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  1. I'm having problems as well.  My ships tend to have a lot of little bits hanging off them.  Antennas and such that get sheared off rather easily.  I know that's realistic but it's a lot less fun.  Also turret pop is a problem as turrets are often times be irreplaceable but there's no good way to keep them safe.  Again I get what people didn't like about ships being one giant mass of HP but I feel the integrity fields provide way too little protection now.

  2. I will as well agree that pirate and alien attacks happen too often.  I pretty much gave on mining in this game because I was more or less forced to turn every mining ship into a pirate killer, that is to say a ship with 70% of it's turrets being weapons not mining lasers, just so I can kill the various pirate/aliens fast enough for more not to just pile on before I've finished with the first group.  And in faction sectors there are the faction invasions.  It was pretty common for a faction to invade and before they were even done fighting the pirates would show up then the aliens and by the time I was done killing everything the enemy faction would invade again.  It's not all bad sometimes I'm looking for long epic fight.  But sometimes I just want to buy stuff without getting shot at.

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