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  1. This is the kind of complexity the game should have, right now, and as you mentioned, it's too SIMPLISTIC/BASIC.
  2. They should make a module that adds this "aid" to players as well, so we can go lazy-er and let the ship dock/undock itself.
  3. I lost two of my Legendary weapons this way, my little ship carrying them got destroyed, I came back with a bigger one and when I tried to get them back, they wouldn't go into my ship, they'd follow me around but my ship didn't seem to be able to gather them. So yes, I believe this is a bug.
  4. Yup, it happens and I think it's a bug, sometimes the ghost turret design faces the wrong way, I think it tries to follow/face the camera or something. Hopefully that gets fixed because it sucks when you fly your ship with a turret looking 90ยบ upwards :P
  5. Congratulations, You just revived a year old thread. ;D
  6. Uhm... tried pressing (And holding) F1 while playing online in a server yet? ::)
  7. Loving the new looks. ;D
  8. Nice mod dude, I'll give it a try :o
  9. Hmm just what we needed, I'm gonna give this one a go :o
  10. I don't think the guy ever released/completed it.
  11. Congratulations, You just revived a year old thread.
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