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  1. All my set up turret designs disappear whenever I press ctr-z to UNDO my last action in regular building mode. I can reproduce this on different servers and game modes on all ships. Whenever a ship has turret designs on a turret base, with actual turrets on them or not, when I later edit something unrelated on the ship and press ctr-z every turret design on every turret base block resets and vanishes. And they don't come back when I press ctrl-y for REDO, you have to set them all up again. PS: I'm sorry I didn't have time to post my logs, if necessary I will do so. Also I meant to put this in the general Bugs Forum, not the Beta one, maybe if possible a moderator could move it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the answer guys! I didn't think of that option. Normal single-player games would probably not do that, but due to the server architecture, that is in place here anyway, it makes sense that this is possible.
  3. I'm assuming that when my ships are mining in another sector for example, that this is not physically simulated. In which case what they do would be some sort of simple formula? I guess what I'm asking is, do we know how this calculation actually looks like? I started to test this a little, but it's hard to say, how ship equipment and maneuverability is factored in the result you get. And much more interesting how will off screen fights be calculated? How well will an escort ship for miners be able to defend them, when I'm not around, can I expect it to roughly perform as it would when I can see it in the sector I'm in? Does it simply calculated something like hitpoints vs damage-output = who won the fight? Does it matter where exactly it was positioned in the sector, when pirates attack? I paused playing for a few months and missed a lot of updates notes you could say, maybe there is a link, or maybe somebody could share their experience with this sort of thing. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks! This helped me out a lot. And as long as I can do it now, no complaints from me. Though a more intuitive solution would be surely beneficial to new players.
  5. Gatecrash When followed by a ship in escort mode, passing through a gate or wormhole, the following ship will immediately jump after you, spawning almost in the exact position that you are currently occupying, causing the ships to crash into each other. Maybe following ships should spawn in random positions spaced out around the gate to avoid this. Fleet management and map obstruction When you click on a sector on the map with multiple ships, the ship icons and order buttons will appear right underneath the sector, obscuring possible target locations beneath. Sometimes you can't order your fleet to move to a certain obscured sector, or only part of your fleet will jump, because clicking on an obscured sector will deselect the ship icon above. I think the ship and order buttons should appear in a fixed position or box in a corner of the screen, when clicking on a sector.
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