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  1. Hi, it's been a while since devs upgraded the game so I need to ask what's happening because there aren't any update since july and I want to know what are they working now, this is not indeed to be a sarcastic or offensive question, sorry, I don't know a lot of english.
  2. Something like the SOASE camera would work, obviusly with poor graphics and with more icons, but still work.
  3. hi, first of all, sorry for my english, my native language is spanish. I bought this game like a year ago and I've been waiting since that for a improvement in the "empire creation" of the game, actually you can't manage, at least easily, other ships and the actual UI is pretty bad. I was thinking about when are we to get updates in this aspect of the game because going with your fleet and attack another factions, forge alliances and be atacked by other entire fleets would be beautiful, inmersive, and great. Basically I suggest: -A way to create a empire -Better UI for fleet control -More actions into the diplomatic-war aspect, like claim systems, war for tribute, etc -improvements to the AI factions so they can attack your systems with their fleet, obviusly their fleet depends of how many systems they have, their resources, etc, but would be good if they can manage big fleets so we can have big wars -Finally and more important, the kids have toys now with the combat update, can the adults have an entire update just for this aspect of the game? (diplomacy, war, fleets) (Just kidding, dont get offended ;D) Ty all for reading.
  4. I know what you feel, I tried to find a ship for early stages but nearly EVERY SHIP uses avorion, I think that if I got avorion is because I am finishing the game "discovering" and I dont want a new ship because my ship got me into avorion
  5. I enter everyday on this forum looking for a new update :o :o finally!
  6. Can you ask the devs to be a validator by yourself
  7. Hey!! I want to thank you as I dont see anyone saying it. I've seen this post here for a month, im going to use it when I'll be back to play
  8. Very good video!! I think it needed a part were you show the camera from the torpedo but anyway is a great video! ty
  9. GREAT UPDATE!!! Thank you and keep the good job!
  10. Man, I think the same way as you! Do you think that some day all of those things come out in the game?
  11. how many time are we going to wait?
  12. I've played for around 20 hours and never experience a crash
  13. This hurt me a lot, is the game going to have that characteristic in the future? Because thats one of the things that I really wanted to do :c "A fuc***ng massive war with a lot of factions in a sector and lots of ships!!" Ill give a try to that pack of mods after I finish my current game, BTW is there any mod to add some things to the game? Or any mod that adds more "action" to the galaxy like more wards and battles between factions? I need to finish saying that I dont want the game to be harder, just to have more content to explore and adquire :c
  14. Thanks for your reply! I agree with you in everything but I still think that they can search for some people to help they with the project, anyway, they're doing a great job I have like 12 hours playing and im at the trinium tier (at least the most of my ship is hehe) but i don't understand some things, I hope you can help me with them: 1- This is pretty stupid: I don't know how to stop my ship. Yeah, that's it, I am using a lot of thrusters ( my ship looks so bad) but my ship is still taking a loooot of time to brake, im talking about 30 seconds to brake, most of times I need to turn back and start accelerating towards where I was trying to go, lol 2- I still don't know how to create a fleet or a faction, is it even possible? Im talking about having my own fleet, my own empire, commanding ships, giving orders, building stations, getting sectors, invading sectors, get into a war, etc 3- Why the progression in the game seems too.... fast? I think I have a little time playing and i feel like god, I can destroy every ship that I fight and I am already at 200-200 I think that's a very close sector range from the center. Is the game going to finish so fast?
  15. Hi, first of all sorry for my english, im trying to stop using google translator and start to write by myself so, I apologize if I make a lot of mistakes writing this. Hi again! I've bought avorion and I have been playing it during a week or two and I noticed some things: 1- There's a lot to do, but there's little to do: Since the start the game leave you alone, that's good but, there isn't a good tutorial that say you like "hey, welcome to avorion you can do this and this and this" that's very unfriendly, I've read some players in this forum saying things like "This is a sandbox, SAND-BOX" but I think the game can try to be more intuitive with the players about what is there to do, for example, I needed to search a lot in videos, wiki, this forum, etc to finally learn what does every f***ng block do to build a decent ship. I need to say that the wiki is very outdated and lack of content, at least for now is not a good place to search for info about the game 2- The game can be like a job: The game lacks of AI ship types and action, the biggest mistake is that there isn't a way to notice epic things, you are alone and you will feel alone, as you don't have any objective in the game more than improve your ship, you should be able to notice what is happening in the galaxy, something like improving the radars or creating better radars that notice you when there's a big battle in a sector should solve that, but what everyone's say is just "hey, go mining for hours" that's pretty sad, mining is funny sometimes, but can be stressful, and there aren't many ways to keep happy with that, like, I don't know, a mining robot?, a way to make a ship mine for you? At the end salvaging is more funny and rewarding as if you know were to start disarming a ship (spoiler: the generators) you can get a lot of minerals in just seconds, were mining would take you hours 3- The devs are slowly: I've readed that there are just 2 devs. Will the game have a team in the future? the current devs are doing it great as they are just 2 persons doing all those things but the upgrades of avorion are very slowly and usually they don't offer a lot to say "hey the game is really going to change a lot with this!" I think that if they add some people to the team they will do more things in less time, just logic. 4- The traslations: Ohh god the big point, the translations, there's no one checking the spanish traslation (my idiom) and a lot of people have added things (including me) we all know that english is the universal idiom today etc etc, but everyone loves his culture and his idiom (at least the idiom come on guys) , and improving the way of checking the translations to let the community make it faster. Finally I need to say that a clear roadmap will help a lot as the game is big, but feels empty sometimes, some people will like to see what's there to do and what's going to come before buy the game Sorry for the big post, the things that I've write are basically questions to the comunnity, feel free to debate, criticize and even get angry with me for writing some things in a bad way (My english is bad, and I dont know how to be very polite sometimes, but im trying!) I'll be reading you!
  16. ¿Cómo puedo colaborar con la traducción? ¿Y cómo puedo descargar la última versión?
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