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  1. does one really need those pesky point defense guns? so far, all those torps killed where some turrets, anything else went into my shield... I´ve seen what torps do to "not my ship"...pretty OP imho...one torp killed that pirate faster than even my biggest or fastest ship could to be blunt, I don´t like them torpedoes...
  2. uhh? how do you manage to push this to 2.2M? I´ve built expensive fighters, the last few just for giggles and sh... with some tech 50 guns on them, none of which was even close to a production effort of 2.2M - more like 0.6M (max)...granted, these little beasts are very expensive, one such thing cost me 130M I usually buy one, blueprint it and then just attach the biggest possible assembly right beneath my ship and let it do its thing for a while also, yesterday I picked up a random yellow turret, rail gun with indep. targeting and a hilarious range of over 12 km, a surplus on both shield and hull damage (24%/34%), base dmg >8,5k (my bigship uses 40 of these @4km/4kdmg/ind.tging and is hellish OP - and still it seems I could tripple that op-ness easily with enough such turrets^^) now THAT is a turret, the ones you can "inventory turret railgun 5 xanion 50 #" may be "legendary" but these are no match to the one I wrote about - not even close I don´t know if those stats can be achieved with a fabricated turret since I´ve been too lazy to collect all the stuff I need to fabricate my own turrets
  3. #1 TIE Fighter including addons #2 XW:A (never finished it and can´t get it to run anymore) #3 Master of Orion 2 #4 X-Wing including the addons (nope, never blew the deathstar up, too difficult at my age at that time) #5 Wing Commander and any spinoff like Privateer #6 FreeSpace 1&2 (my god, that editor...superb) #7 I-War 1&2 # beyond rating b-cuz they are timeless masterpieces: - Battlecruiser 3000 AD original or remake... - Star Trek 25th aniversary - Star Trek Judgement rites - Star Trek Bridge Commander - Star Trek A final unity - Star Trek (heavily modded) Armada 1&2 (a modded #2 had [Tactical] Fusion CUBES!!!!!!!111!!!!!) basically your ST C&C and everything a hardcore fan could hope for - Star Trek Elite Force 1&2 epic hall of fame: lest we forget....you pittyful INSECTS... System Shock 1&2 shdn:\\remember\citadel no honestly...System Shock for me is THE game of all times...so intense in every aspect...giving me the shivers since 1994 to present (cuz I do play them from time to time) and now Warren Spector is doing part 3....talk about the "joy of the mass" ey?^^ can´t wait S.H.O.D.A.N.(*) even exist today as a google-type site that querries machines connected to the www *: sentient hyper optimized data access network breaking the 4th wall 8) on a f´ing planetary scale...try beating that... you can tell, I´m sort of old school...
  4. ok ok...that might be a bit hard to understand for anyone younger than...say...25 to 30? *insert metal guitar riff here*
  5. not quite sure if that does fit...after all Masser is one of the moons you see in Skyrim... I imagine a huge debris field, with a single, massive alien ship in it...something eerie and with a glow^^ would make a nice intro/camera transition that one sure does...comradery is never wrong^^ track #2 must be Boss Swoks...ahahaha damn it, if that head gasket had not failed yesterday, I´d buy a synthesizer this week :)
  6. how.much.do.you.want? 8)
  7. Hey guys, thought I started a thread about music that would fit Avorion... so here we go: Automat: "Automat" (Italy) or "what can you do with just one MCS70 monophonic analog synthesizer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_brY_9ME8iE
  8. Currently hording ores... Maybe I will build that Krenim timeship (ST:Voyager - Year of hell)
  9. No can do...that was prior to jumping away and that HSblocker made me boost away without seeing that tiny roid... But I got a new BP now...78.4% base mining plus 24% on top...very close to 100%...and all that at trinium bargain prices hehehe
  10. Nope. That is beyond relativity. The user is just not fast enough at this point 8)
  11. you loose all your fighters and blueprints and that can be very heart-braking :-[
  12. as for blowing up traderships I quote Genesis: The battle of Epping forrest "The shops that need aid are those that haven't paid." just making an example of unwilling, non-paying...customers ;D even more so by just blowing them up - mwahaha! so, can I make friends with them pirates somehow? cuz me olde scavange-ship is ready fi sum piracy, arrrghr-ight! (not that I have not done it already) for the rest, it needs a lot of tweaking and fleshing-out, I´d like to see them blockading gate-systems and such, maybe even denying gate-travel etc. and thus blackmailing the affected faction manipulating gates so you end up in their backyard (hence why some pirate systems have a lot of wrecks in them) Privateer intro anyone? they should use hit and run tactics, jump in in different locations and splitting any defensive force effectively so they stand a chance (5 pirates vs. a faction cruiser or something like that) distress calls can be fleshed out much more, calls for fuel, parts, crew etc. which the player has to provide, booby-traped merchantships that blow up dealing damage to the player ship and then more pirates attack (a lot more), warp-blockers with much more range, maybe even some hostage situation where gun fire might not be too overly smart - better provide those vehicles they demanded, or else! that could in return lead to a happy equipment dock owner which has a rare item as a token of gratitude or give you a nice discount OR a faction hunting you for letting their CEO die in a cargo box (they are already ingame but serve no function),let them build defensive plattforms around there and so on oh a lot of things can be done....
