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  1. I've tried some thing switch them, like a repair station or a support/repair ship but none of it worked like I wished they should, because they work with attack commands, there is no repair or help command And when im fight commanding attack to me support ships it Flys away to repair the enemies.. All that I could figure out is the repair Fighters, if you put them on defend they will repair yourself very well And you can command them to attack an ally and they will repair him
  2. If you play on hardcore or insane difficulty you can't reconstruct ships
  3. I agree, the flip on speed should be one thing to fix. Small ships must have a speed advantage and large ships will have to use a lot of thrust to even move :) Also range scaling for turret size would be a nice addition And an overall smaller dmg bandwidth that makes smaller ships more viable That all making a fleet gameplay more viable and interesting because of different roles of ships
  4. Yes, you have to sit in an alliance ship to reconstruct alliance ships Then click on repair, cjoose the second or third tab and you get an overview over your ships that you can reconstruct :)
  5. Hello, I've tested torpedoes against the new shield resistances and realized that torpedoes do all physical dmg So even shield breaking torpedoes like plasma or ion do physical dmg, but should penetrate shields easily With plasma torpedoes against a physical resistance shield I do literally no damage at all, because it's all physical plasma dmg xD Appearing as orange numbers when hitting a target This was probably not intended and may be forgotten when implementing the new resistances And the hints for dmg types are not appearing on Fighters, nor on torpedoes The dmg types do work anyways for Fighters, but are not to see in their description
  6. Hello :) I've recently had some issues with my Fighters and thought about ways to simply improve things, but as I'm not a fan of mods I'd like to see these changes in the core game :) -More commands (repair and automated attacks etc), more clearness to what Fighters should be doing -Transfer whole squad buttons, because it's annoying to move them via drag and drop, and transfer all sometimes is way to much ^^ -Move squad up and down buttons for organizing squadrons, as simple as that -Grouping fighter squads like weapons, for example grouping all repair squads, so one doesn't have to break one's fingers while shift+all numbers on the keyboard ^^ -better docking into Hangar (automated docking after 1 minute of failure in docking approach) because even with large hangar entrances they still fail to dock sometimes (feels like always!) And these are only a few of many more imaginable features for those little buddies :)
  7. Hell yeah I'm so excited! <3 I'm so looking forward to some fighter updates! -More commands (repair and automated attacks etc) -Transfer whole squad buttons -Move squad up and down buttons for organizing squadrons -Grouping fighter squads like weapons -better docking (automated docking after 1 minute of failure in docking approach) And so much more! You're doing a great job on avorion :)
  8. I've had this issue a few times: I sent my mining ships to mine and after that to refine the ores. I do that with chain commands via the map commands holding shift. They will do (sometimes) the mining correctly and then fly to refine, but in some cases they get stuck in the refining-docking status. They won't do anything until I give them a command to fly to a new sector and choose a different resource depot to refine (they even have a transport system with 3k range) Canceling and redoing just the commands in the same sector don't work.. The AI may have some problems here with positioning?
  9. As far as I have seen the new modules there are some for shields that add a resistance strength und some for hull which increase hull strength but add a specific weakness
  10. Great ideas! Thought about the same issues but didn't have the time to write it down yet, couldn't do it better! Totally agree :) BTW the shield and arms resistance systems are now already in game! Came with the latest update yesterday ;)
  11. Even a Small Mine is producing more goods than these few shuttles could ever transport, even in the shortest distance..
  12. Will it be possible to produce ships with own designs at Shipyards without mods in the future? Would be great to have that extra option available when building ships :) I love the new generator and I'm looking forward to see all those beauties xD
  13. Great job! I love the changes :) I've tested out the new dmg types and noticed that torpedoes do orange (physical) damage to enemies. I've shot plasma and ion torpedoes, which are good against shields, on them and they didn't do a lot. I've also shot one pirate with a orange shield which reduced the amount of dmg of 100k ion-torpedoes to nearly 0.. Maybe the dmg types haven't been applied to torpedoes and Fighters yet? Haven't seen any hints on them, too?
  14. Hello, I've tried this mission type several times because it seemed to be quick and easy money.. But I could not complete any of these.. I get the mission, I jump into the sector and get all the green hints for objects I have to explore. I did so until none are left. I also explored wrecks, stations and ships or any other stuff that is actually in the sector. But I never got the mission completed message nor an reward. I also used sector scanners for hidden staches etc but couldn't find anything that would help me.. Had it in single player as well as in multi-player.. Any tricks with this?
  15. Hello, I know this is an issue others have also reported but it keeps annoying me so I will write down my version of the issues.. I tried to use cargo shuttles to connect my stations and mines and I started the production chain while my shuttles and pilots capacity was not yet full. I kept adding new shuttles and pilots but after maybe 16-20 shuttles no more joined them on their business to carry the stuff around. Can't even tell exact numbers because it is different with every station, but no more then 2 squadrons of cargo shuttles start operating. Then I read through the forums to find an alternative and some suggested to take a ship with automated commands (chain commands) and I used a buy goods A, sell goods A, buy B, sell B in a system with coal and scrap metal and a steel manufacturer. The first try it started the chain (but didn't transport anything) and then kept redoing only scrap metal (still without transport just jumping through the chain commands) until I canceled. The next tries went so that I couldn't even start the chain because he insta completed the buy/sell commands that I couldn't select the chain commands in time (impossible with that selection window and shift clicking). Still can't do more than watching my 100 cargo shuttles with pilots resting in the hagar bay.. Tried to add more and more hangars, even very big ones that all of them would have more than enough space to fit inside but it's not the size of the hangars.. I hope my description was precise enough to reconstruct the problem and maybe finding a solution :)
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