guys.

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