  13. as for omicrons, this value is utterly flawed (cooldowns are not factored in, fire rate aswell me thinks)... I had a 6k+ shredder, my new 3,5k oms blocky beauty does deal way more damage in the same time since I removed: lasers (too little range imho) and cannons (fire rate on these mostly suck) and rocketlaunchers (they deal heavy dmg, but the time it takes to reach the target -meh-) I got a lot of exotic to legendary plasmas and chainguns, some pulsers...range still sucks a bit but 4km+ is better than 2 km or even below I killed about 3 pirate shipyards so far (which does plain nothing to them spawning like...less), 2 of which got me a lot of ores, cargo and some modules keep in mind that bigger blocks take flippin´ ages to salvage, that is why I never bothered to salvage those 3M Titanium/Naonite wrecks I found...I simply won´t hold down "fire" for like an hour or so (guess this can be circumvented using independent targeting or something like that) or I could come back much later with much better gear...a bit pointless however I prefer to have others do this, e.g. fighters lessons learned here: keep them as slow as possible, otherwise (due to limited range) they´ll end up firing for a very short time and then they turn around, repeat...with little to no dmg done keep them small, albeit making things expensive it is totally worth it (I figure that is the hangar capacity X to Y, largest fighter to smallest fighter, e.g. you either can put 30 large fighters which are cheap or pay up and have a full 120 fighter detachment in the same size of hangar), not sure if it affects AI targeting too (as in harder to hit) don´t buy prefab fighters...they suck (mostly)! go to a research station with a crapton of mining/salvage/whatever-you-need turrets and start researching. I got a nifty trinium mining turret with about 63% yield after using up hundreds of lower grade turrets to get this yellow beauty (which I instantly lost (after having it put into a blueprint) due to an asteroid...damn you, you stupid rock, that took ages and a lot of luck!!!) hint: the last type of turret you put in is the most likely to come out again, imho and you can, with some luck, create really weird modules (hyperspace range +9, radar +9, deepscan +5, cooldown -20% - all in one module!) Then take that to a fighter factory, build it, and use that as a blueprint (and pray that the kraken does not kill your ship, cuz then...it´s all gone). Strap a ridiculous big assembly to your ship and have a lot of ore (in my example that fighter was around 18k Trinium, 60 times 18k equals > 1M), don´t worry about having not enough mechanics, just delete it if your ship is close to becoming a wreck and/or to this close to a repair station my mining fighters get attacked, whereas my previous salvage fighters did not draw fire for some reason (same size, speed etc.), but I´m closer to the center now ok, so some questions: force turrets? for what? any good use for these? maybe like pushing a wreck in a still functional station? armor on shielded ships? do or don´t? also: thickness? so far I use them for estetics only way to big ships that won´t fit jump gates: any chance a protruding rod up front would trigger the jump? sort of like that: SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP --Gate-- SHIP SHIP SHIP-verylongandthinrodhere --Gate-- SHIP SHIP SHIP --Gate-- SHIP SHIP SHIP quite sure more to come^^
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