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  1. The icons do change but no action is taken, i have tried to issue a stop command, then a mine command but they still wont mine. when i either jump to sector or switch to it they will work normally. i dont even need to re-issue a command. once i leave, i get income from mining/salvage for 5 minutes then no more. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EMnxW1WllYOlR8tmfFdfH1urRcWposQ_ is my Galaxy The ships in question are currently in sector 193:-125 but this happens in all sectors. Its like they are all on smoke break but start moving and try to look busy when the boss shows up. the worst part is they have the audacity to still want to get paid. >:(
  2. they don't respond to new orders, they will however jump out and/or back into the sector. but not continue mining or start mining again even if i issue new orders. a player has to be present in the sector for them to start, and they will stop 5 min after the player leaves the sector. I dont see any message in the server window. truthfully i am making the assumption that the sector has gone to sleep. but perhaps the AI has instead?
  3. Sectors that contain alliance ships but no player will not be kept alive after 5 minutes edit: I'm not sure if they sleep but after 5 minutes the ships in that sector stop mining/salvage.
  4. The sectors eventually go to sleep, does this not work with alliance ships. or did i not configure the mod properly.
  5. I hope not as well. I cant tell you how much i hate the proceduraly generated ships.
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