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  1. We are playing on Singularity server http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,893.0.html
  2. Good server. Have command /sethome in chat(u respawn where u sethomed). Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone! Im live in Ukraine, speak ukrainian, russian and little bit english, understand polish but not speak cuz dont have practice for this. My nickname AHrEJl(u can call me angel if want). Looking here to make new friends and strong fraction on some EU server. Mb official server when its done. Cheers! Achieved post here :D
  4. Hello all! EliteCorp recruting 18+ yo players who wanna play together. Cuz this game is sandbox where players can build stations and in future make factions. So... Who if not us? Togeter we can make more than alone. If you are an adequate person - welcome! We are playing on EU servers! w8 official servers to test it! ;) P.S: we have cookies :P Speak english and russian language. Our discord https://discord.gg/kgBeHZQ
  5. Hello devs! Cant wait official EU server! Still have this problem as topic starter said. After update this shit happens more often... Best regards!
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