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    Update 2.0

    I have not played in a while, but i am looking forward to diving into the game once 2.0 drops again. Just wanted to say the changes look amazing and will most likely be a big plus. Keep it up!
  2. Thank you so much! Docking is a great addition to the game! 😃
  3. These changes sound like they would benefit the game indeed. I am looking forward to try them once i get back in the game. 🙂 Please add the option to repair all destroyed blocks at once (and wouldnt a complete ship repair make more sense if it was only aviable at repair docks and ship yards?) ! Keep it going! 😉
  4. I have seen topics about this at least 3 times before. Afaik the devs do read most of the stuff in the forums and they are paying special attention to suggestions and feedback threads... From that, I conclude that they do not want to change this.
  5. Lets just put it bluntly: Hull polarizers are useless. I have never seen someone besides AI use them and even when the AI uses them i hardly care, holding down LMB will still do the job perfectly fine, just take a little longer than before. My suggestions for a change where inspired by a post in Feedback, which can be found here. [glow=yellow,2,300]The Issue[/glow] A main reason why hull polarizers are not used is that it is simply better to have shields than to rely on hull. If my shields go down, I usually just retreat. Also it is not very logical to make your ship vulnerable to a certain damage, as the user deep pointed out, no one would sell "armor, that breaks from fire". [glow=yellow,2,300]My idea[/glow] I would like to suggest a replacement of the current mechanic with something i think is much better: an adaptation system as well as an anti-oneshot-mechanic. I would also be happy to see them put in in two different upgrades, but a single one would be my preferred option. The basical mechanic Once a ship starts taking damage from a certain damage type, it will start adapting to that damage, taking less and less damage over time up to a limit. The speed of the adaptation could depend on the inflicted damage or the relative amount of health the ship has lost in comparision to its full health. This mechanic should apply to shields as well as hull, but damage on shields should only count something like 25% in comparison to hull in regards of adaptation speed or the overall damage reduction to shields should be lower. Of course this would need some kind of cooldown, for example a reset after 30 seconds of not taking damage or another mechanic. An idea of a concrete implementation The upgrades could look like this: grey: adaptation to one damage type for about 25% damage reduction at max white: adaptation to one damage type for about 30-40% damage reduction at max green: adaptation to two damage types for about 40% damage reduction at max blue: adaptation to two damage types for about 60% damage reduction at max orange: adaptation to three damage types for about 60% damage reduction at max, additionally no single hit can ever cost the ship more than 80% of its total helath red: adaptation to three damage types for about 80% damage reduction at max, additionally no single hit can ever cost the ship more than 60% of its total health purple: adaptation to three (or four mabye?) damage types for above 80% damage reduction at max, additionally no single hit can ever cost the ship more than 40% of its total health Example A ship has a white upgrade equipped, so it can only adapt to one damage type at a time. A ship is getting hit by a pojectile with energy damage. This first hit does its full damage, but the ship will start to adapt depending on the amount of damage done/the amount of health lost. The ship will take less and less damage from energy based projectiles with every hit it is taking. The same ship is now getting hit by antimatter damage, adapting to this damage type but instantly being vulnerable to energy damage again. [glow=yellow,2,300]The advantages[/glow] By this, the polarizer upgrades would allow for more versatile weaponry as multiple damage types are needed to take down an enemy with a hull polarizer upgrade with the upgrade still being usefull to players. A change like this would also be a big step in making small ships more usefull, because oneshots on small ships could be avoided with an upgrade like that.
  6. I came across the issue as well: Hull polarizers are not worth using. As I was gonna type that stuff in here, I realized that this would rather belong into suggestions tho. My idea can be found here
  7. Afaik there is no option to change this unfortunately. There is a similar issue with other blocks like Gyroscopes. Some feature to allow for a better replacement of these blocks would surely be apreciated.
  8. However this should not happen... The Adventurer is supposed to be the tutorial guy and this shouldnt be possible. You could potentially post about this in the Feedback section to make the devs aware of this. Or I could move this topic if you want me to?
  9. Completely agree. That's the real issue here imo. They just need to either rework the way mass works or do some stat nerfing like I suggested in my comprehensive combat rebalancing post. 100000000% agree acceleration, manouverability and a stealth mechanic are they way to go for small crafts imo. Big ships being capable of reaching higher velocity at the end of acceleration is fine in my eyes.
  10. Version Number below 1.0: "There is this issue, but I will play anyways" Literally no change except version number is 1.0 now: "I am out" All you get from me on that topic is LOL. But seriously now: does anyone have experience on how this behaves on different difficulty settings? Because my recent galaxies were about 30 hours on expert and 100+ hours on Veteran and I have not encountered this AI behaviour even a single time. This bothers me for a while now but I didnt bring it up because toxic reactions are almost forced on this topic, but seriously: [glow=red,2,300]to how many of you has this actually happened? [/glow]to me, as i said, not a single time.
