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  1. I've been playing since Dec 21st, 2017 and I've got more than 2500 hours logged. I LOVE THE NEW CHANGES! Managing ships with trade and mining loops before was just annoying. I spent most of my time manually trading to build up income, as well as exploring. Now? Exploring is almost too easy - my current gameI have over 7500 sectors explored, thanks to my explorer ships and captains (almost triple that of older games). For me, a game didn't really start until I had a rare or better trading system. Now, it's find a merchant captain and send them off to make $$$. That means more time I can spend looking for new captains, checking out station missions, and other higher level stuff. I'm going to say a happy goodbye to order looping. It was wonky to set up and it caused performance issues. Missions are great, although expeditions feel kind of... underwhelming, honestly. Expeditions should have effects and events that only happen on an expedition - you get more items with salvage, more credits with trade, etc. I used to make ships for specific tasks like mining and trading, but they'd often sit idle. Now, every ship I have is almost always working, to the point where I feel guilty if they're not off on a mission. Captain traits are interesting, but they seem a bit limited - there's definitely room for more. There's also a great opportunity to have captains gain abilities as they level, like a maybe a daredevil getting a 5% bonus to a specific type of damage at level 3, 10% at level 5, etc. My fleet is definitely active, and the shield module changes actually resulted in my ships being outfitted and ending up wth more shields than I'd normally run. I've also made a 15-slot ship for the first time ever because of 2.0 and it's amaaaaazing! Fighters are even tougher than prior to 2.0 - being able to fire from extended ranges was their biggest strength before, now it's massive HP per fighter. I have fighters with over 1250 HP each, and they're still wrecking everything they face, only faster now with the range boost ability. It's like commanding a swarm of space piranhas! Nothing I've faced so far uses anti-fighter cannons, which means I've destroyed entire sectors and not lost a single ship (that's bad - I should be taking losses). Trade has gone from a bit of a pain to "I have SO MUCH STUFFFFF". Procure missions are so good, you can't even imagine how happy I am to have them. You know what would be even better? Making a way to have a turret part list populate a procure mission's item list - there's a nudge, nudge suggestion for you from me 😉 And having smuggler captains being able to sell stolen goods without having to find and visit a smuggler? YES PLEASE! The changes you've made for 2.0 are really, really good. Some people are always going to be unhappy with any kind of change, and there's nothing you can do to appease them. Just keep going and make the game even better!
  2. Once in a while a turret factory will show a weapon blueprint that has the independent targeting property. This is somewhat misleading. Normally, one would expect that two targeting systems would be required as turret components in order for it to have the independent targeting property. However, the player can manually add two targeting systems, giving the prospective turret double independent targeting, which has no real effect other than to half again the damage of the turret. *Note that with the upcoming 2.0 changes to independent targeting this is a moot point.
  3. If it happens that there are no goods locally within the range of the trading system's scan, they won't show on the list. They still exist in the galaxy, just not in the immediate area. To verify this, identify a missing good and then move to an area that has it. The dropdown should have it now.
  4. Is there any way to change where my ship loads? My PC is several years old and has trouble playing the game. It regularly crashes when there are complex sectors to be rendered - scrapyards, Xsotan infested areas that have station wrecks, etc. Currently I'm trying to load into a scrapyard and the game is just locking up. I have 175 hours in this save game and I started it because I tried to restore a previous game that I had over 200 hours in but had to abandon because I tried to restore a save. I'm really getting discouraged by the frequent crashes and lack of anyone seeming to know what they're talking about. I lurk a lot and there seems to be far more unanswered questions and hardly anyone that knows what they're talking about answering. I know I need a new PC but ffs, I just want to keep playing until then. How do I switch the sector I load into, please? Anyone?
  5. So here's my situation: Current game, over 240 hours played. Loving it for the most part. Finally decided to create turret factories for the First Time Ever in sector -2,2. I got so wrapped up in checking the numbers and making new turret factories that I didn't turn them into stations - they stayed as the little starter ships I'd made. I had 10 in the sector and I was getting ready to make some turrets when pirates finally spawned and killed 3 stations. Disaster! Here's where it went from bad to worse. I decided to try restoring my save game from a backup. Guess what's in the sector now along with my turret factories? Five hostile Xsotan. Much worse! I've spent the better part of 6 hours trying various workarounds to save my turret factories. I've tried to super quickly change the difficulty to beginner just as the game loads, but I still can't save all the factories because I can't use /destroy to get all 5 Xsotan quick enough. The sector file that has the XML lists 5 ship UUIDs, which I'm guessing are the Xsotan. I've tried saving the game just as it loads but before any stations are destroyed, and then editing the sector file to remove the Xsotan - no luck there. My current thinking is to run a Lua script at the command line as soon as the game loads to destroy the Xsotan. However, I don't know how to create a Lua script that would do that. If this is the wrong place to discuss this, I apologize. I'm just trying to fix my screwup and I could really use some help. Thanks for any answers and help anyone can provide!
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