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  1. Thanks for the replies folks. I'll upload them when I get some time, been busy at work and haven't spent much time in game lately. You will need to probably modify them a little for the AI (more brake thrust). Also, the dark outlines require lots of little triangles so these aren't light on the block count! The program used for the turntable effect is http://www.screentogif.com/. The save-ship window in game shows a preview of the ship that spins in place. I overlay ScreenToGif and let it record a bit then trim some frames to get a smooth rotation when it loops around. Very simple.
  2. Enter MAUL, a true upgrade from naonite/trinium and a strong contender in the midgame sectors. MAUL cost 17.4m credits, 1.4m xanion, 41k trinium, and 180k iron - she wasn't cheap from where I was at in game at the time of her construction. She still sports trinium armor but with xanion internals which put her just shy of my baseline manuvering goals. However, she can fit 12 upgrades and has over 10k cargo. She has a fighter production of 1200/s with plenty of openings for quick deployment. Her hyperspace reach allowed me to finally complete (efficiently) the 8 mini-boss quests to gain access to the center of the galaxy. With 30 armed turrets and 12 independent slavagers MAUL is ready for anyting the center has for her.
  3. PUNCH was my introduction to fighters and finding that balance between production, storage, and baseline stats was rough. I wanted more slots but struggled adapting to the larger scale and she ended up not much bigger than the JAVELIN. PUNCH only has 8 slots and 4500 cargo but tons more hull due to trinium armor. She costs 3.5m credits, 340k trinium, and 72k iron. Fighter bays allow size 25-203 with a production capacity of 380/s (which I found lacking). I spent most of my time in PUNCH collecting xanion to go for broke on the next design.
  4. Naonite territory really opens up the game. Shielding takes you from zero to hero overnight. This is the JAVELIN. Tons of shields and no heavy armor allow for a very quick and manuverable craft. 1k storage and 7 slots made JAVELIN my workhorse for a good long time. Lots of raiding and trading done in the naonite sectors. This is also where the scale and my building methods peaked out. I had to relearn how to build when constucting larger and larger ships. JAVELIN costs 1.6m credits, 166k naonite, 3k titanium, 42k iron.
  5. Needing something a little bigger, specifically more upgrade slots and some cargo space, I designed SNAPPER and DART. These two have 5 slots and a few hundred cargo each. Both are made up of titanium and a litte iron for the inertia dampeners. They also allowed me to mount enough armed turrets to actively participate in some battles for once. No shields yet so I still had to be careful but they could hold their own in a 1-on-1 situation. Both costs are nearly identical despite their different shapes: 138k credits, 20k titanium, and 7200 iron.
  6. After collecting some iron and a little titanium I upgraded to MANTIS. She is a 3 slot still mainly consisting of iron. Her nose and winglets are titanium so I could mount some better turrets. I did a lot of mining, scavenging, and system hopping to sell asteroids in this ship. She origionally costs 17k credits, 2700 iron, 1300 titanium, but I eventually converted her to 100% titanium.
  7. These first few are starter ships. They basically got me out of the drone and into something cheap to mount mining turrets on. Both cost less than 1300 credits and 700 iron. I call them LADY and HONEY for obvious reasons (ladybug/honeybee). HONEY has a layer of armor covering the thrusters to protect her from stray shots when scaveging NPC battles. I also used these as salvage/mining fighters when I hit trinium - a swarm of these little buggers are super cute when buzzing around mining asteroids.
  8. Just thought I'd share some of my ships. They have a cell-shading aesthetic which is a little different from what I've seen posted here. All were built and are used in game. I have over 300 hours played so far and just made it to the center of the galaxy. This game really scratches an itch for me. I aim for few baseline goals when designing these: At least 100+ on thrust and braking, 1+ on yaw/pitch/roll, and 2X energy gen over what is required for extended boosting. That baseline fit my play style and all work great in game! Finally, I used a 2 x 0.5 x 0.25 block of white glow on all ships to represent the "bridge". This gave me a sense of scale when building larger and larger craft. Thanks for checking them out.
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