  11. Imo the bad descision here is in the game design, not on my side here tbh. Why am I allowed to restore my full health at the click of a button, but not to restore my ships functionality? So let me sumarize what you said there: - A button to repair any single destroyed block on your ship is just fine - A button to repair all destroyed blocks at once is totally unecessary allthough the only difference to the single block repair is a safe of time and trouble - one should rather waste ressources for unecessary health gain instead of saving them for better purposes by just repairing blocks Also I don't think you understood my problem entirely, but you can easily try it out yourself: If you have a large mid to late game ship and crash into something and loose something like a little antenna or so, while also your ship is at low health (like a quarter or so), it will cost you ridiculous amounts of ressources to fix that antenna. The reason why is that the repair button will simply give your ship full health. Why would I want that? I don't care about my health, I have shields and I have mechanics who literally do all the work for me. But according to your post what i should do now is spend 200k Xanion to fix one antenna??? (And yes I know in this particular case I could just use the single block repair, but you get my argument anyways i guess) Toggling visibility is a good point btw, but unfortunately I does not work on details because those are made out of the same materials most of the time and if some of the insides are damaged you have no way to look at them. Something that would in fact fix all the issues as well would be the option to filter for destroyed blocks so that only destroyed blocks are shown and you could repair all those with the single block repair function. To conluce: All of your points make perfect sense for as long as the player is flying around in a big cube surrounded by armor blocks, but as soon as the ships have a lot of little bits on them, the current mechanics are just cancer. I personally would rather see the option of ship repair completely reserved for repair docks and have the build mode only let you repair blocks, but that is a very different story and all i am really asking for here is that button...
  12. Just to clearify: The AI did interact with me and stated it would be "commencing attack", but it did not because it was still neutral to me. When i had it half destroyed it finally declared war on me and started fighting back...
  13. I hope this is a bugm because mining robots are literally useless at the moment... I thought past updates were to give all the goods a purpose in the game, but still there are mutliple that do not have any use (jewelry, drugs etc etc)
  14. Ah thats a nice tip, now that we have a repair command. :) This is super-helpfull for mid to late game, but will however not help me in my current earlygame situation.
  15. Did I miss something? It seems I cannot sell anything to mines anymore???? Are mining robots useless now?
  16. Update: now i encountered the AI and because it is neutral to me, it wont attack me even when i shoot it...
  17. Needless to say that was the easiest boss fight I ever had... I don't know how this was triggered however...
  18. Example: When another person in my alliance gets attacked by bounty hunters, I will get a message saying something like "Ah, there they are, lets take them down and get our money"
  19. Exactly. But this is not the solution but the very problem. Imagine you have a medium size ship in early game. You just built it and spent all your ressources on it (because thats how I usually play, mining as long as i have fun and building one big ship with all the collected materials afterwards). So lets assume your ship cost 60k titanium and some amount of credits. Now you crash with an asteroid and a tiny detail bit like a antenna breaks off. Your health is at a quarter now. And there are destroyed blocks which you cant find because they are too small or some internals which you cannot reach got destroyed and you cant delete surrounding blocks because ship editing is not allowed. Essentially the problem here is that the repair all button will restore the max health of your ship, which i do not care about at all, i just want my integrity field/generator/pretty detail blocks back! This is where it gets extremely annoying: - You don't have the ressources to repair your ship (i personally would never ever use that button anyways, why would i waste ressources for something my mechanics will do automatically by time), while you would have the ressources to repair all destroyed blocks without trouble - you can not delete blocks to get ressources to repair your ship because ship editing is blocked when you have destroyed blocks - if you discard destroyed blocks, you might never be able to restore that detail from before unless you are lucky with your saved designs and even then it will be annoying to do One simple button solves all of this: "Repair all destroyed blocks" Thx for considering!
  20. Hey, So the short part first: I NEED a "repair all destroyed blocks" button in the repair menu! After the ships got so pretty now i started to actually use some of the ingame designs. After some fights in early game I had lost some blocks and was heavily damaged. When i wanted to change my ship now, i couldnt do so because it was damaged, however i was missing the ressources to repair it fully (and i would not intend to do that anyways when i got mechanics onboard for that job). So i started repairing and some of the destroyed blocks where unreachable inside the ship, resulting in me being unable to repair the ship, but also unable to remove blocks so i could reach the destroyed ones to repair them. A simple "repair all damaged blocks" button in the repair menu would save all players who like to use detailed ships a lot of trouble, so please consider adding one of these. now for the second thingy, this is 50% feedback/50% bug report, i still think it is better in here then in bug reports: I like the new hyperspace cooldown changes, but the debuff that hits the player once one is hit by shots (if i got that one right) is too high. I was facing swoks in early game, where i just had the two start turrets on my ship and he hit me with a cupple of shots. My cooldown was all the way up to 600 seconds after that (the ship was not small, but not tanky and very badly equipped). So i ran away with terrible consequences. After flying with about 5000 meters per second all ships in the sector disappeared. Swoks was about 400 kilometers away from my ship at that point. I could still select pirate ships with the tab key, but they were not visible and the indicators on the hud would just point in some direction but instantly change once I would look in that direction (so they would always indicate they are not where i was looking if you know what i mean). I eventually escaped by continuing to fly for 600 seconds, and then jumped into a save sector that was owned by an allied faction. The problem was that the same problem that occured with the pirates before would now happen always in all sectors, i guess i was too far away from the sector center. To make a long story short: That hyperspace cooldown debuff when you get shot is fine, but it should disappear again after you have avoided getting hit for some time. The HUD-thingy might be a bug, i don't know.
  21. Hey, I am playing in the galaxy of a friend, so that person is host. For her erverything runs fine. For me, this happens: Whenever she is in loading screen, as soon as the "press spacebar to continue" screen comes up, my game will start to pause and unpause rapidly, making it seem like i am gaming on 10 fps. It is pausing however, as the "game paused" message is flickering on and off clearly visible. Disabling the "press spacebar in loading screen" results in a single, very very very short pause and unpause when her loading screen disappears, so the game is playable again. Still this is certainly not wanted to be like that and thus should be adressed. Thx for the good work, have a nice day and all the best to the games release!!!
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